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The PokéCommunity incurs some high costs to maintain each month. As a site with many millions of views a months and its many members, keeping everything together doesn’t come cheap. So why not help us out? Every bit counts, and in exchange for your contributions, you’ll become a PokéCommunity Supporter, with access to some really cool benefits and the knowledge that you’ve helped contribute to your community!

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Supporter-exclusive benefits

As a PokéCommunity Supporter, not only will you have helped the community, but for contributions of US$5 or more, you’ll receive access to several exclusive features on PokéCommunity:

PokéCommunity Early Access

We’re constantly iterating on cool new things for you. Get an early preview of what’s coming.

Enhanced Post Flairs

Get creative with your Post Flairs, with the ability to use your own background images in any part of your flair.

Disable Ads

As a Supporter, you'll get the option to disable advertising on PokéCommunity. You’re in control of how you support our community.

Your Name on the Supporter List

Your contributions are forever valued — and so we’ll name your contributions for eternity. (Coming soon.)

Our Gratitude

With your contribution, we can pay the bills and do cool things. We’ll keep you in the loop about what’s happening next.

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Donating is quick and easy! Pick how much you’d like to donate and enter your credit card information, or pay using Apple Pay, Google Pay or Microsoft Pay. You can also gift the benefits to another PokéCommunity member; simply provide their account name, enter your payment details, and they’ll become PokéCommunity Supporters, too.

We accept all major credit cards, and debit cards from supported countries. Donations are non-transferable. Due to the nature of donations, we cannot offer refunds on any transactions.

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