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  1. Cyclone
    August 15th, 2012 6:51 PM
    I didn't think about it, but you are correct. As it says there, they debut at Shopping Mall Nine and Opelucid City (the game would be WAY too easy otherwise). Repeat Balls meanwhile are not available until you reach the very end, and are standing at the Pokémon League; the mart there contains them, and I believe somewhere in the eastern half of Unova as well. You'll also find Dive Balls at Undella Town; appropriate because there's water right in the town for fishing, and I found my Corsola in there.

    Do you still visit the challenge rock daily? That earns a lot of money early on, of course, and I still do it now even though I'm rich just because it's habitual (and who knows what I'll have to buy someday). Once all of my Black collecting is done, I'll probably forego the Challenge Rock and other financial helpers since I've already bought all the TMs, and I'll then concentrate on the Battle Subway. Already took a Zoroark in leading my trio and got to the LAST CAR on the second train to have the final hit come down to speed; if mine went first, I'd have three more BP and be on the last train. That was the only fight that my Zoroark lost in the first round. :)
  2. Cyclone
    August 15th, 2012 6:14 PM
    To add to the below thoughts (or above if you view conversation)...once you finish the E4 and Ghetsis, Pokémon Outbreaks begin occurring all over Unova. There is one per day. All are different Pokémon not yet seen in Unova (i.e. National Dex). The only Route that is not home to any type of outbreak is Route 17; otherwise, with exception to Route 4's outbreak being in the sand, you will find a different Pokémon anywhere between Levels 15-55 in the normal grass (not the darker grass, but the tall grass on 7 is equivalent) each day on a different Route. For instance, if the daily swarm is in Route 1, you will find a Farfetch'd (and you can get him his stick from the Treasure Hunter on Route 13 if you are fortunate), and if in Route 16 you'll catch a Pineco. There are four version exclusive swarms on Routes 3, 6, 9, and 11; if you play White, I would be happy if you could catch two from those Routes and I'll trade you the Black exclusive (if you play Black, don't worry about it). An example is that Route 6 Black players get Plusle, while the White equivalent is Minun.

    A strategy for catching these at higher levels? Go shopping and snare a load of Repels, Super Repels, and Max Repels, then just activate one immediately before stepping in the grass. Make sure your leader is anything under Lv.55 but not higher than the minimum level you'll accept (if you want Lv.30 or higher, make sure your leader is at least Lv.30). The exception is on the later Routes, and even Routes 9-10 (BTW, Croagunk is in the puddles on 8, not found in Winter even if the selection of the day is that Route); look up the guide on the levels of Pokémon found there and make sure your leader is above THAT, and then you'll get a swarm one above even that.

    Catching strategies? Buy about 20 Quick Balls. I nabbed most of them that way. The ones that I wasn't able to catch as such took a hit or two then succumbed to a Dusk Ball (if at night or early morning) or another type of ball. I even caught a Milotic in a Quick Ball at Level 69 while fishing on Route 1. If you want a second of something, a Repeat Ball might be the way to go. There's a reason these balls are pricier...but once you reach Undella Bay, you can go diving for artifacts to sell to a collector in Undella Town and become a millionaire. There are sellable items regenerating on Route 13 as well, on the beach, findable with the Dowsing Machine. Just be warned Trainers in 11-15 have Pokémon in the 60s - every single one. A couple on Route 14 are at Lv.68 - and somehow I put one to sleep and ate its dreams with a Lv.48 Musharna. I'm proud of that one. ;)
  3. Cyclone
    August 15th, 2012 12:01 PM
    If you want someone who can learn False Swipe...well, clicky there. List from Gen. V that learn it by leveling up includes Leavanny, Karrablast/Escavalier, and the Axew chain (go to Mistralton Cave via Surf on Route 6, take someone with Flash and hunt down Cobalion while you're there). Six Pokémon in total. However, a number can learn it via TM, including the Oshawott (starter) chain, Pawniard/Bisharp, and the Legendary Musketeers (as well as Keldeo when it comes out), and the six that learn it by leveling up can also learn via TM.

    More can learn it through breeding, but these are not Gen. V Pokémon; the ones that can get it by breeding ARE all available in Black/White, but they are only available with the National Dex as they are in Routes 11-15 and other exclusive areas, and a few are version exclusive (more to White, Shroomish is the only Black version exclusive in a Route 11 swarm, and Paras is the White equivalent of that with Fearow and Seedot being exclusive in other areas).

