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  1. Blue Angel
    November 9th, 2008 10:05 AM
    Blue Angel
    (Recommendation) On the account of Neiko Star becoming a Beta Reader, I've read one of her stories and she makes very few grammar or spelling errors (typos, or too sleepy). I think she should be a Beta Reader.

    It is of course, up to you.
  2. bobandbill
    August 13th, 2008 11:39 PM
    ...it's a fair point.

    It has now been upsized to the grand size of 2, bolded, and purple-fied.
  3. Blue Angel
    August 13th, 2008 9:20 AM
    Blue Angel
    The link to "The Beta Place" is too small in you sig. It doesn't draw any attention. Try upping the font or bolding it.
  4. Blue Angel
    August 9th, 2008 6:10 PM
    Blue Angel
    Sure, I'll apply.
    Especially since you don't have anyone for those three categories.
  5. bobandbill
    August 9th, 2008 5:33 PM
    Well then, how about applying for a Beta Reader then?
    I can say that they help... do it! Dooooooo itttttttttttt!

    Beta thread a bit quiet and slow ATM, but hopefully it'll pick up soon. One on Serebii took a while as well.

    BUT - I've look through some of your recent reviews (yes, I stalk now), and it ain't bad. See, we are more concerned that the Beta Reader will be helpful and know what they are talking about, more than if they've written any stories or not. Although looking at the stories is a good gauge as well. I'll tell Astinus first though, so be patient.
  6. Blue Angel
    August 9th, 2008 7:19 AM
    Blue Angel
    I would apply for Beta Reader, because I am skilled at making corrections and suggestions for Language, Grammar, and Proofreading, but I am only in production of my first fan fiction, so I can't apply :p
  7. bobandbill
    July 18th, 2008 8:10 PM
    Again responding via this medium, as rules do state that discussion in the thread is to focus on the fic, and don't want to get too close to the line, with some general fic-discussion here.

    Stranglehold might be more a British term rather than American, then (Australian English is almsot British English). Leatsways it's a word I'm familar with, so that is probably it.

    Also inmy updates I have added more description in, but do still stick to a fair amount of dialogue - I work well with it I find.
    As for this:
    What is your view on having to describe a Pokemon everyone knows? Do you think it is annoying, and you can just avoid it?

    Well, having learnt a fair amount about fanfiction since starting, I think it's better to go and describe the Pokemon anyway, but there's no need to do it to excess. That's something my updates would show. I don't find, when reading fics, that desciption of a Pokemon is annoying - and it can help add to the atmosphere or tension as well, if done right. Rather than saying, for instance in an exaggerated on-the-spot example, 'He sent out a Koffing. It looked dangerous.' - the last sentence is rather bland. Instead, you could describe the Koffing, and through the description give off the sense that it is dangerous -

    sludge and gases seeped through the craters dotting the purple Koffing's body, with an ominous crossbones sign etched below its faces

    - well, that would conjure up the feeling of the such. This makes for better writing - part of a 'show don't tell' law that I've learnt of recently. It's better to get the reader to use their imaginationa nd visulize things, rather than tell them straight off the bat that something looked like this, that or this, or was simply this.

    It is also a general concensus of fanfiction to give at least a short description of a Pokemon as well - I know many have this thinking. And it does add to the quality of the fic as well. It's not necessary to do every single time, especially if you are just mentioning a name or two of a Pokemon and not using those Pokemon for anything, but all the good fics out there use description of Pokemon. Besides, there are 493 to keep track of. My two cents anyway.
  8. Blue Angel
    July 18th, 2008 5:16 PM
    Blue Angel
    Okay, I added it to the last one.
  9. bobandbill
    July 18th, 2008 5:00 PM
    Hmm, well, there isn't too much to comment, and don't feel like making it seem I want to bump my fic to every comment. I guess you can just edit the post you've made, and then I'll check it. I think you won't be going over a character limit, as chapters don't here...

    Anyway, thanks for reading and reviewing as well! Much appreciated.
  10. Blue Angel
    July 18th, 2008 1:48 PM
    Blue Angel
    Finished reading all of your story! Yay! It was good. I have a long thing to post, but sadly I can't double post. Can you respond to my last comment please? No rush Great story

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