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  1. VisionofMilotic
    March 24th, 2020 3:42 AM
    Hi Raichu!
    /Big hugs
    Thank you so much for keeping me in your thoughts. Stay safe and take good care during this intense season, wishing you the best. I hope is all is well for you <3

  2. VisionofMilotic
    November 28th, 2019 10:55 AM
    Happy Thanksgiving to you Raichu! /Hugs
    It sure has been a long while, too long. How have you been? Doing anything special today? I'm cooking with my mom right now preparing for a feast.

    I can't wait for Christmas. Lots of love!

  3. VisionofMilotic
    September 10th, 2019 8:30 AM
    You're a sweetie :)
    When is your birthday Raichu? I want to keep that date in my memory locked! ^_^
  4. VisionofMilotic
    September 5th, 2019 2:18 PM
    You were right on time my friend! My birthday was yesterday and you nailed it with that birthday greetings yesterday morning. Thank you so much! What a wonderful friend you are. I have been so busy lately, but would love to catch up with you and see how you are doing. /Hugs
  5. Greninja, use Water Shuriken!
    June 28th, 2019 2:23 PM
    Greninja, use Water Shuriken!
    I hope you're having a great day.
  6. VisionofMilotic
    January 24th, 2019 9:12 AM
    *big ursaring hug* i'm doing fine, how about yourself Raichu?

    It has been awhile since I written indeed. I've got a working touchscreen now, but next my laptop is dying. 2019 is going to be a year of nutty electronics it seems teehee. But other than some quirks here and there I'm doing really well, and hope that you are too. ^_^

    How goes your week?
    Lots of love your way,

  7. VisionofMilotic
    January 5th, 2019 6:59 AM
    Hi there Raichu! Hope that Christmas sure was merry, and happy new years friend! I've been a slower to respond to my messages because my phone broke, so I'm using an old device. But still really excited about 2019!

    All good things your way! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. Caite-chan
    November 15th, 2018 4:58 PM
    ^___^ Thank you!
  9. LadyJirachu
    November 8th, 2018 6:44 PM
    Don't worry: I misunderstood them o.o; It turns out i wasn't being made fun of AT ALL, they were just playing with each other over something xD They were good friend^^;;;
  10. Greninja, use Water Shuriken!
    November 5th, 2018 5:36 AM
    Greninja, use Water Shuriken!
    Hi, it's awesome you have an account on here.

    How is your day going so far?
  11. LadyJirachu
    November 5th, 2018 4:23 AM
    I've been online for a long time talking to you (maybe not THAT long, but at least half an hour?). I should probably start logging out now, my dog's walks are important too xD See ya later. This was a fun chat. I also like that talking about my childhood feels more positive when I talk to you, I think i'm also that way with Jackster and Melanie now too. But it does seem i still freeze up with a lot of other people. After I walk the dog I may just focus on doing puzzles and looking at my korrina tumblr blog instead of talking again, if I go back on the computer (and my mom doesn't end up needing it). Bye raichu! Again thanks for always being an AWESOME friend :D *waves*
  12. LadyJirachu
    November 5th, 2018 4:18 AM
    Yep :3 It makes sense i'd still like drawing at the age i'm at now, since i apperently grew up liking it xD But while my family would encourage me to draw more still life type stuff i seem most interested in drawing cartoony stuff. Pokemon's my favorite topic now apperently :3

    Did you used to do pokemon related drawings too?

    I may go off to walk simba soon by the way.

    The food themed puzzles on that site are fun, they look pretty and tasty ^_^
  13. LadyJirachu
    November 5th, 2018 4:14 AM
    I still like to draw and color a lot. I've made a ton of drawings related to korrina and pokemon in general this year xD
  14. LadyJirachu
    November 5th, 2018 4:12 AM
    Oh and thank you :3 I want to get more into doing my own puzzles, i seem to get fixated on the puzzles other people make lol. Even though my puzzles are more themed on the stuff i'm super into, like pokemon and sanrio xD;
  15. LadyJirachu
    November 5th, 2018 4:11 AM
    I was pretty bad at video games as a kid lol. Then again, i prefered playing games geared towards girls mostly (which i think tended to be easier?). I got very good at some games as I reached my teen/adult years though. I also became more and more of a gamer as I got older. As a kid I was probably more into drawing pictures in art programs than gaming lol I used to play this art program named Flying Colors a lot xD

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