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  1. Overlord Drakow
    50 Minutes Ago 12:16 AM
    Overlord Drakow
    Arrrgh you messaged me just after I turned off the laptop for the night DX

    I wish my parents taught me my native tongue when I was a kid, but they wanted to ensure my Engrish would be good and didn't want to compromise. Given my slow learning development they probably made the right choice but it's still sad to think about.

    Did you see a preview of the episode then or something? Let me know once it's released and I can take a gander.

    I noticed you are a trade corner moderator and that makes you a worthy ally to the Overlord. Once upon a time I'd have wanted to abuse the hell out of your services but not so much these days. That being said, do you have a shiny timid Persian? I don't have much except for good hidden power and nature ultra beasts...
  2. RoadMart
    6 Hours Ago 6:55 PM
    Makes sense. Do you have the Eppie Mew? That's the one that all the experienced traders believe is one of the legit ones, and that's what I have. We believe it was RNGed (since ith as high IVs) but falls within the parameters and has been checked throughout the generations. DANG IT I would love that tag...How many reviews do I have to have? I never tell anyone about my review thread, so maybe if I mention it to some people they'll leave one. (Unless that's soliciting past the fact and I'm not allowed to do it? I seriously forget every time. @w@)
    It's also from 3rd Gen, but only FRLG and Emerald. You need the Aurora Ticket, which was distributed at Nintendo events, to get to Birth Island and you can find it there. Unlike Mew, they distributed the ticket around the world so it's less rare but still older and therefore rare-ish. (This is another one that exists in the game but you need the event item to get it, like Darkrai/Shaymin in 4th, so I kinda wonder if it would be okay if I just added the ticket in or got to the island some other way...I'd like my own and I have each game in English and Japanese now, so I have a lot of options.)
    Awesome! I'll definitely be around my Sat morning, so I can send everything over~ Also, another trader wanted to trade through you since our times don't match up, so if yer okay I'll send over a copy of my battle-ready Shiny Koko for him and then have him talk to you about times.
  3. sater10
    6 Hours Ago 6:47 PM
    so sorry i wouldn't make it today. got event to do. is sunday okay? or saturday?
  4. Overlord Drakow
    16 Hours Ago 8:38 AM
    Overlord Drakow
    My apologies - I am not well versed in history but I learnt something new at least. Are you from Quebec then? Can you speak French? I was always hopeless at learning languages.

    I haven't watched the Pokemon anime in a long time, gave up during the Dawn saga. But you have intrigued me, so if you can tell me the episode I will look into it.
  5. sater10
    18 Hours Ago 6:37 AM
    i'm not really in rush actually. i just need time to move remoraid from bank and also make the happiness on Pichu higher to evolve her. the rest has done perfectly. it was like 4 PM on my time. i'll be ready by the time you mentioned.
  6. sater10
    1 Day Ago 12:47 AM
    thanks for letting me know. unfortunately, i haven't done yet with Pichu and Mantine due to a certain circumstance irl. i'm sure i can work it out tonight. i hauled so many shinies today on friend safari. plus i got shiny tangela near flawless while hatching the babies for you. lol. i think sunday will be fine by me. or tomorrow i guess. tomorrow is not Friday in your time, right?
  7. Overlord Drakow
    1 Day Ago 12:20 AM
    Overlord Drakow
    They did good with wally in oras and his final fight theme is so good. You can really feel his desperation in that theme. I was always cool with May as the main rival. Gladion holds similarities to me with his rage factor lol. His theme also has a good dose of desperation. I completely forgot xy rival ends up with mega absol.

    So you are half Canadian and French? There's a karate tournament being held in Toronto this summer... I was thinking of going but I went there in 2014. Also my career situation isn't great atm so want to get that sorted before getting into competitions
  8. Tyranitar06
    1 Day Ago 4:22 PM
    Nice thanks again for the trade
  9. Tyranitar06
    1 Day Ago 4:16 PM
    wait a sec I am having net issues again
  10. Tyranitar06
    1 Day Ago 4:15 PM
    Okay ill send you a request
  11. Tyranitar06
    1 Day Ago 4:11 PM
    Hello I can trade now
  12. RoadMart
    1 Day Ago 4:03 PM
    Sweet! I'll add it back into my lists!
    I don't mind the time to add them, but yeah, there's no way to do so that will work on both sites (probably. I mean I could try and see if it goes over the limits for Serebii, and if it doesn't I might be safe). Yeah see, like, I'm not allowed to trade Shiny Mew or Deoxys on this site, but I am on Serebii so I have to be careful about the lists. (I think they are accidentally in my lists here because I haven't been paying close attention, and it's a huge pain @@).
  13. Flan
    1 Day Ago 3:59 PM
    Enjoy! :D Thank you.
  14. Flan
    1 Day Ago 11:15 AM
    lol I've learned to never pick up items anymore, nor take Key Items unless they're necessary/very useful. I barely managed to make everything fit in my backpack and PC. The fun thing about shiny hunting in RGBY is that it's simple when you find out the mechanic behind it. It's like RNGing in previous generations, and it almost has a similar setup. Almost lol.
    I don't know how I'd be able to extract from a VC game though! It's not like Powersaves where I have a physical cartridge. ): I might just buckle and use my Amazon GCs on a digital code for Pokemon Yellow/Blue though, haha.
  15. Flan
    1 Day Ago 10:39 AM
    Haha, you may definitely come across one! It just takes... a lot of tries lol. I was thinking about restarting to go for Venusaur, Blastoise, etc. but I'd lose my save file. T_T But if I do, I'd also go for Eevee again! Maybe just keep waiting and someone will come around with a female shiny.


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