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  1. The Bringer!
    May 27th, 2010 7:14 PM
    The Bringer!
    Oh, how I love my typical RPer excuses xD
    ...looks like I'm a little late on the draw, but lol yep seems as if you're the only one in that fight so far to have really put at least somewhat of a dent in the corrupted 'mon lol
    Of course, Axis had also sorta entered the fray, but I can just explain that he fled in my next post, seeing as I wasn't going to have him be that much of a help anyways. In fact, I think he'll visit the party a few times before actually joining...
    can't resist giving stuff away
  2. RainbowMunchies
    May 25th, 2010 1:18 AM
    soon. I was planning to do it tonight, but [insert typical RPer excuse] so i will be doing it in the morning when I have some peace and quiet. Would you like me to help Terrance aide Lento? :3
  3. The Bringer!
    May 24th, 2010 6:41 PM
    The Bringer!
    Wow, you're in a lot of rps o.o
    ...but lol I have found out that writing as Terrance is one of the funnest things in the world xD
    when will Deidre (um... it was that, right? or close? :S ) make her appearance? :P
  4. RainbowMunchies
    May 19th, 2010 5:01 PM
    lol, i suppose. I am currently doing two RPs with doduo as the /pokemon/, but I would be beside myself trying to explain the feelings and thoughts of two separate entities sharing the same body. XP I haven't had one that disagreed yet. I bet that'd be difficult to do no matter what, since they're always with each other. *nods*
  5. The Bringer!
    May 19th, 2010 4:50 PM
    The Bringer!
    Yah, you spelled it right xD ...but yeh, I'm glad the idea for Terrance magically popped into my head ^w^, I've done two charas before and it's really fun :P
    Lol, a doduo woulda been way harder since I imagine they'd disagree all the time o3o
  6. RainbowMunchies
    May 19th, 2010 4:40 PM
    Yeppers. I think it's awesome you have TWO characters you're going to be working with. Your exeggecute (sp?) idea was cute-- i was thinking about doing a doduo, but didn't want to have to deal with two heads. XP
  7. The Bringer!
    May 19th, 2010 3:58 PM
    The Bringer!
    Ha, noticed you're gunna be a cubone in the rp!
    was totally going to be a cubone but changed mind at last second
    ...but lol yeah I liek your pokemon choice xD

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