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  1. Kenshin5
    February 26th, 2013 9:54 PM
    Well Nicki is a joke that is for sure.

    I may use Shiny Charm pending I get the time to go around Shiny Hunting. Well yeah considering it was just only Unova pokes in BW. In terms of favorite probably Gengar or Blaziken or Tyranitar.

    Am I doing it right? xD
  2. TwilightBlade
    February 26th, 2013 9:36 PM
    I couldn't watch Idol for more than 10 seconds - something does appear to be missing from the show. That or I only watched it for the judges. Of course! :P

    Full dex, huh? Are you going to use the Shiny Charm? I wanted to, but I don't have quite that much time to complete my dex. I like White 2, way better variety. I like my team, too. Hmm, if you could be captured as a Pokemon and put in my box, what Pokemon would you wanna be? That'll get me playing! XD

    No worries, just send me letters, yup yup!
  3. Kenshin5
    February 26th, 2013 9:15 PM
    Thanks Blade

    I haven't been overly fond of Idol this year myself, it doesn't seem to have that same feeling like it did in years past for whatever reason it may be.

    I haven't made a trade in some time, right now I am focusing on getting my dex complete in time for XY so I can just transfer stuff over. So I have been working on my White 2 when I can.

    I beat White 2 not to long after I got it I really got into it and enjoyed the play with my team albeit putting it together was the hard part at first as there were so many choices with the expansive Unova Dex in White 2.

    Haven't been on there in some time as well. I may go on there when I get some time, but who knows how that will be since my activity in general hasn't been the most stunning.
  4. TwilightBlade
    February 26th, 2013 8:47 PM
    I miss you plenty! ;-;

    You know, the craziest thing happened - I stopped watching American Idol. That used to be my show. Well, I didn't watch too many shows to begin with. '='

    I also fell off the trading boat. Kinda. I trade casually if someone asks or I'm not bothered with cloning something for free. How about you? Let's catch up sometime!

    I haven't beat White 2 lmao omg. I'm a bad Pokemon nerd. :(

    Do you go on IRC / are familiar with the trade channel? :3
  5. Kenshin5
    May 6th, 2012 11:51 AM
    No, she went this week. Now its just Phillip, Hollie, Joshua, and Jessica.

    I see myself more of a vet then a pro since I have been doing it since Feb 08. More activity when? Presuming when BW2 rolls around? It make make self clones easy but people still won't use that either. Shouldn't be too much requests anyways.
  6. TwilightBlade
    May 6th, 2012 11:47 AM
    Is Skylar whatever still in the competition? Did it end yet? OMG I haven't watched it at all still. XD;

    Ohhh. :P I feel like asking more questions but I don't want to seem nosey. D; I'm sure it's cool. :)

    Look at you, cloning pro. ;D There should be more activity, idk. Pokecheck makes it easy to self clone personal non ribbon Pokemon, though. -.-
  7. Kenshin5
    April 23rd, 2012 6:17 AM
    Idol is at top 6 right now. And the auditions really aren't like they used to be, they cut the audition showings so you don't get too see the people you would like to or be humored by.

    Well today she has work so fun fun! I dunno what more there is too tell we have been together for 6 months yesterday.

    I don't trade either unless it is cloning. And the cloning is no big deal, I am just surprised there is not more requests.

    OMG Cookies!
  8. TwilightBlade
    April 22nd, 2012 9:02 PM
    KENSHIN !!!

    Oh hey. How about two months? 8D? -brick'd-

    Not gonna lie, I haven't paid attention to American Idol at all lately. I didn't really connect to anyone. The show's more serious. No funny auditions! At least, nothing funny to me. :( Are you keeping up with Idol? Or did it finish yet? haha

    How's the girlfriend? You gotta tell me more about this. :o I'm just swamped in uni work, haha. I haven't even traded yet... Shop died.. -.- I am glad you're kind enough to take care of the cloning thread. What am I gonna do with it.. lol.

    Here's the cookies! :D Macadamia nuts? xD;

  9. Kenshin5
    February 14th, 2012 7:53 PM
    A month late is better then never

    Pssh I never cared for post comments. I got a stupid one before Petil was released that said "This is Petil not Seawaddle". I'm like dude I said that before it was even leaked that was like at least a week before moron! I'm generally not social unless a conversation is struck up so me personally I don't care how you contact me. You could throw cookies with Macedonian Nuts that would be appreciated!

