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Pokémon: Main Series Games
Alola, and welcome to the Alola region, Trainer! This is the forum for the first games of the seventh generation, Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon! Are you Team Rowlet, Litten, or Popplio? Do you prefer Solgaleo or Lunala? How do you feel about Alola forms? Talk about those and more here!

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by Rivvon
Pokémon: Play Together
The forum designed for all of your competitive Pokémon battling needs! Here you can battle, discuss, participate in events, receive help on your team, and much more!

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Trade Corner (48 Viewing)
Seeking a quick, simple trade? Wanting to get rid of a Pokémon? This section is for you!

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Challenges (17 Viewing)
Play your Pokémon games in fresh new ways: anything from The Monotype Challenge to the popular Nuzlocke.

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Pokémon: General Discussions
For topics that aren't necessarily restricted to one game, Pokémon Gaming Central ranges from comparing and contrasting the differences in the gaming generations to discussing the gaming franchise as a whole.
Sort Threads: Spinoff Central | Pokkén
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by sumire
Pokémon GO (6 Viewing)
Mystic, Valor, or Instinct? Travel the world and prove you're the ultimate trainer in Pokémon GO.

Pokémon General (96 Viewing)
The home for theories, clubs, polls, and other discussions involving the Pokémon franchise that aren't covered in any of the other boards.
Pokémon Anime
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Pokémon Trading Card Game
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by Hands
Fan Games
Fan Games Hub (29 Viewing)
General discussions about all things fan games. Topics relating to both ROM hacks and custom games are welcome here. Posting links to ROMs is illegal and is not tolerated anywhere on the forum.
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ROM Hacking (137 Viewing)
Need a helping hand? You can get help on any ROM Hacking-related problems or questions you have here.

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ROM Hacks Studio (471 Viewing)
The ROM Hacks Studio — once known as our “Hacks Showcase” — is the best place on the web to find ROM hacks. Browse our curated collection, all made by PokéCommunity members: patch, play, and enjoy!

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Home for everything related to the upcoming collaborative PokéCommunity ROM hack - Pokémon Cataclysm.

Script Starling City
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by Gust
Your number one stop for anything related to creating games (except ROM hacks). You can even make your own!

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Custom Games Showcase (61 Viewing)
This forum is for non-ROM hacked games which have a significant amount of progress. Only the most developed games are selected to go in here.

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Create & Discover
Art & Design (43 Viewing)
For visual art, photography, and music! Pokémon related or not, showcase or discuss anything related to the visual or musical arts.

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Roleplay Theatre (27 Viewing)
The realm where writers gather to create glorious tales or silly drama together and chronicle their adventures. Start or join roleplays featuring Pokémon, other franchises or something completely original!

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by Quto
Have a story you want to share? Or in the mood to sit back and read one, instead? Then come hang out here!

Pokémon Glitched
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PokéCommunity Daily (2 Viewing)
The article workshop for PokéCommunity Daily. Pitch your ideas for PC Daily articles here.

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Community Square
Feedback & Support (15 Viewing)
All things related to PokéCommunity, from feedback and ideas to support and questions.
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by hashtag
Meet & Greet (20 Viewing)
Welcome to Meet & Greet! Come on in and introduce yourself to the community, read about fellow members, and discover all of the cool things you can do around PokéCommunity.
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Forum Games (41 Viewing)
It's time to save yourself from the everyday trials and tribulations of your vigorous post day. Welcome to Forum Games, where the only posts are frantic fun and hilarious hijinks.

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Off-Topic (105 Viewing)
General chat topics ranging from anime and video games to serious debates and pop culture.
A New Leaf
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The Round Table
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Video Games
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Entertainment & Media
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Anime & Manga
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by Hands
The Bulletin Board (13 Viewing)
Sometimes interesting things happen... it'd be a shame for you to miss them. Check here for new events and changes big and small around the community.
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by Cooler

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