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Conversation Between Minato and Trainer Kat
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  1. Trainer Kat
    May 25th, 2008 7:38 AM
    Trainer Kat
    \o/ Me too. I would so take three other people and go inside. xDD You could go in for five minutes, pick up five thousand, and leave. xD

    XD! You can get them for cheap, then! ._.; That's weird. Titles should just stay the same everywhere, so much less confusing that way. xD; Have you seen Gantz by any chance? ._.

    I hate public attention. xD; Like, at graduation, when we had to go get our diplomas, I was scared. xDD Nah, I don't even know how to go to the nurse. xD; I've heard you go to school sick, but I never get sick. xDD Ooh, yeah, I've taken a PS2 break too, I brought out Pokemon Colosseum. xD Yeah, she's the only bad one though, mainly because she's the typical useless, clingy heroine. Hahah, especially when he's all "you're going to get cursedddd". xDD Yeah, I got one of them...Cu...something or other. xD

    .__. I dunno, it's really weird. Especially since they haven't contained anything bad, y'know? Hm. xDD Yeah, they are.
  2. Minato
    May 25th, 2008 7:06 AM
    True.. but I don't do lottery. XD I wish there was a Tartarus around here, so I could just walk about the place, avoid Shadows and pick up the hundreds of thousands of yen lying around XD.

    Nu-uh, I live where there are plenty of pirates mass-producing DVDs for movies and games XD. Titles vary for weird, random reasons. For example, Yu Yu Hakusho in the Phillipines is like "Ghost Hunter" or something XD.

    Lol, getting up on stage for anything would make me go pale, but singing? I'd just.. shrivel up and turn to dust. Never? Not even once? Whoah.. You don't even know what the nurse looks like? I've been playing P3 like crazy as of late, so maybe I'll take a PS2 break for a little while.. maybe next week XD. Okay, I'm braced for annoying characers. He's insane, I tell you. Dunno why they even let him teach <_<. Woah, new Personae? That's great, I'll try going out with her then. Sounds fun XD.

    Not like a big bold notification, but it's showed up on three messages now. Scary.. what did I say? I bet it'll show up to haunt me on this one too... Yeah, maybe XD. These messages are getting long .___.
  3. Trainer Kat
    May 25th, 2008 6:52 AM
    Trainer Kat
    xD; Well, you never know. You might win the lottery or...something. ^^;

    Mm, I'm guessing...Europe or Australia? I'm pretty sure the Shadow Hearts cover stays the same. Oh, but if it's Europe, I know Nocturne is called Lucifer's Call (why the titles vary, I have no clue ^^;).

    Ugh, I just have horrible feelings about karaoke. xD I can't sing, and singing on stage..? I think I'd die. XD! Hahaha, I know the nurse gives you courage, but...I've never gone. XD Ooh, you can work on Legendia in the meantime! \o/ Just a heads up, there's one character (Shirley) who's REEEEEEALLY annoying. xD; AHAHA THE MAGICKS CLASS. That guy's a nut. xDD Well, Elizabeth's dates aren't for S. Links, they're for new Personae, so I'd recommend it. But yeah, the date in Paulownia Mall is just...o___o She's crazy. xDD

    I have no clue why, either. ._.; Do you get a notification that it's moderated? Maybe it's because you wouldn't taste the nurse...s new concoction xD
  4. Minato
    May 25th, 2008 6:27 AM
    Lol, I don't think I'll need a credit card anytime soon, unless I strike it rich or something.

    Coolness. But the covers all vary here, so I can't guarantee it'll look the same "

    I'd never be able to do karaoke. Heights.. okay, but NEVER karaoke XD. And I wouldn't taste the nurse's new concoction either.. I wouldn't trust a nurse like that XD. That sounds... l337 XD. I just finished P3 today, so I'll take a break for a while before I give FES a go. I hardly ever pay attention in class, 'specially in that freaky magicks class XD, when I just hold down the triangle button and wait for the guy to shut up. Elizabeth, on a date? I don't think I'll even try 0___0

    I'm starting to get paranoid. Twice now I've gotten that scary, ominous "THIS MESSAGE IS MODERATED"... o__o
  5. Trainer Kat
    May 24th, 2008 6:10 PM
    Trainer Kat
    xD; Well, if you can get ahold of a credit card, it's pretty easy. I've been ordering for two years now.

