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  1. Sammi
    July 28th, 2010 5:13 PM
    Sammi Just pop in Pokecommunity and you get a pretty decent list of indexes to view! :D Nothing past 2008 though.

    That would've been the ugly Praetor color. :( UGLY. *shuns!*
  2. Axєl
    July 28th, 2010 5:06 PM
    ohmygod.. XD how do you even do that? (lolol tmbjr as an s-mod) woowww.. The grey does look like cool. What was Ryoutaro? the italized-yellowish color? o_o
  3. Sammi
    July 28th, 2010 5:03 PM
    Ah, found something for you. Internet Wayback Machine go!
  4. Sammi
    July 28th, 2010 5:01 PM
    Yes, it was an older color. I tried looking for screenshots but the color was before I started taking them, it seems. Before then, it was just a plain blue, iirc. And before then? None at all! :D Although I wasn't around for that last one.
  5. Axєl
    July 28th, 2010 4:53 PM
    I wanna donate either way, but I gotta admit, I might go out of my way to do it sooner if they were pink. XD I hate wearing the color, but when it's something else that's pink I love it somehow, especially the shade they were considering. * * waaant.~

    Gray? XD Seems too.. plain.. and hard to read on some layouts. xD; Might've looked cool, but I don't remember it at all. If it was back in 2002/3/4 then that makes sense, though...
  6. Sammi
    July 22nd, 2010 5:39 PM
    If the supporter color was changed to pink I might actually donate. XD; I'd love a pink username! I still wonder why the supporter color is blue sometimes, but ah well. I kind of liked it purple, wish it stayed that way. Or at least I think it was at one time. I do remember green very well at least.

    The good news is it'll never come back. d("d)

    I think a cool color that would work and would be better than the steel blue was the gray the mods had for awhile. Sadly I don't think I have screens of it.
  7. Axєl
    July 22nd, 2010 5:11 PM
    I like steel blue okay, although one thing I did wanna see happen is the Supporter color changed to that Cherrim Pink shade that someone blogged about last year. > > That's a cute color, IMO, and it would make the difference between mods and supporters more obvious. Newbies always get confused.

    The teal was pretty bad.. xD;
  8. Sammi
    July 21st, 2010 6:37 PM
    Probably not, sadly. The only group that ever wants to change anymore is the mods and from what I remember the h-staff hated it because it was pain to arrange.

    Not to mention that all the positions have most of the useable colors taken, so really, the only thing the mods could change to is another blue. That dark green would probably be too confusing.

    Although at this point, I'd think it'd be awesome if the mods got a color change. I was never a fan of steel blue myself, although the teal was worse.
  9. Axєl
    July 21st, 2010 6:22 PM
    ffff, I wonder if the colors will ever change again..
  10. Sammi
    July 21st, 2010 6:20 PM
    I would've killed for that nice green color for the mods, too. It was perfect. If the smods hadn't been debating we would've gotten it.

    (Replying here because idk if you'd check my picture again, lol.)

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