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Conversation Between Dukey and Aurafire

Conversation Between Dukey and Aurafire
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  1. Dukey
    June 8th, 2010 1:53 PM
  2. Aurafire
    June 8th, 2010 7:00 AM
    mhmm, gonna go play some bingo.
  3. Dukey
    June 7th, 2010 10:07 PM
    Go chill at a retirement village then?
  4. Aurafire
    June 7th, 2010 6:51 AM
    I feel old ;-;
  5. Dukey
    June 6th, 2010 10:39 PM
    Happy Birthday Auraman :D
  6. Aurafire
    April 20th, 2010 5:21 PM
    Ah, I understand. Oh well =(
  7. Dukey
    April 20th, 2010 1:54 PM
    Well she has to get the new theme from the winner, so it can't always be on a weekly basis if the winner doesn't reply right away.
  8. Aurafire
    April 20th, 2010 8:13 AM
    Oh I know Angela hosts it, I was just wondering why there wasn't a new one every week and I thought you might know since I don't frequent G&P besides doing SotW.

    Icons aren't really my thing I guess =(
  9. Dukey
    April 19th, 2010 10:06 PM
    Icontest or SotW? Because SotW isn't my problem, take that up with Angela I guess.
  10. Aurafire
    April 19th, 2010 3:46 PM
    Why is there not a SotW every week like there used to be? :<
  11. Dukey
    March 4th, 2010 10:04 PM
    It's depressing, right?
  12. Aurafire
    March 4th, 2010 9:53 PM
    I did that once and almost killed myself because those people are so freakin good ;-;
  13. Dukey
    March 4th, 2010 9:52 PM
    I usually just go lurk planet renders' sotw etc for inspiration xD
  14. Aurafire
    March 4th, 2010 9:50 PM
    I need some inspiration. Quick, inspire me.
  15. Dukey
    March 4th, 2010 9:45 PM
    Yeah, though I tend to just have day on the weekend when I make stuff, if I'm inspired.

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