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  1. Outwitter
    4 Weeks Ago 9:51 PM
    Congratulations on completing the hack, mate!!

    Also, best of luck for bugfixes and follow-up updates...
  2. Bakken31
    4 Weeks Ago 3:55 PM

    -My guess about Galar pokemon locations after the release of Gen 8 version:
    Route 101: Skwovet
    Route 103: Nickit
    Route 102: Rookidee
    Berry tree (Sprouted): Blipbug
    Berry tree (Taller): Dottler
    Berry tree (Berries): Applin
    Route 104: Chewtle
    Rustboro City: Yamper
    Seaspray Cave: Snom
    Route 116: Wooloo
    Rusturf Tunnel: Rolycoly
    Route 106: Clobbopus
    Granite Cave: Impidimp
    Dewford Meadow: Gossifleur
    Dewford Manor: Sinistea
    Route 110: Hattena
    New Mauville: Toxel (and maybe as one of the egg gifts in the daycare)
    Route 117: Milcery
    Route 111 (Desert): Silicobra
    Sandstrewn Ruins: Stonjourner
    Route 112: Morpeko
    Fiery Path: Sizzlipede
    Route 113: Cufant
    Route 114: Cramorant
    Some routes with rivers: Arrokuda
    Meteor Falls: Dreepy (1F) & Duraludon (B1F)
    Jagged Pass: Falinks
    Route 121: Indeedee
    Safari Zone: Galarian forms
    Shoal Cave: Pincurchin & Eiscue
  3. Bakken31
    4 Weeks Ago 1:17 PM

    -I have an Idea: why won't you make 2 versions of standard; one with custom mega evolutions and other without them.....but I think it'll be time consuming for you, no?
    -I think for second frames sprites of Gen 6-8, you'll wait till they're all completed in this site, right? (I know, I'm annoying with my "second frame sprites" again & again)
    -.......Finally your romhack thread is on Sideshow Showcase after few days.
  4. xxantxx1
    4 Weeks Ago 7:50 PM
    If u can somehow code a npc to take a pokemons from your team and than make ur pokemon the level of a pokemon you select thats in your party. But thats definitly means creating a brand new script just for that. The wynaught egg for example is pretty annoying to level up and takes like 1 hour of grinding on fast foward to hit the 45-50 level gap
  5. xxantxx1
    4 Weeks Ago 7:05 PM
    Alright. Since all of the gyms are scalled even putting a refightable chansey/audino trainer somewhere early. It will really help nuzlocke/challenge runs in the future. You added the EV house in fararbor which is a great qol
  6. xxantxx1
    4 Weeks Ago 6:19 PM
    Alright sounds good. Quick question what would be the best way to grind lvls for pokemon. This game scales well for pokemon in ur party but I got some box pokemon in the 20s that seem to take forever to grind up on grass mons. Is there an easy audino farm or something I missed?
  7. xxantxx1
    4 Weeks Ago 5:28 PM
    I was making a hack in the style of yours with my own little touchs here and there. Am in no great completed state but its great to see different hacks. I just opened an issue on github about cherrims solar form not appearing correctly. I think I made the issue correct
  8. xxantxx1
    4 Weeks Ago 3:51 PM
    Alright sounds good. I do have a github account its just I am very new to Github with my own repository for emerald decomp but I am very new to the platform and am unsure of how to report bugs there. If u get it updated soonish I can continue my playthrough to see if there are any other bugs
  9. Jk Howling
    4 Weeks Ago 11:43 AM
    Jk Howling

    Yo, friend's Quick Feet Poochyena just evolved into a Mightyena with no ability heh-

    Also shouldn't the Arceus plates be kept in battle items, since their only use is as hold items for battle? Currently they're just in the regular items section.
  10. xxantxx1
    4 Weeks Ago 8:57 AM
    Hey I am really enjoying Incliment Emerald so far. There seems to be a bug with the air baloon item as it is softlocking when a pokemon on the opponents team has it. Currently watson and a trainer in the gym seem to have this problem

    I am unsure if this is the best way to contact u about it or not but so far its been a blast. Even if Eviolite Chansey by the third gym might be a little too good
  11. Outwitter
    4 Weeks Ago 8:52 AM
    Blaze Black / Volt White 2 is not based on Firered or Emerald, is it? I have no idea how to play it on mobile emulators. It looks wonderful, though!

    Story wise, my favourite hack has to Adventures Red, as it's based on the manga the story progression is just awesome! There are some side chapters which have horror elements as well.
    (Goodbye Steve Side Chapter)

    Feature wise, Unbound is an ultimate hack, period! I have yet to play Sors, but from what I have heard, it has an amazing storyline as well. Looking forward to playing Sors too!
  12. Jk Howling
    4 Weeks Ago 10:22 PM
    Jk Howling
    Fair enough, I didn't think about how many routes there were early on and whether people'd make a full team so quickly tbf.
    Doesn't ruin things at all for me, I was just a bit caught off guard when I went rollin in at 16 and she popped a 13 heh. Honestly it sounds scarily fun knowing there'll be bosses that scale ahead further in- definitely expecting to get my butt kicked a few times, especially if Cynthia is as terrifying as she sounds..

    Maybe that is something could change with the difficulty setting though, perhaps. Might be fitting for Challenge Mode to have less of a gap early on for gym leaders, like -1 for Roxanne and Brawly- so there's still a slight advantage, but not too big. Going flat even could be a bit too much challenge tbf. Could also make hard could be -2 for both, and regular as it is now? The sliding scales make things so interesting, I've never played something like that before honestly and can't wait to see more going further.
  13. Jk Howling
    4 Weeks Ago 8:21 PM
    Jk Howling
    I return with another question, regarding the level scaling..
    You said trainer levels scale to your strongest pokemon. I grinded my entire team to level 16, but why is Roxanne's entire team is only level 13?
    I hate being at a level advantage, especially in a challenge run, and am utterly confused why she's so low leveled when my team isn't.. I expected at least a fight on an even playing field for a gym fight, not one where the opponent is automatically at a disadvantage..
  14. Jk Howling
    4 Weeks Ago 7:29 PM
    Jk Howling
    Awesome, that'll help a lot. Thanks a bunch!
  15. Jk Howling
    4 Weeks Ago 6:49 PM
    Jk Howling
    Ooo priority punching moves sounds crazy, I must've missed Sand Song though.
    Also you wouldn't happen to be able to make a little "x gym leader is designed for around this level" type list, would you? Or would aiming around the vanilla level curve work, at least for the early game? Really worried about overgrinding for things in a challenge run oop.

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