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  1. dad
    February 15th, 2015 7:58 PM
    what is letsplay? i used to like O2L until they became friends with that Grier kid lol. i follow a ton of youtubers like superfruit, buzzfeed, dormtainmentTV, and claudia sulewski(?). basically a mix of funny people and beauty gurus. i really did want one (and i was sure i was getting one) until the lady at petco told my mom about how big they got lol. if there is i haven't heard of it, or maybe i put it out of my mind after seeing how terrible the first one was. if i'm by myself i don't but if i'm with other people i laugh it off. true, i'm really good at the disney catagories. darn ok i really need to add you. IKR three hours for a high school course is too long. they told us its for our end of the year testing which is apparently a five hour test for some core courses. i haven't made any progress, i haven't talked with him (this is why i stop liking people lol). i totally understand. ah, gotcha. i'll remember this for college. actually it's weird i'm just realizing that all of them use powerpoints.

    i think he's done with football for the time being haha. he really enjoys being a part of the drumline so i can't see him going back. that's kind of how i feel. is it the whole stranger danger deal? ikr! it's weird to see her using all of the text slang but i'm glad she's keeping up. she's 68 and rockin'.

    i don't think I've heard of that one. is there and app? i understand, that traffic cone orange isn't doing the poor app justice.
  2. dad
    February 10th, 2015 2:19 PM
    i know right lol. i blame it on youtube, i don't watch tv very often thanks to youtubers. do you like youtube? i actually really like lizards and reptiles, especially chameleons. oh no, a second mean girls. okay if horror involves jump scares then i prefer scary haha. i just don't think jump scares are fair ya know? the books about this girl's parents disappearing and then her uncle she's never heard of decides to come adopt her. the thing is she didn't even know she had any family, her mom was an orphan and i think her dad's family died in a fire. the uncle takes her out to his mansion on the other side of town which is pretty much abandoned. she notices her uncle goes somewhere every night and her uncle is really strange. fast forward further in the story and her uncle is holding her parents captive and he's actually a wacko cannibal skeleton man. i think that's the plot but at the same time i feel like i'm fusing this story with disturbia (also a really good movie, it's a little scary tho). trivia crack is basically blended with all of the categories: history, sports, art, geography, science and there's one more I can't remember. the spinner basically determines the category you get. i think there will be one break which is basically between one day to the next (one class will be 3 hours long.) I would love to if i were brave enough, or even if i got a chance to chat with him lol. do students sell their books to other students after they're done with them? oh boy, i do about 4 pages for history.. i can't imagine 10 pages, i might pass out at the thought of it lol.

    he loved it but he always got the whole spiel about how he's tall and should be playing basketball or whatever. he quit it to work on his grades some more. i think so, that or he just doesn't want to be found. aww man, my whole family is on facebook (other than my dad and his parents). my grandma and my great aunts love posting on Facebook it's hilarious to see the, keep up with the latest. i would say my grandma is the most high tech out of the bunch, she texts probably as fast as i do.
  3. dad
    February 6th, 2015 8:33 PM
    whaaa, seriously? i swear i never hear about these things. i've missed so many important movies it's not even funny. it really was, i'm trying my best not to think about it right now since i'm about to go to sleep lol. i'll have to check that one out, have you watched any of the scary movie movies? unfortunately i did watch both. the second one was sooo terrible, i honestly didn't laugh it all it was extremely pathetic. i'm actually in love with horror stories which is really odd but i'm fascinated by them. i guess the reason is because when i watch a movie it's someone else's depiction of something rather than my own softened vision. i read the skeleton man in 6th grade and i couldn't put that book down, probably the best book i've ever read. lol, did it work? i really like the fact trivia crack's points aren't really based off of timed answers; i usually end up guessing the answer for quiz up because i don't want to lose any points. i guess the test is 5 hours because too many people were doing fine on the old testing system so they had to install new ones to fail kids lol. mhmm, i didn't get a chance to chat with him this week sadly. our teacher had been letting us out like one minute before the bell. oh so your professors put the notes on their pages? cool, i was really hoping that didn't go away upon reaching college level hah. do you find that reading the book is more helpful or paying attention to the notes?

