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  1. Perri Lightfoot
    April 2nd, 2013 9:53 PM
    Perri Lightfoot
    When you downloaded the bugfix patch, did you rename the file inside the .zip folder to add the .ups extension? The file will be useless without this step. If you did this already and patched the file over a clean Ruby ROM, and are STILL having problems, try patching a different ROM (sometimes you might have to download a few different Ruby ROMS from a few different sites to find ones that work). And if you've done this already too and still no luck, send me a PM and I'll see what I can do to help you further.
  2. pichu263
    April 2nd, 2013 3:26 PM
    For some reason, I'm unable to download Super Rising Thunder, all I'm able to download is the bugfix, which crashes virtual boy advanced. Can you or anyone else here help me?

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