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Does PokéCommunity have a Discord server?
Yes! PokéCommunity has a Discord server and we welcome anyone interested in chatting with us to join. Check out our server link if you'd like to join us!

What is the "battle server?"

The PokéCommunity battle server is the community's own dedicated battle server. The server allows for simulated battles that feature all Pokémon across all generations. The server also features a chat client so you can chill, chat with, and battle your friends all at one time! PokéCommunity's battle server can be accessed via this link and information regarding the server and its staff (known as the Battle Server Staff) can be found here. Additional inquiries should be posed to the Moderators of the section.

How do I get pictures into my signature?

If you’ve got an image that you want to use in your signature, getting it there is not as hard as it might seem! If the image is saved on your computer, you can upload it to a free image host such imgur. Once it’s been uploaded, you can right click the image and click “Copy Image URL” and paste the link given inbetween IMG tags in your signature box. The same can be done if you’ve found an image online.

If you want to skip the image host uploading process, you can click the “Choose File” button under the Signature Picture box in your Edit Signature area. This will allow you to upload the image straight to PokéCommunity and you can do with it in your signature as you so please! This is far easier than uploading the image to an image host, though either way works just as well.

How do I post Youtube videos on the forum and my profile?

Posting Youtube videos can be tricky. If you’ve got the link to a Youtube video you want to post on the forum (, simply take the URL content after the “v=” portion and place it between YOUTUBE tags, as follows:


The video should automatically embed itself in your post/thread! When it comes to profiles, the process is very similar. In this case, you’re going to take the URL content after the “v=” portion and place it in the “Youtube URL” portion of your Edit Profile page. The video will automatically embed itself on your profile. If you want it to replace your Profile Picture with a blown up version of the video, select “Yes” under the Swap Video section.

Members aren't able to use HTML, so how do people still customize their content with CSS coding?

While CSS is widely used across the forums in threads and signatures, the absence of user-posted HTML has a legitimate purpose. HTML (Hyper-Text Markup Language) is a web design language used for building the basic structures of an entire web page, like the predetermined height of an area, the website logo, and the location of the content within a page. The use of HTML is fundamental to the entire structure of The PokéCommunity Forums and how it is displayed based on your personal preferences; making it the most important element to PC as a functional, working website.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) on the other hand is specifically used for design, style, presentation, and appearance. It is used to enhance certain elements of HTML coding, such as the text, background images, and borders to make the content more unique. Unlike HTML, CSS is best applied for completely decorative purposes, making it more appropriate for members to use in their own personal spaces within the forums. This way, any coding will not interfere with the highly complex structures of The PokéCommunity's available styles. It is important to know that, while you do have the ability to apply CSS to your threads and signatures, it's meant to be used for presentation and to express your own individuality.

If you're interested in learning more about CSS and how to use it appropriately, feel free to use the CSS Help & Resources thread for further reading.

How do I donate and who should I approach for questions and concerns in regards to it?

If donating to PokéCommunity piques your interest, then it'd be much appreciated! It helps Sheep and the administrators to pay for server upkeep and various related costs, and makes sure we don't need to put too many ads on the forums to break even. As a thanks, you will automatically receive the PokéCommunity Supporter rank with associated perks. To donate, please check out the Donations page for detailed information.

Additionally, if you've any inquiries about supportership, you can visit the "What are supporter ranks, and what differences do they each have?"portion of the FAQ, or contact Sheep.