    OMG Hollywood Week!!!!! The girl fell off the stage not gonna lie I lawl then felt bad, then thought is this staged. Different how so? For me it seems like we got to see less auditions, and more storylines. I watch to hear people singer. One or two stories a night with suffice.

    Haven't even downloaded Mewtwo. Last thing I did pokemon wise is play Brawl for the first time ever on Sunday(yes after four years of being released). I beat Rumble Blast the other day after putting it off for a month or so. Outside of pokemon just dealing with school, work, hanging out with my gf every weekend. And yourself?
  10. TwilightBlade
    February 14th, 2012 7:39 PM
    <33 Late congrats on mod! /fashionably late

    I wish I could post comment you! Sometimes there's little things to be said that don't quite necessitate a post yet seem... Weird to VM/PM, especially if it's the first time talking to that member! What can I say, some members impress me and deserve a little (usually anonymous?) cookie! I guess I'll just throw cookies at your profile... You won't feel off put by my strangeness, right?

    Omg new season of American Idol. The show is so different. x(

    The last thing I did Pokemon-wise... Was download the Mewtwo wondercard. What are you up to? XD
  11. Kenshin5
    January 3rd, 2012 8:35 PM
    Myself I kind of prefer it later on went they find the gems like Hudson and Daughtry. About the only winners that amounted to anything are Clarkson and David Cook.

    Well Fourth Gen was the introduction of Wifi so maybe there is something to that. I am sure you can even look here at the beginning of BW compared to the beginning of DP. There was probably quite a difference. Activity may be there, but circle trading seems like no really trading out all. It devalues just about anything there is. Which is why event collects had a stigma for hoarding. I know when I traded I forms cliques.

    Arcanine is a legend though... Funny thing is they ask for GBA events especially PCNY so I'm like "Are you serious bro" there is no way any thing GBA is worth something that can be wondercarded.

    I've seen all of them expect for Bad Teacher. And I also watched Hangover and DBZ Abridged. Not a fan of Elf, and I have seen Hangover multiple times. I saw Part 2 and got it on DVD the other day.
  12. TwilightBlade
    January 3rd, 2012 7:08 PM
    Yeah I'm still finding some VMs I did not respond to ;w;

    Ooo I should check out White Stripes. Haha yeah. Speaking of Ryan Seacrest, I can't wait to see the next season of American Idol. The best parts are the auditions. 8D After that, it's pretty boring. :B

    Thanks and yeah, I've had a few learn RNG and CSS quite easily because of the guides. :)

    Really? You'd think that based on the B/W sales, Pokemon trading would do really well.. Idk about it becoming more complicated. When others list out every little detail, it's made shopping easier. I miss my days where I collected regular shinies and some events, though! My inventory looked impressive. I just can't RNG abuse at that speed... Trade is still very active at Smogon. It's funny because just about everyone there has the same Pokemon. :P

    Aw they should totally do the Reshiram/Zekrom and the genies here too.. Not everyone wants to buy the second version or want to trade >o<. Stupid money stealing gimmicks. Blah! Curses, it started since Red/Blue. They're only expanding the paaaain. Not getting a legendary > not getting a Growlithe. You can probably pick up events for cheap somewhere... Just gotta give it a try. ;]

    Go get yourself some legit collat! Pokeradar is the bomb. I haven't regular shiny hunted in forever. :P

    I did watch Elf, Pokemon the First movie, and Hangover Part 1, all of which I've already seen. I really wanted to watch Part 2 since I haven't seen that one yet... :(
  13. Kenshin5
    January 1st, 2012 3:20 PM
    Maybe you have amnesia that day xD.

    My friend is into alternative music. He is really big into the White Stripes. And yeah I was the line up for New Years and I was like ehhhh I think I will pass. Don't get why they call it Dick Clark show anymore considering Ryan Seacrest is running the thing now.

    The guides you two compiled are quite well done I must say. I hope they really make a difference for people just starting out.