    ^Maybe a cover will help. =] It's also the only one in the series that's rated M, so that's something to look out for too.

    xDD Me either, I'm such a wuss. I can't deal with heights or karaoke or anything like that. xDD I've heard Orpheus Kai has like, 99 in every stat or something outrageous like that. Yeah, FES is kind of hard, but it could just be because I don't pay attention in class due to my max academic stat. xD AHAHA That'd just make me laugh. Ramen with a credit card. xDD Oh, but if you think that's bad, wait 'til you take Elizabeth out on dates...she has the worst case of ADD I've ever seen. XD
  6. Minato
    May 24th, 2008 6:00 PM
    I hope not D : . I never order things online- partially because I don't know how XD.

    Lol, sure, sure. All right, I'll try to remember that- I just have particularly sucky memory so I'm not sure if I will : <

    I don't have any Courage in RL, why have any in P3? XD Orpheus Kai.. I wonder if it's all that good . They do? Oh, great. I don't want thing harder, P3 is already ridiculously hard for me =<. Yeah, but sometimes she acts a bit "rich-business-bratty". For example, she's pondering the amount of money a ramen recipe would make if it was put up in the market when I'm out on a date with her to Hagakure XD. And just now she tried buying a motorcycle simulation game at an arcade, and buying takoyaki with a credit card.
  7. Trainer Kat
    May 24th, 2008 5:54 PM
    Trainer Kat
    Nah, it's not that bad. xD; You could always order it online if you're having difficulties. =)

    >] I know I'm at fault. Hey, at least you'll have some good games! \o/ But make sure the Shadow Hearts you're getting is the original - The cover has a brunette in a brown jacket carrying a girl with silver hair wearing a green and white dress. The other two are good, but nowhere near as amazing as the first.

    Yeah, haha, my courage is lacking. The only reason I'd date Fuuka would be to get Orpheus Kai in FES. xDD Yeah, they get harder in FES, or at least, I thought so. I really do like Mitsuru. xD; She has that softer side, even though she acts all tough.
  8. Minato
    May 24th, 2008 5:40 PM
    Oh great, I suck at negotiation XD. All right, I'll try my best, though it's almost always new games being sold for PS2 here =A=

    'Kay, if I go bankrupt buying games, I'll know who to blame XD. I've heard of that, and seen it for sale, so all I need now is a trip to the nearest shopping complex =D

    Yuko was much easier to date. All I had to do was be sweet, caring and mild. The only mistake I made was holding her hand a bit too early XD. I maxed Charm and Academics, and Courage is about halfway, so I can't date Fuuka- I don't really want to anyway, unless it's in a replay. The questions are OK xD, I can answer about half of them right and make the top of the class. Mitsuru is interesting to date because you get to see her with a different attitude.
  9. Trainer Kat
    May 24th, 2008 2:12 PM
    Trainer Kat
    YESS. It's so cool. xD; And it's especially cool, because you have the negotiation system, where a demon asks you questions, and may join or give you an item depending on your response. I've heard rumors that they're going to rerelease it, but if you see it, pick it up just in case.

    Yeah...I'm sometimes like that. But sometimes graphics that aren't cutting-edge set the mood. Like...Shadow Hearts. It's got sort of grainy graphics, but since it's a macabre RPG, it really sets the mood. (That's another game you should look into)

    Hahhaha yeah, I remember that. And then she got all pissy. "I told you to wait herrrre! waaaah!" xD; Oh gawd, I would bomb those. xD; I maxed my Academic stat, so I just sleep during class...and get like, every exam question wrong. xD I might have to try her though.
  10. Minato
    May 24th, 2008 9:12 AM
    ...How depressing, lol. You get to play a demon, right? Which is where Dante comes in. I did some half-hearted reading on Wiki. That's cool, now I REALLY wanna buy it ;_; Multiple endings too, so awesome.

    True, but sometimes I get so picky about stuff like graphics and it really determines what games I buy and play.

