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  1. Sheep
    March 23rd, 2021 11:46 AM
    oooh, that sounds neat! never been either but there are so many pretty states and cities out there ;o; America is such a nice looking place, shame about all the problems we have with it :(

    that's cool! never had any problems with them have you? like crashing? I always had issues with crashes and stuff when I emulated @_@;

    Be warned if you pick Eevee as your partner. It has "Runaway" as an ability, so it'll abandon you when it's health gets into yellow. I played through the entire story with it, and it can be a challenge.
    LOL... I would never have thought of this. I think I'll avoid Eevee now, thank you D: oof
  2. Sheep
    March 18th, 2021 4:03 AM
    Nope :D that's too tourist-y for most locals, we kind of leave it to the tourists to check out lol. Not too interested in it.

    Ohh wow really? I actually heard taxi drivers tend to be a bit ruder as well as more expensive. There are definitely weird uber drivers out there though, but I don't think it's unsafe. not for everyone though and I respect that!

    and yesss I plan to play the post game! the game wouldn't keep complete otherwise. do you emulate or play physical?

    awwww Zeo... ;_; <3 of course!! sometimes it takes me days to reply because I forget or get distracted but that's normal for me and definitely not on purpose, if you wonder why I am slow sometimes! I'm happy to keep talking to you for all this time!!! \o/
  3. Roni
    March 17th, 2021 8:28 PM
    your profile looks so much better now! thanks for making the colors easier on the eyes, and i love the Cyndaquil! i only have an approximate knowledge of color theory myself, so with regards to choosing colors for my profile (back when i was doing it myself lol), i just chose different shades of the same color to play it super safe. i'd sometimes throw in a complementary color even to spice things up, but that was rare. this might be weird to hear coming from a graphic designer, but hey i never had proper training on this stuff and mostly just steal design ideas, including colors, from other people lol. no one's noticed nor cared so far...

    i'm way ahead of you on the VPP text pad. i actually have an excel sheet on my computer for my stats to ensure that my VPP points stay accurate. gotta check with that every month or so to make sure there aren't any mistakes. someone like you probably won't need it yet though since you have very few stats to monitor still. my way of completing VPP is just to complete all Gold Medals for all types. being the first to achieve that would be a treat~ trying to collect every single Pokemon ever is a heck more of a chore than anything, so i'm passing on that.

    being well-off enough to not have to rely on anyone other than your parents to take care of y'all is quite the life. big families like yours, if living here in the Philippines, would always have at least 1 or 2 of the eldest siblings set aside part of their salaries to help out with the whole family. and you guys should feel super fortunate that y'all have your own devices and don't need to share stuff that much. my gf constantly complains that her siblings use her computer without asking and download games she never agreed to. i've been telling her to password protect it, i wonder how it's going now...

    for 300 elo chess players, you gotta hope to the heavens that it isn't a GM with a new account speedrunning the system lol. i personally went back to playing a bit and have won 2 games already. coming back right now to around 933 elo or so. might even play again after this to get my fill for the day, who knows? i've been looking at gambit openings recently, along with binging agadmator and Paul Morphy games. i wanna see where that takes me.

    i don't know, even if i'm alone on my computer, i can find an infinite amount of stuff to do online, to the point that i tend to get overstimulated even lol. it's hard for me to fall into a rut when there's about a dozen things on my to-do list right now that i've yet to get started on or finish. different stroke for different folks. i agree wholeheartedly with your point on finding new hobbies. i never would've been a PC mod had this pandemic never happened, and tbh my career wouldn't be headed where it is now if i'd stuck to just settling for my corporate job.

    i saw that convo between you and Dakota. top tier stuff, got me laughing haha. i don't mean this as an insult or anything, but it genuinely reminds me of how i talked to literally everyone in high school. it was hard to keep up conversations when i was focusing on constantly trying to be witty instead of actually adding something meaningful. and i had the gall to wonder why i had very few friends lol.
  4. Sheep
    March 17th, 2021 7:40 AM
    Yeah NY state and NY city are different places! NYC is a city in NY state. NY state is a huuuge place with a lot of different places, a lot of them are fairly suburban/even rural.

    And yeah... it's odd. The city here is less safe because it has more crime/begging and etc. Definitely wouldn't want to walk there, or anywhere here in SA honestly, at night. We always uber home if we have to be out past sunset.

    shdhdh I wanna play Sky so bad. I heard it was great but also very sad. Hopefully it doesn't make me cry lol

    I'd just keep going! Promise it does pick up, but not on the same level of the original I think. Korra is a bit more focused on the emotional/romantic aspects (but there is still a lot of action). Starting over doesn't make much sense to me if you don't wanna go through the early eps again. Push through!!
  5. Setsuna
    March 15th, 2021 1:05 PM
    I won't lie, that is pretty confusing. What do you mean by your first time trying to copy?

