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  1. engage'
    May 17th, 2008 3:29 PM
    You can change it. o.o

    Waiting for assignment 2... -shot'd-
  2. Pinocchio
    May 17th, 2008 12:27 AM
    Thanks for the welcome!
    I'm sure I will have fun and hopefully learn something new!
    Btw, is it too late to change my First Assignment? Because it says to make a banner to the best of my ability and I just made a banner which I think looks much better.
  3. engage'
    May 17th, 2008 12:08 AM

    Welcome to my FX class. Hope you have fun!
  4. Pinocchio
    May 16th, 2008 6:45 PM
    Hi Latios.
    I am a new student in your class if you wanna check the Graphics School or your homeroom where I submitted the first assignment.

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