    Lol, even I surprised myself when I ran into one of those situations and beat up all the guys.. I don't remember which S.L. level that was, but it was pretty early. For some reason she got all emo on me and I tried to hug her but then she got annoyed. I mean, hugging her worked when I was in Yakushima, how come it didn't this time? XD. Lol, she DOES ask these questions which I think about verrryyy carefully for a minute or two before deciding, but on the most part she's pretty easy.
  11. Trainer Kat
    May 24th, 2008 9:03 AM
    Trainer Kat
    Well, it's in the same series as P3, so it's pretty similar. Basically, in Nocturne, you experience the apocalypse, which causes Japan to become overrun with demons. You're one of, like, 5 survivors. You can persuade demons (you'll recognize all of them - they were made into Personae for Persona 3) to join your side, and you can have three of them in your party at one time. The battle system's pretty much the same, except you control the demons. And at certain points in the game, you're asked key questions that determine the ending. =] It's so amazing.

    Awh, you should look at getting it fixed, there are a lot of great PSX games.

    Hahaha I know. I totally thought she'd be all into the hugs and hand-holding and stuff, but she just got pissed. ._.; I can just see Mitsuru giving out pop-quizzes on dates. xD

    Yeah. xD; Well, I had to confirm your message, and that's the only thing we could think of. ._.;;
  12. Minato
    May 24th, 2008 8:14 AM
    I'll see, when I fork out all the cash ;__;. True.. it gets sort of irritating, even. I'm looking forward to Legendia...

    It's just the way these things are built here, I guess. Nope, I don't have one XD, an old, faulty PS2 is enough to take care of.

    Lol, I told you, I don't really play many games except for ones that catch my fancy, so I haven't played either of those two specified, though I DO have FF9, but as I said before my old fart of a PS2 won't let me play PSX games. And I always figured Yukari to be a romantic girl, but acting as a sweet dream guy's gotten her on reverse mode twice now, the brat XD. Mitsuru's all right, as long as I pay extra attention to what I'm saying to her...

    Erratic sounds like something else? XD
  13. Trainer Kat
    May 24th, 2008 7:55 AM
    Trainer Kat
    $50's expensive, but it's really, really worth it. x3 Same for Digital Devil Saga 1, if you can find that. Those are two of the best games I have ever played. xD; Yeah, I don't like having more than one game going at a time. I'd recommend Legendia first, and then FES, because having two P3 runs in a row is kind of...too much. xD

    Ahaha, those can be fun. Hm...I wonder why yours doesn't. ._.; Do you at least have a PSX to play them on? xDD Probably. It was so weird, I was like "lul dis girl iz psychic, she knos mah name!!"

    Mmm...If you've ever played Baten Kaitos, Gibari doesn't change too much. He's just kind of...annoying. And Zell from FF8 doesn't really change, but that's okay. He's my favorite anyway. xD; Yeah, Yukari's really hard, because you can't the sweet stuff, because then she'll push you away. xD I think Mitsuru looks the hardest, though. .__.; I expect Aigis to be really easy in FES, though. xD;
  14. Minato
    May 23rd, 2008 7:44 PM
    Right, I'm definitely going to try and get my claws on it then >3. But $50 is expensive... Btw, I got FES and Legendia yesterday, but I only want to play them after I finish P3.

    It's a comedy anime with hardly any character development and just a load of jokes XD (it gets a bit annoying after a while since the characters are really flat but I guess it's pretty fun). They stock PSX games a lot here, but my PS2 doesn't play them for some insane reason. Lol, your subconscious must have remembered it XD.

    I can't recall a comic relief at the moment, but yeah. All the characters develop a bit, now that I think about it, so it's really nice to see them slowly change as you go through... Yuko was sweet and easy, you just have to remain a sensitive and kind guy, but Yukari's so erratic I always make mistakes with her .__. . Try again, I guess..
  15. Trainer Kat
    May 23rd, 2008 3:03 PM
    Trainer Kat
    Yep, DMC Dante! :] Yeah, he's an optional party member. The game's pretty rare (I had to pay $50 for a used copy :/) but it's well worth it. Actually, all the games in the series are rare, and I can only expect FES to become rare in a few months. :/

    \o/ Good, you won't regret it. Moses is, hands down, the best character in any Tales game I've played.

    xDD No, I've never seen that. What is it? As far as Persona 2 goes, you might have to order it online. :/ A lot of places don't stock PSX games anymore, unfortunately. And yeah, Tatsuya and Maya. xD It was really funny because I'd forgotten their names completely, and had named my character Tatsuya Miyamoto.

    Oh, I know. Most of the time, comic reliefs are annoying, because they're always the same throughout the game. So, while I loved Junpei before he changed, I was pleasantly surprised when he did. Bahaha yeahh, I went for Yuko and then Yukari...but I never finished Yukari. ;;

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