    A tip for the geysers is to notice the cracks in the ground and walk up to them, wait for the geysers to go off, and walk through after they turn off. The chains just swing on cycles, so if you avoid the ends with slides you should be fine. The jetbike part of the stage does feel like it lasts a long time, probably because you move at a set speed. I always found the miniboss to be a pain though, yeah. I think that goes for every game though, you're gonna enjoy it less if you're getting frustrated. I picked up Mega Man X last night and got frustrated at a part near the end, so I took a break and I'll pick it up again at some point today.

    Once you find out you can build the bomb, you can talk to Kazuma locked in the building to the left of the Execution Chamber, he'll tell you he has a key labelled "Gum" in the building he's trapped in and he'll hand it to you, which will allow you to open the Gum door. As for the charcoal, if you head back to the far left to Santa's house and use your Jellyfish Juice on the fireplace, you'll get some Charcoal. Head back to the right, kill the big Jelly again to get more Jellyfish Juice, and you should be able to get past the large wall without needing to go through Chaco's fireplace since the fans should be on by that point.
    I feel like it's easy to die often in Cave Story but it never feels punishing because of the amount of saves, and there's only a couple parts at the very end of the game where it feels frustrating. I feel like the way you move and jump can be a little tough to get used to, but by the time you finish the next couple areas, the game makes sure you've got the feel of it locked down. It's rewarding to do some of those tough awkward jumps to pick up heart capsules now that I have the practice. I should also mention you can just go back to almost every area you'd like to pick up anything you missed, with the exceptions being the Egg Corridor and maybe the Waterway as well.

    That's such a fun idea, that's like how Rampardos can learn things like Thunder, Fire Blast, Surf, and Blizzard and just letting it go off with that, haha. Sheer Power is always fun to play around with and I forgot it got Ice Beam. I usually try and roll with whatever natures I get but if I get something really bad like +Atk -Sp.Atk on a special attacker, I'll go out of my way to get another.

    Oh that sounds like a lot of fun, that's also a pretty high amount of wins. Reminds me of a time recently where I ran into a streamer I know of in an idol game I play. We were in the same lobby and I tried pretty hard to win one of the awards so he'd see my name or recognize me.
    A sequel like that was the perfect chance for them to include the previous protagonist. I don't think it'd be awkward for them to give the protagonist a canonical team because of giving one for Red, but I can definitely see why they wouldn't, yeah.

    I don't know if I'd say it's a super common trope, but it's somewhat well-known. Sometimes a show in that setting won't have a character like that. I'm not sure exactly how common or rare I could say it is.
    That's good you didn't deal with bullying but yikes, that sounds like a whole mess. Glad to hear you got out of it and you made better friends. No worries on the rambling, you know by this point it's something I do pretty often, haha.

    I've played maybe about half an hour of it in my life? I've had thoughts of playing through it every so often, I've just never really devoted myself to sitting down and playing it. I'm not sure you mentioned that, but yeah last year was kinda like that for me as well, I got around to finishing some games I had wanted to beat but never got around to. (A big example being Metroid Prime 1 and 2)

    If I play through Platinum I'll usually plan out a team beforehand so I can use things I've never really used before, so I'm sure I could have some suggestions. Why not go for Yanmega, Tangrowth, or Porygon-Z?~
    I totally get what you mean about having ideas in your head, and it's why I've gone out my way to use some interesting Pokemon like Gliscor or Granbull in a couple playthroughs. (Not specifically of Platinum but you get what I mean.)
    That's super neat, reminds me of some of the Castlevania games, where they'd usually take someone from 6-8 hours without grinding or struggling on bosses, but I've played through some of them in a short afternoon, maybe about 3 hours, since I already know what weapons and powers to use and I know where everything on the map is.
  6. Flowerchild
    March 15th, 2021 12:58 PM
    no thats the mods job try that with them
    im the cool manager that kicks customers out after they have a fit
  7. Flowerchild
    March 15th, 2021 9:31 AM
    wow give me ur account then i want to watch that marvel show everyones been stanning
  8. Flowerchild
    March 15th, 2021 9:15 AM
    my pleasure now pay up
  9. Sandalphon
    March 12th, 2021 9:24 PM
    That's fine, have a good one. :)
  10. Sandalphon
    March 12th, 2021 6:56 PM
    It's the same for me, I have been a target of fatphobia so it's a very personal thing. I hope you will continue to post in OT.
  11. Roni
    March 12th, 2021 7:11 AM
    i honestly wasn't expecting you to change from Spinda so quickly lol. your new profile background color's pretty burning to my eyes though, with the hot pink, so i'm having trouble right now keeping this tab open. i might as well just copy your reply into a text pad and reply from there lol. can't wait to have you join the VPP fun again! my goals are so far out but they're close to being realized huehue. i can't remember if i already told you them or not.

