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Conversation Between Ikeziu and Tinhead Bruce
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  1. Tinhead Bruce
    January 15th, 2009 6:05 PM
    Tinhead Bruce
    ok =)
  2. Ikeziu
    January 15th, 2009 3:17 PM
    Just post there whenever you like... But you can't order from me, currently, as my waiting list is closed 'till all my orders are done. Order from Pinkie.
  3. Tinhead Bruce
    January 15th, 2009 1:48 PM
    Tinhead Bruce
    Will you be on for a while? I'd like to post in your thread.
  4. Tinhead Bruce
    January 4th, 2009 4:06 PM
    Tinhead Bruce
  5. Ikeziu
    January 4th, 2009 3:50 PM
    Look again ;D
  6. Tinhead Bruce
    January 4th, 2009 3:38 PM
    Tinhead Bruce
    Yeah, well it's in the past now so... Wait, last time I checked the new thread, you hadn't added the pokemon you have available. Do you plan to?
  7. Ikeziu
    January 4th, 2009 3:36 PM
    It wasn't your fault, really. Both me and Pinkie overreacted xD
  8. Tinhead Bruce
    January 4th, 2009 3:35 PM
    Tinhead Bruce
    Yeah, I hope so too. This time I won't request pokemon from the wrong person =p
  9. Ikeziu
    January 4th, 2009 3:32 PM
    Hehe xD Well, hopefully we're staying this time...
  10. Tinhead Bruce
    January 4th, 2009 2:51 PM
    Tinhead Bruce
    Hey there, long time no annoy you. Hah, I'm kidding, but it's nice to see that you and Pinkie are back on.

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