    I also have a Shiny Nincada to import to Gen. V someday that was caught at Lv.7. I am not touching it so that anyone who wants a clone someday can train it themselves. I will train my own in Black 2 as well, I believe.
  4. Cyclone
    August 15th, 2012 5:57 AM
    Haha, that's exactly what I do with Watchog. To the letter. For the longest while I grinded every member of my PC into the same shape (level) with no exceptions, but now I'm grinding enough to fill the front box of the PC with potential 70s and will probably move on to the caves and caverns, knowing Kyurem is Lv.75 and Landorus Lv.70. Ironically, I will likely not be leveling up Tornadus and my Thundurus clone when looking for Landorus; I will be starting with a Watchog Hypnosis if the Quick Ball fails me there. Once these two captures are completed, I am afraid I probably won't have much use for Watchog.
  5. Cyclone
    August 14th, 2012 9:46 PM
    No, Illuminate just increases encounter rates. You're more likely to see a Pokémon in the wild if a Pokémon with this ability is leading, but no way to control exactly what. It's similar in a way to Sweet Scent's usage in drawing a wild Pokémon to wherever you are at that moment, except that Sweet Scent is like battling something upon request instead of wandering.

    Mean Look is a definite learn later on. It is vital to help you get Tornadus or Thundurus. It always runs on the first turn and you then must relocate it. You CAN ignore it (it does first appear before the E4 when a Gatehouse worker calls you over to tell you about it as you head to Route 10, and the entire roaming event is triggered with a trip to Route 7 to talk to someone in a house there...I won't spoil the event itself), but once triggered, it does roam random Routes in a set fashion, and can be tracked in the Gatehouses. Before you defeat Ghetsis, the random Routes during overnight hours make it uncatchable (Routes 12-15 according to my research), and it appears in the lower Routes during the morning, and roaming in your training grounds during the evening hours.

    Back on topic...Tornadus/Thundurus always runs as its first move, much like an Abra uses only Teleport (and I'm having issues catching said Abra, Mean Look is hard to come by in Emerald early on). The battle strategy once you trigger the battle sequence with it is to use Mean Look, then make sure that Watchog does NOT faint (though never let your target run out of moves or you'll fail). It can't lower its own HP (such as with Take Down), so the second move to use is Hypnosis, then spam Super Fang once it's asleep, putting it back to sleep as necessary, and also healing (bring Hyper Potions if your Watchog is a high HP one, though Moomoo Milks from Driftveil might do the job well enough). Also, I'd try to level your Watchog to at least Lv.45, even Lv.50 if you want to take the time before going to the final Gym, as the higher leveled it is the more punishment it can tolerate.

    Once you've spammed Super Fang a few times (to the point it has maybe 1 HP left, since it can never take the last HP), start chucking Pokéballs or other types of balls. Don't waste your Quick Balls, or a failure will just make it run since it's only best on the first turn. I think mine ended up in a Great Ball after some failed Ultra Ball attempts. Use whatever works, basically, and even if you run out of Ultra Balls keep chucking something. If it's nighttime, Dusk Balls could do the job as well. :) Just remember, if Watchog faints, your target gets away. The good news is when you find it again, it's exactly how it got away (1 HP, sleeping, etc.), but why waste the time? ;)
  6. Cyclone
    August 14th, 2012 7:07 PM
    Are you going to hunt down Cryogonal? Get it now while it's more common, it drops to 1% or less chance of appearance in the other seasons! On that note, I went to the Ice Rock room during the Summer or Autumn (there is a miner outside the chamber who, after you get the National Dex, will give you random Fossils once a day) and had an increased encounter rate for Cubchoos as if it was winter, and sure enough my Cryogonal came along in there. Later, if you bring an Eevee here and level it up, it evolves into Glaceon.
  7. Cyclone
    August 14th, 2012 3:47 PM
    I think you said you're at Route 7, right? You remember that you can trigger shaking grass the same way in the main overworld? Go to Route 7 and go up towards Celestial Tower (if you see shaking grass anywhere as you trek, stop and battle there or trigger another battle first getting rid of it). Once you reach Celestial Tower, turn around and go south until only the bottom row of grass is visible. Hop on your Bike. Ride back and forth from left to right and vice versa. Audinos will generally trigger only in that top row of grass. If you go far enough to the right you CAN end up triggering one there, so keep an eye out for that.

