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  1. PhillyNoMates
    August 13th, 2016 3:48 AM
    I added your Friend Safari. Can you add me back please my FC is 2380-6473-1191
  2. marcjcw
    October 25th, 2014 9:43 AM
    Hi. I added you on Friend Safari. I wanted Pikachu. Hahaha. Could you add me back? thanks 3583-0920-1422
  3. pardal78
    October 25th, 2014 8:00 AM
    Hi :)
    Can I add your FC for friend safari?
  4. destinedjagold
    September 25th, 2014 8:40 PM
    ah, i see. xD
    i'm gonna ask RNC now if she's willing to bridge our trade later. ;)
  5. destinedjagold
    September 25th, 2014 8:36 PM
    i c ur online. :3
    are you always online at this hour?
  6. Belldandy
    September 25th, 2014 4:52 PM
    Ready to go if you are. I won't be online very long. Still have lots of homeworks to do.
  7. Belldandy
    September 25th, 2014 4:15 AM
    Yeah, that should be fine. I'm at school today, though, and going to my boyfriend's college for the afternoon, so won't be able to trade till later tonight around 9pm EST probably. Lots of homework to do, too.
  8. Belldandy
    September 24th, 2014 2:54 PM
    I'll be back around 11pm, 12am EST if you wanted to trade your Zubat for something of mine!
  9. Belldandy
    September 24th, 2014 6:48 AM
    Thanks :)
  10. Belldandy
    September 24th, 2014 6:37 AM
    I clicked the PC lol screw me
  11. Belldandy
    September 24th, 2014 6:35 AM
    Yep! I'll go online.

    We can trade for Zubat later.
  12. Belldandy
    September 24th, 2014 6:13 AM
    Are you available? I have Chansey for you!
  13. Belldandy
    September 18th, 2014 6:20 AM
    Thank you :) Lemme know if you do trade reviews; I'll leave ya one
  14. Belldandy
    September 18th, 2014 6:15 AM
    Clicked my PC LOL oops
  15. Belldandy
    September 18th, 2014 6:13 AM
    Good to go :) Just got home from uni'

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  • About Firebreathing Ice Cube
    * Lucas (not my actual name, but people call me that :P), a student. Still trying to go through Math, English, and stuff. I really don't study much for it; just lucky I get high enough grades to get honor cards (28th of 572 students in our year :P). I'm a pretty bored person nowadays, so I'm trying to learn how to ROM hack now just for me to have something to do during free time. :D

    * I'm a self-proclaimed Pokemon nerd. Pretty much still enjoy Pokemon after all this time. Haven't played Gen. 4 yet cause I don't want to cash in for a DS. But I can still appreciate Pokemon from Gen. 4 onwards. (I'm not so optimistic about the upcoming Gen. 5 games though)

    * I enjoy playing basketball. Actually, I can hang (TIME!) with anything basketball. Especially NBA (YEAH, GO DURANT AND THE THUNDER!). And yes, I'm on a basketball team, so this Pokenerd can ball pretty well. :D

    *I play Magic: the Gathering too. Been playing for 9 years now. Still haven't joined any tourney's cause I don't have the cash by the time PTQ's arrive. But I can say that in prereleases, I've beaten well-known guys already ;)

    * When I'm not playing basketball or in front of the computer, my PSP keeps me entertained. Absolutely love DJ Max. Been playing for 2 years. Pretty good at it too. (And may I just say Technika's the best DJ Max ever? :D)

    * Right now, I'm pretty much new to Pokecommunity. Haven't been really involved in anything, preferring to go incognito. But I'd like to know some people here, so I'll accept random friend requests. Just don't leave weird comments, and by weird, that includes offensive. :D
    - Basketball
    - Magic: the Gathering
    - PSP
    - Pokemon
    Male ♂
    Favorite Pokémon
    Charizard, Suicune and Lugia are my top 3 all time \m/ Metagross and Blakizen come in a close second :P
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