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  1. Hall Of Famer
    June 24th, 2009 10:00 AM
    Hall Of Famer
    Well I really don't know where the fallen log tiles came from, and they just happened to be in the OW tileset when I received the updated tileset folder from my head mapper. I can remove the fallen log if you want me to, and sorry for using your tiles without permission.
  2. Kyledove
    June 24th, 2009 9:13 AM
    That's fine, I cant remember if they are or not but most people seem to use them and they're not the most original things so Im not gonna tell people they can't use it.

    Do you know where you got the fallen logs though? cos those are really meant to be private for myself only and there arent any like that in the real games...
  3. Hall Of Famer
    June 24th, 2009 6:10 AM
    Hall Of Famer
    Hi Kyledove. I received a tileset from my mapper Jonny and made the Valencia and Tangelo island maps, but someone accused me of stealing your umbrella tiles. I don't really know what's going on, so I'd like to ask you if the umbrella tiles are open to the public or not. I will remove them if they are not public, and delete the screenshot on my thread. Sorry for the trouble I've brought up to you.
  4. Hall Of Famer
    April 11th, 2009 1:00 PM
    Hall Of Famer
    Thanks for the comments Kyledove, and sorry again for what Moose brought to you and those who support your tiles. Like I said before, Moose can have his preference, but he should respect other people's preference. I love your tiles a lot(I made a reply to your D/P tile thread last March lol), and your new custom tiles are among the best I've ever seen.

    BTW, my mappers and tile artists decide to use an edited version of your tiles and make custom tiles following your D/P style. Here's a preview of the tiles my teammate Ashandmisty made, and just want to tell you that we will give credit to you once the tiles are used in mapping:

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