    Occasionally you'll find an Emolga (I try to run away), an Unzefant, or a Stoutland. Most should be Audinos, however, and all you have to do is hand that Drilbur your Exp. Share (there are two, you get the second later if you show the Pokémon Fan Club dude a Pokémon you've trained from a low level to a high one) and it will gain experience even if it doesn't battle. Meanwhile, level up your other Pokémon a bit by grinding on these Audinos. Some are weak against Audinos, remember, so if you want to level them up this way hand them the Exp. Share as well.

    Once it's high enough, exchange items and give Drilbur the Lucky Egg (I hope you didn't sell it for 200 units to the chef on Route 5...). Throw it into battle against an Audino. It gets the same experience as a Pokémon traded from someone else as long as it holds the Lucky Egg.

    That is my biggest experience gaining strategy, and I had to struggle a few Pokémon through my training. Note that if you captured a lot of fighting types they'll help greatly with getting through the Audino battles with moves like Brick Break and Focus Punch (the latter more once you reach Route 10, where they start learning useless moves again, and even a move that heals you!).
  8. Cyclone
    August 14th, 2012 1:48 PM
    FYI, I don't see your reply unless you go to my page and leave the reply VM there, or you could even send a PM instead (VMs are usually better since PMs are limited and you have to delete them over time, PMs are usually for things that might not need to be posted publicly). The server links it as an entire conversation; see the link under this VM. I see the reply here now of course, but not as part of the conversation. ;)

    Twist Mountain and Victory Road are the two real maze areas in this game; you'll have a lot of fun there, but make sure to take someone with Strength so you can create shortcuts through the area. Remember if you already encountered Cobalion (Mistralton Cave) that you can find Terrakion in Victory Road as well, but let me tell you from personal experience, it's a biyatch to capture.

    As I posted in the thread, you can get your very own Excadrill. It's available as a Drilbur in four caves; the catch is that you won't find it randomly just walking around, so the idea is to take a Pokémon that is slightly stronger than anything else you find and take a couple of Repels with you (always good to stock up on them AND Quick Balls, you'll like having them when you're looking for Pokémon Swarms later, such as Wynaut on Route 2 and Pineco on Route 16 which can be as high as Lv.55, and most of mine were Quick Ball captures). Once inside the cave area (NOT the outside section), activate a Repel and wander back and forth until a dust spot appears. At times you'll find items (such as Normal Gems and other types, evolutionary stones, and other random items), but often you'll stumble upon Drilbur. Either Quick Ball it if you have a stronger Pokémon out, or failing that, swap for a weaker one on standby and weaken the Drilbur down to capture. Train and it will evolve starting at Lv.31, but if you delay it by two levels it will learn Earthquake at Lv.33 instead of at Lv.36 as an Excadrill.

    If you want more of a challenge, though, Excadrill is found the same way at Victory Road (Lv.36-37, 39-41). Once you beat the Elite Four and finish the game by toppling Ghetsis, you will also be able to go to Challenger's Cave and Giant Chasm, where they can be found at Lv.47-50. Note that the Pokémon and Trainers here are much higher in level, however, with Trainers boasting Pokémon in the 60s; I recommend getting it sooner.

    Good luck getting your own bad-ass. :D
  9. Jiggly Jello
    August 14th, 2012 12:40 PM
    Jiggly Jello
    I can handle mazes, as long as the fights aren't annoying like in Chargestone. The high encounter rate wouldn't have bothered me so much if it weren't for it being filled with electric types. I'm hoping to have the game finished before the season change so I can start obtaining every Pokemon in the game. So far I'm only 78/55 in the Pokedex but out of the the list of possibly attainable at my point in the game, I am only missing 4, not counting the ones I have the pre-evolutionary stages (I don't bother catching ones I can already evolve myself).

    I was not aware that certain treasures were inaccessible during some seasons. I will make sure I get there before winter ends, Thanks!
  10. Cyclone
    August 14th, 2012 5:30 AM
    You haven't been to Twist Mountain's cave network yet? Assume the snowpack isn't outside and make your way through all of the caves one by one as designed; that is a maze. With Winter right now, it's possible to get to the initial outside area and head for the path out immediately, but come back on Sept. 1.

    Oh, and don't forget to search for a Metal Coat from a tiny eastern cave on the right of the main area. It can't be reached outside of Winter. There is apparently a Stardust, an Iron, and a Rare Candy in the main floor area as well; see here for more data.
  11. Hikamaru
    August 13th, 2012 7:43 PM
    Hello there new Trainer.

    I've seen you in Other Trivia already and I see you are already settling in to that area.

    You can call me Hikari, aka the Crazy Oshawott Girl.

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