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  1. Outwitter
    October 15th, 2020 10:45 AM
    I totally agree on creative changes in Altered Emerald. Luuma even suggested a team for the best possible experience! He is one hell of a hacker alright. Hey, are you religiously going to stick with the original emerald or do you plan to experiment a bit? I mean, adding a new typing, some type changes, a roster of regional variants, new evo methods, side quests to capture exotic mons / items etc. might make your hack super intersting and fun experience. Adding a new typing might be a bit going overboard, but other stuffs would certainly add a lot of diversity to the hack. It's all up to you though. I would suggest you to have a look at the black HP box made by igorfs10. They are gorgeous!
  2. Outwitter
    October 14th, 2020 9:12 AM
    Thanks a bunch for the spriting tips mate! My favourite Emerald QoL hack as of now is Luuma's Altered Emerald. It was pretty much ahead of its time and it also had a unique feature of HM replacement with the move Nature Power; can you believe that, what was he thinking, seriously! I have high hopes from your hack as well. Hey, I forgot to ask, what is the name of your hack?
  3. Outwitter
    October 13th, 2020 9:34 AM
    We are keeping up well too; all thanks to the Lord Almighty! Thanks for asking though!
    Goodness gracious! it's right there, isn't it? How on earth did I miss that! I have used Wichu's tool countless times on Firered, yet, I somehow overlooked that panel. My stupidity knows no bounds! Many thanks for taking the time and helping me out on this issue Buffel. There is nothing wrong with animated frames. I replaced one frame with a different mon while the frame belonged to the original mon; so in-game they were overlapping and it certainly looked ugly, My bad!
    By the way, what are palette issues? Could you please elaborate a bit on them if it not much of a hassle? I might have encountered one such issue in the past where my whole sprite turned yellow in-game, I still wonder what happened! What are the best practices in this regard?
    Also, about your Emerald Hack, is it a QoL hack or you are going to include story elements as well? You are a seasoned hacker here on PC, so I expect nothing less than a blinder from you, anyways.
    P.S. Friends?
  4. Outwitter
    October 10th, 2020 9:06 AM
    Hello Buffel!
    I hope you and your family and doing well in these testing times! Just came to know that you are working on an emerald hack and currently busy with spriting. I would like to ask you a question regarding sprite replacement in emerald if you don't mind. It might sound stupid but I am struggling on this, nonetheless. The thing is that, I usually use Wichu's Advanced tool to replace sprites in Firered and it works like a charm. No need of indexing or any other technical mumbo jumbo! But when it comes to emerald; we know that it has two frame animations and Wichu's tool is only replacing 1 frame of sprites and they look ugly in-game while animating. Maybe I am missing something, I am not sure. How do you properly replace pokemon sprites in Emerald? Could you please help me on this issue?
  5. Bakken31
    September 27th, 2020 3:21 PM
    Thanks for the info.

    I forgot one thing:
    -Will it be possible to add a level gap in your Emerald hack for some challenge like Soupercell did in his Radical Red hack?

    25th September 2020, the day I began my Prismatic Moon (Standard version) playthrough, with same ruleset:
    -"Set" mode
    -Level gap so I won't overlevel above highest level of each Totem/Kahuna
    -Item limit of 5 in-battle (I know I kinda suck in Pokemon, not only because the battles are hard in Drayano-like hacks, but because opponents also use items in battle, If I want some no item in-battle challenge, I will play battle facilities in your hacks & Drayano's DS ones, and Radical Red of course)

    My team after I beated the first Kahuna:
    - Dartrix Lv 19 M
    - Trumbeak Lv 19 F
    - Buizel Lv 19 M
    - Grimer (Alolan) Lv 20 M
    - Kadabra Lv 21 M (He was at Lv 20 before battling against Hala)
    - Cutiefly Lv 19 F
  6. Bakken31
    September 24th, 2020 5:19 PM
    Hello, yeah I'm doing fine.

    -Will you make some new abilities and/or moves of your own, and/or make most Gigantamax forms into Mega Evolution in a rebalanced version of your Emerald hack like Soupercell did in his Radical Red hack?
    -I found in my Youtube recommandation a video about Flying on Hoenn if you want to check it out, and let me know what you think.
    -Would you make your hack trade and battle with some other romhacks?

    Anyway, after days I didn't play Eternal X, I finished it already and beated the league in 12th September 2020 (well, better late than ever I guess).

    My Team:
    Delphox Lv 81
    Blastoise Lv 81
    Leavanny Lv 81
    Slurpuff Lv 81
    Aurorus Lv 82
    Hawlucha Lv 82

    Beated Drasna once, Wikstrom once, Malva once, fainted once by Siebold but beated him in the second battle.
    And yea, Aurorus was useful to cancel Drought & Drizzle.
    Then I beated Diantha once, thanks to my Hawlucha's Power-Up Punch and Leavanny's Poison Jab. (Sorry my english)

    Well for my next game (after I finished a non-Pokemon game for some change), this fall would be ideally good to play Blaze Black 1 & 2 due to Gen V's (My fav gen) 10th anniversary, but I want to play Prismatic Moon instead because I never played Gen VII before, so why not?
  7. Bakken31
    September 2nd, 2020 4:15 AM
    Hey, what's up my dude.

