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  1. LadyJirachu
    April 18th, 2018 1:15 AM
    I see. I don't want to talk about what kids like :( It bothers me...

    I have myself a pet dog :D I love walking him, and his name is Simba. He's getting very old now though. His breed is a shiba inu. Whats your little cutie's name?

    Its good to hear you love cute things ^_^ I think I mostly worry about the things I like due to who I was as a kid, and how 'different' it seems from people I meet online. Thats why I hate talking about childhood related things like what toys kids like ext with people. Well, I hate talking that stuff with other girls, anyways. I'm a bit more open with boys cuz I don't judge them as harshly for 'not being like me'. Boys are natuarally just not usually feminine and society just makes sure of that overall. So I accept if they grew up with stuff like games and trucks and stuff. But when I talk to other girls I would much rather NEVER hear what kinds of kids they were. It caused me too much pain in the past. Also, i'd prefer not hearing that barbies are popular from ANYONE. Yes, i've been cyber bullied badly, sadly....*sigh* Anyways. No topics about childhood, toys, or bullying. Lets just talk about cute things and pokemon. Okay? I'm super autistic sorry if i'm making things harder for you :(
  2. LadyJirachu
    April 17th, 2018 6:27 PM
    Yeah, kawaii pretty much mean's that ^_^

    I don't like thinking barbie is well liked :( I have my good reasons....

    *sigh's to calm myself* People like cute its okay to like them......a lot of NICE people like cute things too :) Like you ^_^

    Korrina's awesome :D
  3. LadyJirachu
    April 17th, 2018 1:38 AM
    I didn't grow up with pokemon....however, i think i grew into one of the hugest poke fanatics i know xD

    Also, I guess my heart is that of an otaku; for years, i'd spend hours, watching anime on youtube, usually girly ones. Even now i love anime music and anime amvs. I of course also love pokemon, sanrio, and anything kawaii. I also am fangirling over an anime character right now too (Korrina from Pokemon).

    I grew up with barbie dolls as a kid, mostly. People have made me feel bad for that :(

    My first anime was sailor moon, at age 7.

    I'd like to visit japan one day =)

    Have you ever watched my little pony: friendship is magic? Its a good cartoon. Cute too =3

    I think a lot of anime fans/otaku types might be fond of cute things. I keep thinking no one likes girly things but me, but that seems far from true. I doubt goldfish would have a comercial about 'the internet being all cat videos' if the world as a whole actually hated cute things. I wish my autism didn't make me get so delusional :/ It seems i'm getting better now, though. Korrina helps. A lot :) I'm so in love with her....*sigh's softly* What a hottie.
  4. LadyJirachu
    April 16th, 2018 11:32 PM
    I love a lot of sanrio characters :) I have pinterest images of them too (i logged out of pinterest last night and i'm glad its still letting me view it as guest. i don't wanna risk getting hacked by my bro just cuz i wanna look through there xD).

    Awesome! Girl Power! :D I just use the genders i end up with xD My lopunny is male :P

    I really like pichu, riolu, cleffa, igglybuff, togepi, mime jr., smoochum, azurill, hapinny.... :D
  5. LadyJirachu
    April 16th, 2018 1:04 PM
    Thanks :) I love her smile there too. I also have a new hello kitty profile pict, but i sorta miss the old one. I also added cinnamoroll, another sanrio character, to my signature :3 I like sanrio stuff ^____^

    Yeah I liked getting him to that level though lol

    Friendship evolution is fun too. Whats some of your favorites? :3
  6. LadyJirachu
    April 16th, 2018 12:42 PM
    I changed it! This is her anime look :) She has the red shades. Doesn't she look beautiful or what? :D I think I like this even more than my old av xD She seem's so feminine here ^_^
  7. LadyJirachu
    April 16th, 2018 12:40 PM
    She's the prettiest thing ever <3 Maybe when i change my av here again i'll go for her anime sunglasses look for you :)

    I've used two Hydreigon. Its a cool pokemon ;3

    The rainy weather around here has been making me more meltdown prone :/
  8. LadyJirachu
    April 16th, 2018 8:08 AM
    He did in the anime :) Korrina has a whole anime arc relating to mega evolution, actually. And she wears sunglasses on her head in the anime and has a cute, mature look to her^^ ...She's really hot xD <3

    I duno my favorite dragon at the moment. I used to be super into latias and hydreigon in the past, tho^^
  9. LadyJirachu
    April 15th, 2018 12:51 PM
    Mega Gard is awesome :) My favorite mega is Lucario's. He's what Korrina has^^

    I love all those pokemon too :3 I'm also an electric rodent fan. Pikachu and Pichu being the top favs of mine for that. I really like a lot of the other chu look alikes too though :3

    Fighting type moves look cool when you use them in battle ;3 I had fun trying out komono-o in this battle simulator on ultra moon a few days ago. I like that pokemon. It looks cool in battle and its moves look cool ;3
  10. LadyJirachu
    April 14th, 2018 4:11 PM
    Gard is beautiful :3 The shiny form makes me laugh, due to a picture i saw on pinterest xD She was all 'this is a funeral dress' to a hydreigon and he ask's 'who's funeral?' and she says 'YOURS!'. It was so funny xDDDD and true. those poor poor dragons always lose to the fairies! :P

    You seem to like fairy types a lot ^_^

    I've grown to like fighting types more due to my crush on korrina <3
  11. LadyJirachu
    April 10th, 2018 1:56 AM
    Those colors sound super cute :3

    She has sunglasses on her head in the anime. It looks cool :3 (and really hot too xD)
  12. LadyJirachu
    April 9th, 2018 1:09 AM
    Shiny Garchomp is suddenly one of the coolest shinies to me :D I never knew he was pink xD Thats seriously cool. It just show's REAL 'manly' pokemon are PINK! :D

    I have mostly black-ish/grey-ish/green-ish dresses right now. I've always liked wearing pink the most :) I had several pink dresses in the past^^ I don't like wearing pants, by the way. I couldn't stand pants as a kid either. When it comes to dresses, i find korrina's dress the prettiest dress EVER, since i'm so in love with her <3
  13. Jacksterhikanearylup 136
    April 7th, 2018 11:21 PM
    Jacksterhikanearylup 136
    Yep I agree.

    Mega Lopunny is brilliant in battle.

    Buneary is cute and I like her ship with Pikachu in the Anime. (Lagomorphshipping)
  14. Jacksterhikanearylup 136
    April 7th, 2018 1:12 PM
    Jacksterhikanearylup 136
    Oh nice, good job on the Battle Tree.

    I like underrated Pokemon as well, I use Buneary a lot.
  15. Jacksterhikanearylup 136
    April 7th, 2018 3:13 AM
    Jacksterhikanearylup 136
    Nice. I use her in the games as well.

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