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  1. Aquacorde
    July 15th, 2021 7:01 AM
    Good to hear~
  2. Aquacorde
    July 14th, 2021 6:12 PM
    Thank you, hope you have a good rest!
  3. Aquacorde
    July 14th, 2021 12:00 PM
    That's the nice thing about 'em, though. You don't have to be on 24/7 and it's pretty easy to look back on what's been happening! And it's definitely more conducive for more thoughtful discussions- you aren't pressured to figure out exactly what you want to say and how to say it in 20 seconds or less!

    I know it's kind of a for-fun distinction, but I don't really like the idea that there are "forum members" and "discord members". Like, we're still all one community that tends to interchange! In fact, my main method of communication with PC members is Discord. I just don't hang out in the PC one much.
  4. Aquacorde
    July 14th, 2021 11:25 AM
    Well, I do skim the Discord sometimes, and it seems like every time I glance over you've got a conversation going. So I think that's pretty cool~
  5. Aquacorde
    July 14th, 2021 8:56 AM
    Yeah you seem cool too~ It's unfortunate that I don't really hang out on the main Discord- you're there a lot, right?
  6. Aquacorde
    July 14th, 2021 8:18 AM
    I mean, a friendship requires a lot of talking and mutual effort put into the relationship in my eyes! We can chat, sure, and I'm willing to become friends over time, but I don't just say I'm friends with anyone out of the blue, you know?
  7. Aquacorde
    July 14th, 2021 6:04 AM
    Thanks man! I think we're run into each other on Discord a few times but never really talked. Good to see ya~
  8. Somersault
    July 12th, 2021 12:37 PM
    Hi, mate! Thanks a lot! ^^,
  9. Hyzenthlay
    July 12th, 2021 8:31 AM
    Sadly the past few days have been far from wonderful, though I appreciate the sentiment, so thank you. ^ ^

    Still pretty shaken up/depressed after what happened on Friday and do not yet have the energy to chat real-time on Discord. Sorry for ghosting. ;-;

    And thanks, I've had this profile design for years so it's very "me" haha
  10. A mango
    July 11th, 2021 10:04 PM
    A mango
  11. Sheep
    July 11th, 2021 8:11 PM
    well! hope you're doing well too :D
  12. Bay
    July 10th, 2021 9:29 PM
    Oh hi there! I don't mind the sudden message at all, haha. I also enjoy getting to meet and know you too!
  13. VK2227
    July 6th, 2021 6:41 AM
    Peace Was Never An Option
  14. A mango
    February 18th, 2021 11:20 AM
    A mango
    i think i've seen you before
  15. A mango
    February 17th, 2021 9:00 PM
    A mango

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