    -Will you make a Day/Night wild encounters in your Emerald hack, like Yuuii did in his Radical Red hack?
    -I have an idea, why not make an NPC or a machine that lets you build an opponent's team to fight against, so we choose their pokemon, levels, moveset of each, items, abilities, EVs & IVs... etc
    -What are some of interesting/unique contents in your hack that other RomHackers inspired you?
  8. Toxicish
    September 1st, 2020 5:47 AM
    Hey, just thought I'd let you know I fixed it. I tried going back in the files and deleting the meta data file, a folder back from the main save file. Seems that can cause the save file to become corrupted, even if you've only launched the game once before. As long as you delete both the main and meta data files it doesn't corrupt anything I've found.
  9. Toxicish
    September 1st, 2020 3:15 AM
    I launched the base game before once, and saved as soon as possible. I deleted the save before I tried installing the hack though. I've tried both the latest versions of Citra nightly and canary, as well as a few previous ones from last year. As of right now, when I try to launch the game with the hack I just get the message that the save file is corrupted. Any ideas?
  10. Toxicish
    August 31st, 2020 3:52 PM
    Hey, new to the site so sorry if this is the wrong way to ask you. Trying to install the Eternal X hack via Citra, but can't find the "Open update data location" option on my version of Citra. I've tried the most recent Citra nightly and a couple of older versions of Citra Canary, still can't find the option. Any idea what version of Citra you used in the install tutorial? Looking at the Citra install guide you posted with the hack here and can see that you have the option. Any help would be appreciated, chees
  11. Bakken31
    August 18th, 2020 6:01 AM
    -Do you change some dialogues in your Emerald Hack? Are some dialogues are by yourself and/or inspired by ORAS?
    -Would you add a Delta Episode or an alternative story in the post-game ?

    Anyway, did you hear about Pokemon Radical Red? I don't know if I'll play it or not but it's an interesting challenging Romhack if you want to check it out.
  12. Bakken31
    August 16th, 2020 3:45 PM
    Thanks for the information, just take your time with your Emerald hack, because people would love to play your game with Quantity and Quality.

    Well my country (Algeria) has increased some cases, but we're not in lockdown (yet again), there's still people walking with or without masks, some of us take precautions, and it's not as bad as France right now.
  13. Bakken31
    August 15th, 2020 3:43 PM
    How's it going Buffel, it's been a month
    How are the people in your country (United Kingdom I guess?)

    -Do all pokemon have same volume tone of cries? Because in Pokemon Unbound Battle Tower Demo, I heard half of 7th gen pokemon have lowered volume cries, especially Blacephalon for exemple
    -Would you remove some "Cut" trees & "Strenght" rocks...etc like Drayano did in his Renegade Platinum?
    -Well, in your Emerald Hack, I guess you're working on a Sootopolis part right now, right?
    -Do Maxie & Archie in your Emerald Hack have same teams as in PSPM (Minus Groudon & Kyogre) ?
    ... I think that's it

    Well I never Played Vanilla/Original X & Y, so in August 1st 2020, I began to play Eternal X (Legal Normal) on Citra (PC) (Better late than never) with some rules of mine:
    -"Set" mode
    -Level gap so I won't overlevel above highest level of each Gym Leader/Boss
    -Item limit of 5 in-battle

    Difficult but fair (for me), and I'm having fun with it (I know fun is subjective), even though Calem's Greninja is so OP (but I don't want to ask you to nerf it, I can beat it even though it's hard)

    My Eternal X Team (just after beating Anistar Gym Leader Olympia last time):
    -Delphox Lv61 (Male, Calm, Magician)
    Flamethrower, Will-o-Wisp, Psychic, Psyshock
    -Blastoise Lv61 (Male, Relaxed, Rain Dish)
    Surf, Water Pulse, Dark Pulse, Strength
    -Leavanny Lv 60 (Female, Relaxed, Chlorophyll)
    X-Scissor, Leaf Blade, Poison Jab, Swords Dance
    -Slurpuff Lv 60 (Female, Lax, Unburden (I have more than 150 Sitrus Berries by planting) )
    Play Rough, Belly Drum, Energy Ball, Cotton Guard
    -Aurorus Lv 60 (Female, Bold, Snow Warning)
    Blizzard, Freeze-Dry, Ancient Power, Earth Power
    -Hawlucha Lv 60 (Male, Lonely, Unburden (thanks Ability Capsule))
    Acrobatics, Power-Up Punch, High Jump Kick, Fly

    And after I finish this run, i have my list for my next Pokemon runs in order:
    - Prismatic Moon (Standard)
    - XG: NeXt Gen (Pokemon XD Romhack)
    - Maybe your Emerald Hack (Normal Mode, then Hard Mode for some Monotype runs later maybe)
    - Blaze Black
    - Blaze Black 2 (Normal Mode first, then Challenge Mode if I want to do Flying or Bug Monotype run)
    -Renegade Platinum
    -Storm Silver (Hard Mode, and Drayano is working for an update)
  14. Bakken31
    July 8th, 2020 9:28 AM
    Good morning/afternoon/evening!
    -Is the EXP. Share in your Emerald hack like in Gen 2-5 or Gen 6-7?
    -Will Wondertrade be in it?
    -Will legendaries (Except Gen 3 ones & Mew) have their own battle themes (maybe with Gen 4-5 soundfonts) like Skeli did in his romhack Unbound?
    -After Leparagon posted new sprites (including Dracovish), I saw another one's (GriloKapu) Dracovish (in the same thread & same page) that looks more appealing than Leparagon's (just my opinion), well it's up to you
    -How does it feel to work on your Romhacks (especially your Emerald hack) during quarantine compared to days before quarantine?
  15. Bakken31
    July 1st, 2020 12:30 PM
    Hey what's up?
    -I don't know if it's already in your Emerald hack, but I saw a video about evolution moves in pokeemerald, and there's a Github link in the description:
    -And another one about BGM & Sound library so people will enjoy it by checking out, there's also a Github link there:
    -What Romhacks and/or who is the RomHacker that inspire you to make your interesting games?

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