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Conversation Between Fearless Love and miley810
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  1. Fearless Love
    July 25th, 2011 8:59 PM
    Fearless Love
    CHIKORITA!! :3

    Um...okay. I won't tell...
  2. miley810
    July 25th, 2011 8:58 PM

    There every smily possible except for the tarrazi. Now I've gotta go to bed. I might show you how I'm getting my anger out tommarow...but you can't tell Aura/Nocternal (can't spell worth a cruuuud)
  3. Fearless Love
    July 25th, 2011 8:48 PM
    Fearless Love
    OHKAYZ... :D :D
  4. miley810
    July 25th, 2011 8:43 PM
    Ok...I need to finish the one I'm on...don't let me forget to get that one and give you the next one next time I'm there, I finished it....I no mad any morez. I found a way to get my anger out...
  5. Fearless Love
    July 25th, 2011 8:40 PM
    Fearless Love
    Yes. Finished the book.
  6. miley810
    July 25th, 2011 8:39 PM
    Not to...change the subject...but are you almost done with the book yet?
  7. miley810
    July 25th, 2011 8:32 PM
    Your walking on thin ice Jessica, walking on thin ice.
  8. miley810
    July 25th, 2011 2:42 PM
    *reads you and Kiyoshi's conversation*Fine, don't join it! I can't help that I can't make greaaaat roleplays like you, your stupid pair, and people you don't even know! And this is my best roleplay, and you said you liked the idea. I sent you the idea before you knew about stupid Lysanders and everyone elses. Let my idea have been his and you fing know you would have signed up for it. I want back the Jesse I knew.
  9. miley810
    July 25th, 2011 12:29 PM
  10. miley810
    July 25th, 2011 11:16 AM
    Hi Jess. *looks at my to do list*
    Write on pokemon whisper! *checks off encourage jesse to write on pokemon whisperer*
    Post your sign up! *checks off remind jesse to post her sign up*
    I was bored so I litterly made a to do list...
  11. miley810
    July 24th, 2011 9:23 AM
    Hey jess, I need a nickname for your Cyndaquil in Gathered Destiny. What do you want to nickname it? I've almost got this chapter done.
  12. miley810
    July 23rd, 2011 3:18 PM
    Hey, Legendary Rebels only has one spot left, Azelf. Come on, please sign up! You said you probably would when we were waiting for it to be accepted. Come on Jess!
  13. miley810
    July 21st, 2011 1:50 PM
    Hey Jess. Are you going to sign up for Legendary Rebels? *crosses fingures under desk*
    Just went and saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, it was awesome!
  14. miley810
    July 20th, 2011 2:22 PM
    Just left ur house :/
  15. miley810
    July 18th, 2011 4:17 PM
    Duuuuuuuuuuuuude you've been asleep for 16 hours! Get the heck up already!

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