    i had the same concern with people coming at me telling me that i'm using something they made when i was randomly pulling gifs from deviantart to use for my flair background lol. thankfully nothing really happened. being an only child really hindered my willingness to share anything. i'm more comfortable if you and i each have our own thing instead of just having one and having to share. i've never wanted siblings because the thought of being an older brother taking care of someone disgusts me lol. my gf has 2 younger siblings to look after (she's the eldest) so she has to budget for them as well on top of her own expenses. would be a nightmare for someone like me to have to deal with. how's it been being the youngest of 4? i never would've imagined your family being that huge. how many of them are off working now? and lmao i might just write an episode where they go camping in a haunted wooded area. thanks for the idea!

    oh shoot i completely forgot about that mechanic. glad i did though because i probably would've panicked and blundered against that 300 guy or smth lol. i personally can't handle thrill that well is all. i cannot function well if i lose my queen while my opponent still has theirs. i just lose all my confidence and then the mental blocks and loss of focus come in. sounds like a real Ben Finegold move to do tbh, i believe it lol.

    the reason i remembered your picture so well was because of the plastic bag lmao. halloween costume right? awesome that you still remember that too considering that was 2 years ago. LMAO on that troll dude tho. that's such a creepy guy thing to do; hitting on women in a Pokemon forum. i... just don't know what to say to that.

    i used to think i was an ambivert. i mean i probably am tbh, but i'm reaaally leaning in towards introvert if ever. i tire out a lot earlier if i'm out with friends or socializing with folks versus just being completely by myself. it's why this pandemic barely affected me compared to a lot of my friends who've probably developed depression from being alone for extended periods of time. i was molded by this lifetime, so being mandated to stay home was and still is no problem at all to me. it also helps that i don't fancy travelling too much either lol.

    and speaking of you being shy around new people, you didn't seem that at all when you first VM'd me last December. you messaged me right as i added you as a friend right? and i see that that was also around the time someone VM'd me something derogatory too (where they got banned before i even saw it lol). sorta glad that happened because it slowly snowballed into us being PC penpals~
  12. Sheep
    March 12th, 2021 2:07 AM
    okay this one is also perfect I love skitty sooooo much

    yeah it's pretty different. SA has more trees and nature and overall healthier air than NYC, by a long shot. I would never live in the city center of South Africa because it's...honestly not that safe, but outside it there are many nice suburbs that are safe and have good walking paths etc. NYC isn't all crowded either, my area of NYC (Staten Island) is more suburb and has a lot of trees/a beach too. looks a whole lot different to Manhattan ahah
  13. Roni
    March 11th, 2021 8:42 AM
    nice! i remember your signature and seeing that familiar faces like Crobat, Spinda, and Lanturn are some of your faves of all time (lack of Whimsicott tho). are you planning to give them each spotlights eventually when making flair and profile designs? i remember your Lanturn, but i didn't even notice you had something else raised lol. VPP gets boring for you in the long run i suppose?

    i love how your first instinct was to create an avatar instead of just pull from a website somewhere, that's actually really cool. i can't remember what my first ever avatar was on this site, but it was probably awful lol. i don't have any siblings actually. i grew up an only child, but had 3 cousins that i treated like my sisters since they lived so close by to us and we interacted regularly. on top of that i have my biological father's other fam (loong story here) that i keep in regular contact with. that's what i mean by extended family. i've been trying to get back into writing songs again like i've mentioned, and when i eventually get a drawing tablet, i might even want to revive my old comics series and create fresh new plots for them. i have this story brewing about college kids who form a band and get into some hijinks along the way. loosely inspired by the manga Beck that i binged for a bit a few years ago.

    in the realm of chess, i randomly got queued with a 300 rated player a few days ago (meaning the settings i set up must be working correctly), and as expected, they blundered their queen within 12 moves and resigned right then and there lmao. i'm not familiar with fundamentals yet, i just clear out as much of my back rank pieces til my king can castle :p oh my Ben Finegold really doesn't like to sugarcoat anything regarding his opinions huh? and is he actually saying QVC non-jokingly? like he really thinks that's the name?

    speaking of staff forums, someone revived the selfie thread there and i saw your pics amongst the crowds heh. you're a dashing fellow i might say. anyway yeah it's probably the exact same since you left so you most prolly didn't miss much. staffers are way more active on Discord anyway. glad to hear that troll was banned. it'd be infuriating to have to deal with them on the regular. if i were here at a younger age and someone tried that on me i'd most def blow my top eventually and leave, which means they'd win. glad i returned here at a more stable point in my life.

    i'll put your John Wolfe recommendations on my to-watch list for the future! thanks!

    man handling that many conversations just takes its toll on me after a while. i truly applaud those who can manage this on the regular. is that what being extroverted feels like to an extent?
  14. Sandalphon
    March 11th, 2021 12:17 AM
    Oh dw I don't think I am? Not many ppl know me in comparison to others.
    But I do apologize, you don't need to worry, everyone thinks differently and their experiences shape their beliefs. You're clearly not being hateful so you're totally ok!
  15. Sandalphon
    March 10th, 2021 9:07 PM
    I edited my post ^^

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