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  1. Maruno
    August 21st, 2011 2:03 PM
    I'm with you here. Have 99,999 be the maximum. That's how the latest games do it, and given the choice, I'd rather go with what the newer games say than stick to the letter of an old mini-game.

    I was going to suggest having a Setting which allows the user to easily define the coin maximum, but I think if users change that, it'll cause problems with the graphics of the mini-games (i.e. not enough digits being shown). They probably wouldn't touch it anyway, but just in case they are tempted to, I think it's best to leave it out of the way in the mini-game scripts themselves.
  2. KitsuneKouta
    August 21st, 2011 9:16 AM
    Voltorb flip is ready, but I do have a bit of a dilemma. The maximum allowed coins in gen 4 was upped to 99999 (which I honored in Voltorb flip), however the RSE slot machine script only allows for 9999 coins. The way I programmed it, your coins are reduced to that amount if you win a round of slots, even if you had more in Voltorb flip. So, I'd like your opinion: should I up the allowed points for the slots, reduce the allowed points for Voltorb flip, or store the coins independently? I'm leaning towards the first.
  3. Maruno
    July 29th, 2011 12:05 PM
    A slot machine would be a nice addition to Essentials. Keyboard controls will be the primary (if not only) way to use Essentials, so they're more important than the touch screen controls. You're remembering to use the default Essentials screen size, right?

    Footprints are easy to add in. We just don't have the graphics yet. They're also a bit low priority to go around gathering all the pictures, but if you've got them to donate, I can pop them in easily enough.

    While I say Essentials is a community effort, it still needs to be coordinated. That role has landed on me, so I should really be the one to compile and release versions of Essentials. It'd be best for everyone else to send their contributions to me, and then I can sort them all out. PM me a download link or something - it'd be best not to let everyone else know that link because it could cause confusion.
  4. KitsuneKouta
    July 27th, 2011 8:39 PM
    As far as the game corner goes, there's the slot machines script I fixed up, and almost the voltorb flip minigame (i'll have to add in keyboard support as well, since it's currently a touch system only). I think there was a roulette game of some kind, but I don't have much desire to mess with it (and I can't see that it was very popular). Other than that, there was just buying coins (easily evented, since support for coins is built in), and exchanging coins for prizes (also fairly easy I believe).

    On another note, wouldn't it be appropriate to add footprint support to Essentials? The pokedex scene has the obvious spot for it still, but the prints themselves are MIA. I managed to add them today to what I've been working on, so how would I go about adding it to the kit? Just upload it with the change alongside the other versions of Essentials? Or replace the one that's on the wiki?
  5. Maruno
    July 27th, 2011 11:12 AM
    The Known bugs talk page is fine for that kind of thing. "Known bugs" doesn't just mean the unsolved ones, you know. Once a fix has been invented for something, it can either be put in an appropriate article or in Essentials itself, but I think the best place to start with them is that talk page.

    I look forward to seeing those scripts. What exactly have you made for the Game Corner, since really that's just a collection of minigames plus a guy selling coins (and the shops)? Tutorials are probably the best place for that kind of thing (well, Essentials is, but tutorials are a close second!).
  6. KitsuneKouta
    July 26th, 2011 8:48 PM
    I want to know what your preferred method of reporting bug fixes is? There's a "Known Bugs" page on the wiki, but I have the fix as well so it seems a bit pointless to post it there. Is there a particular page on the wiki for it? Also, I'll try to remember to add the game corner page with the script (although it'll need a link to download the images too) as well as the Voltorb Flip minigame (which I've almost finished).

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