    my brother actually used to play football for two years for the school. we used to go to the games and find him by the guys with the skinniest calves hehe. my mom does but my dad is totally against being on any social media. he won't let me post a picture of him anywhere so he's basically a social media mystery. wbu?
  4. Ice
    February 6th, 2015 7:45 AM
    You really should get back in to it, I loved this season.
    Yeah, I heard of Bluck Batler, I saw it on netlix, but haven't checked it out yet. I only stay up to date with the superhero shows, I'm behind so much with school that I can't really permit myself to watch to much tv, as I need to spend most of my time with schoolwork. A friend watched Angel Beats, but I don't remember if he liked it or not, haha.
  5. dad
    February 2nd, 2015 2:15 PM
    i'm pretty sure i was too scared to watch the second one lmao. was there a scene in jp of some kids hiding in a house and the dinosaur finding them or was that war of the worlds? my mom snuck me into that one when i was like 8, it reeally messed me up. haha ok that's me lol. i love mean girls and what i've seen of white chicks but i'm not so sure about bring it on. it sounds a little too girly for my taste. lol i just heard of that today! my friend actually said she read the whole series, yikes. i don't but my mom does, it's probably best i get one when i get my job and a car haha. aw geez i must've deleted it upon the release of trivia crack. i actually found out the reason today, it's because they're giving us five hour tests. i swear the test makers in Georgia are on crack, whose bright idea was this mess?? i think it will be, we don't have the same lunch right now but i'm pretty sure we will have the same lunch when they switch up the schedules. ah ok, and it helps just to know haha. would you say in college you have to write fast or are the professors pretty good when it comes to giving you time to take notes? i sometimes start to doubt myself a whole bunch and talk myself out of it, it's bad. lol there are ap meetings after school, i can stay after to make up assignments (i missed 2 weeks worth last semester) and get help.

    hmm, that's kinda how Twitter seemed to me. i really am haha, i legit didn't see a thing about poor Harry on my Instagram yesterday. nothing on facebook or even poor tumblr. i do and one of my friends is a huge fan which i would've believe she would have posted something about him but i guess not.

    tbh i hardly watched either this year, i'm still salty from how horribly the saints did this year. we had a ton of fruit, a boston butt (we made jokes all day about it), a meat and cheese platter, punch, potato salad and some chips. i do haha, there is some technical stuff i'm not too sure about but i do enjoy watching it. the saints are big on my moms side and the Falcons are big on my dads which makes it pretty fun to scroll through Facebook while watching the game.
  6. Ice
    February 2nd, 2015 3:00 AM
    Capaldi's series is great. There are some great stories, such as Flatline and Mummy On The Orient Express. And Clara is adorable so that helps. I have only ever watched anime's with english names, I get a bit scared when I don't now what it says, haha. I've been planning to check out Durarara! as I have listened to the theme song a million times already.
  7. dad
    February 1st, 2015 3:11 PM
    hmm, if I ever get some friendship questions I know who to come to now. man oh man, i think jurassic gave us all a fair share of nightmares. hmm define chick flicks lol. woahh no way i haven't lol, i just know of it. if my parents saw i checked that book out i'm sure i'd be in my grave by now. i haven't been to barnes and noble in probably a year, it's bad. i'm planning on adding wattpad to my ipod so i can read some more. speaking of ipod what was i supposed to add you on again? i forgot, lo siento. they said they're changing it up for testing but they're blind to seeing the fact that not a single person likes the idea. it's going to change my lunch and uggh, the only good thing i can see about this is i think one day i'm going to have lunch at the same time as "him" so we can eat together. i'm not exactly easily distracted as much as not motivated. i really gain motivation when it's late because it's my grade versus my sleep. how do you study? tbh i was talking myself out of the guy i liked before i sent you the picture, when i saw the picture i started convincing myself again. i do but i live like a mile and a half away from the school. it's rare that people that live near me stay after and get out the same time as i do.

    whoops. that really sucks, does twitter allow periods like instagram? i don't mind those as much i guess. it's possible haha, i can't really tell bc lack of twitter experience. its harry's birthday? i swear i haven't seen anything about it today which is really odd. btw is that an emoji?