    The filter also may cause more lag to the site as well. So there is that to deal with as well. And isn't big here? It isn't really big any more period. Gamefaqs when I joined back in August of 07 was freaking crazy I have never seen more active boards then there Diamond and Pearl Trading Forums. Then I check out Black and White Trading Forums for the get go and there not even as fast as they were 2 years into Gen IV. I think trading as a whole is kind of not as big. Like older traders say, "It used to be so simple, un-complex, just plan and simple trading. Now it's all the we need flawless this flawless that, perfect with everything, too some people it's not a pokemon unless it's RNG'ed, and of course file trading. Back when I started it was Events, Ev's, Shiny pokemon. And it was as simple as that. And most if not all was done over Wifi.

    I downloaded Movie14 Victini on Christmas Eve and Day. That's about it as of late. If they don't do Movie Reshiram and Zekrom for the US then I am going to have to go looking for one . But I am not to worried about that since they will probably release them soon or during the DVD release at Toys R US. Then there is shiny Golurk and Hydregion from the movie as well that I am more concerned about actually having to trade for.

    Oh and my collat may be hacked on my Fourth Gen game since I haven't collected shinys since June/July of 08.

    So what did you end of for New Years? Also you watched one of the movies during Holiday Hop? Cause I swore someone said you were there during The Hangover.
  14. TwilightBlade
    December 31st, 2011 10:15 PM
    .-. how did I not see this when I was going through my 90+ visitor messages? Maybe I already viewed it once and forgot? >c<

    Hmm.. I was never too sure about genres. Everything blends. :P Young the Giant is close to alternative, contemporary, or indie rock, lol ? I listen to mostly alternative. Idk what is up with the music industry! I nearly gagged at some of the junk being playing during the New Years special. :3

    We finally got through all of the trade revamp. ;s; I spent most of this past month just polishing everything starting some things ughh just hope all the love shows! I'm so glad to see you in the cloning thread!

    There was supposedly something like that in development (referring to the filter and offers/searches etc for Pokemon on a site). Shame PC isn't as centered around trade as GTS, though. Trade just isn't ~that~ big here. I wish it was! It's too amazing, I know. :(

    How are you doing in the event realm of Pokemon? :D
  15. Kenshin5
    October 14th, 2011 1:50 PM
    22 isn't that old, I just had their Wall Live Album. What kind of genre are Young the Giant? The seem kind of Adult Contemporary which I kind of like artists of that. It's a lot more refreshing then listening to the main stream artists over and over. Kind of sad on the VH1 Top 100 countdown of the Best songs of the 2000-2010 a lot of them were mah imo. They had Miley Cyrsus song in the 40s. Then they showed the songs that missed the cut and Kayne West "Stronger" missed the cut I was thinking wtf this isn't there but Miley Cyrsus any song over hers is here... What is wrong with people. People the same people that will slurp Footloose remake .

    I don't think I have had Columbus day off since Elementary school so that is some time around. Tbh I don't see why it's even a Hoilday when he really didn't discover America in 1492 when Native Americans were living there for centuries. Not to mention Norish people found it before him. The only other day we get off is Thanksgiving and by the time Christmas comes the semester has been over for a good two weeks.

    While twistedpuppy is giving you a break xD. Right now it seems rather stagnant tbh. I don't know if this is a good thing or back then cause I am seeing lesser topics in general much less the small trade ones. It may be because the BW has cooled off but I think Trade Corner is in a state of waiting for something. I think our general former goes have discussed all that there is to discuss at this time so there really isn't anything to add which is why it hasn't been posted in for several weeks. That or people like the rules over look a seemly inactive pinned topic. I dunno if we would ever be able to implement something like this but has sort of a GTS like system for years which made it easy to filter in though the requests and the requests are separate from the other boards. Although their site is centered around trading so it operates as good as does for maybe that reason. Essentially they have a search feature like our search for members posts or topics but as a gts like thing.

    Pssh gurl please, regardless of what gender you are acting fake to impress somebody is silly in my eyes.

    Public distribute is what it is really. They even get limited ones like the Worlds11 Scrafty. I think it's more of a shame that they seem to opt the route of holding a lot of events on PGL instead of actual event events. I personally don't regard those as events any more then I do the Colosseum XD ones unless they were the Hordel Elekid, and the Duking pokemon. And of course Mattle Ho-oh and Ageto Celebi. I am just read the for Movie Reshiram and Zekrom and am hoping for Shiny Golurk and Hydregion to be introduced as well.

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