    we're just chillin' out today, we grabbed some food and we're just doing whatever. i don't really care about the superbowl this year, if i had to side with anyone i'd say the seahawks since they deserve it.
  8. Ice
    February 1st, 2015 1:01 PM
    I love Doctor Who! I just heard about Primeval today, and it looked interesting. Well, dutch tv is quite limited, and it's a lot easier than pirating, so it's my personal heaven. I use an extension to switch between countries, so I can watch american shows, and That Mitchell and Webb look without too much of a hassle. I haven't heard of that, I only watched a couple, but I'll check it out, it sounds interesting.
  9. Ice
    February 1st, 2015 12:23 PM
    Yeah, I know, I really like my taste in music, haha.
    Yeah, I watch a lot of British panel shows, and most superhero shows on tv now. Sometimes I watch some anime, or a comedy. Although I wouldn't call it watching tv, mostly watching netflix haha.
  10. dad
    February 1st, 2015 7:43 AM
    true, my mom always said you'll have to kiss a few frogs in order to find your prince. bahaha that's seriously my thinking mindset. i love adventure movies! what are your favorites? i feel like all of the books i read are for eighth graders lol, like there's only two ranges of romance novels. junie b. jones romance and 50 shades of gray. that person who would think they could fool around and get A's used to be me lol. on top of that they're giving us block schedule in april ugghh. i can't stand to be in some of my classes 30 minutes much less 3 hours. i still have pretty good grades, i'm trying to get some better study habits. that is something i don't know haha, i feel like the kayak rentals would be closed then but you never know. i actually wasn't exactly the fastest learner when it came to swimming. i was actually in a few other programs when i was way younger that were to help teach me to swim. tbh i didn't really do anything except play in the water for those classes. one of those days my brother pulled me into the water and then i refused to go swim for that program ever again. he actually told me this joke that was actually semi offensive to himself but i laughed at it because he was talking to me, is that bad lmao? OMG ARE WE LIKE THE SAME PERSON?? i'm that same way like i'll get down bc i'll come to the idea that he doesn't like me so i'll just want a friendship but the second we start playing should the feelings will be back (sometimes). it's probably that, they wouldn't let me walk home alone either (i can this year if i'm chatting with my grandma the whole way). i guess it's because of all of the psychos.

    haha alright mrs. styles. i don't really like underscores so i'd go with the first one but i imagine someone also has @ohharrypls? so for the sake of originality i'd go with @lilspoon_harry. that sounds like some interesting interview they did.

    what are you doing for the super bowl?
  11. Ice
    January 31st, 2015 1:10 AM
    Man, I just checked My First Story, and I love it. The music and the screams work so well. And FLOW seems like they really want to be Sum 41, haha. You should also really check out There For Tomorrow and Every Avenue, they have that pop rock/powerpop sound. And I think you probably know them already, but Jimmy Eat World makes some great music too.
  12. dad
    January 30th, 2015 4:42 PM
    oh gosh no, soy muy terrible when it comes to scary movies. i'm the person to be paranoid the month after watching the movie. the scariest movie i've watched was I guess paranormal activity or red eye. tbh paranormal wasn't really scary but red eye was actually kinda creepy, the only soothing thing about the movie was cillian murphey's eyes. i feel like sad love stories are the worst, i can't imagine sitting up watching a love story for 4 hours only to see the couple die in the end. i kind of do but at the same time they make me feel like a lonely 16 year old lol, wbu? i think it's usually due to too much crowding and some people can't make it. some of the restaurants only have restaurants for those who are buying. i'm sure the alcohol doesn't help the situation either lol. really? haha I feel honored. I know i can do much better than what i'm doing right now if I applied myself. i'm taking honors us history, spanish 3, honors american lit, band (i'm in the second highest rn), physics and them algebra 2. i'm planning on taking all honors classes minus the 2 ap classes i'm planning on taking (ap psychology and ap english). we go out to this big river and kayak but we haven't been in a while because apparently they have a dam somewhere up the stream they release at certain times of the day. that's not too bad, i didn't learn how to swim until i was in 6th grade bc our neighborhood has a nice swim team. it's pretty good, i learned how to swim in 3 hours. tbh i am a little, i get this uncontrollable smiling when i see him, it's the worst. yass girl you better work. i think i would die if we were related. it's literally just my parents. everywhere we go is a public place with plenty adults around but I guess that's not enough. when my brother was 17 they just let him do whatever and go wherever. it's totally not fair, he'd stay out until 11 with his friends and i can't even go see a movie with my friends.

    i don't think i've heard of bolings, this talk of chinese food is making me seriously desperate for some. it's so hard to find physical albums from the bands i like. my local target just doesn't seem to carry indie rock/alternative rock but they carry every country album under the sun.

    i think i'm pretty good with picking out usernames, sometimes i'll wake up and think of the most ingenious username and run to find paper and pencil lol. do you need username help?
  13. CureYoshiDarkness
    January 30th, 2015 7:35 AM
    No problem
  14. Ice
    January 28th, 2015 4:43 AM
    The new All-American Rejects changed their sound big time. I don't like Bee Keepers Daughter that much, but Walk Over Me is a great song! I like jrock, I think Japan has the best music scene at the moment, most Japanese bands really have a feel for their genre and know what they're doing. I really like the sound of that song, I would classify it as pop rock, I think, maybe pop punk. I'm going through their other songs now, really great. If you're into Japanese music you should check out ELLEGARDEN, one of my favorite Japanese bands.
  15. Avishka
    January 28th, 2015 2:09 AM
    No prob.
    hope you had an awesome bday. :3

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