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  1. ReKoil
    October 26th, 2020 1:07 PM
    I also have HA croagunk already ready, you wanted one yesterday, dunno if you obtained it in the meantime.
    In case you finish the HA sableye.
  2. ReKoil
    October 26th, 2020 12:48 PM
    I already bred HA Foongus, Kabuto & Bulbasaur. I'll start breeding the rest.

    HA sableye would be nice too. the HA dream ball eevee would be awesome, I'm trying to get eevee into every apriball (so I'd also be interested in a fast and heavy ball eevee)

    I was occasionally refreshing this page as a guest while I was busy DexNav chaining in Omega Ruby. I couldnt breed HA onto west sea shellos (HA needs to be on female mon to pass down when not breeding with ditto, and since female mon determines offsrping, the offspring was always east sea shellos).

    So i went dex nav chaining in Omega Ruby (Omega Ruby gets west sea shellos this way in post game). Then I went to hunt down a HA druddigon too.
    Was hunting for HA onix when I saw this. I'll put that on hold while I breed these mons. I was running low on balls and lamost out of money in Omega Ruby anyway.
  3. ReKoil
    October 25th, 2020 2:42 PM
    HA venipede, durant, pumpkaboo, solosis & dwebble would be priority for me.
  4. ReKoil
    October 25th, 2020 2:40 PM
    The carbink you traded doesn't have HA. But we can continue this tomorrow. I'm gonna go sleep now =)
    good night.
  5. ReKoil
    October 25th, 2020 2:28 PM
    I had blue and yellow on the gameboy. I sorta skipped the game boy color though, and the gen 2 games back then (untill their remakes anyway). I've had every handheld that has a pokemon game and at least 1 game per generation/series after that.

    Anyway, how about link code 8963 3698 (I usually just pick 4 random adjacent numbers and then mirror them for the second part =p)
  6. ReKoil
    October 25th, 2020 2:19 PM
    Got HA kabuto (Weak Armor) & Foongus (Regenerator) & SA Rockruff (Own Tempo) ready now too.

    Sure, would be a nice throwback lol. Since it was originally a safari zone only in Red/Blue.
  7. ReKoil
    October 25th, 2020 1:58 PM
    I'll breed the SA rockruff once my current batch of kabuto eggs is hatched. Fossil mon eggs are even worse than dragon eggs it seems, in terms of how long they take to hatch.
    SA rockruff guaranteed passes on the SA when bred with ditto tho, so should only have to hatch one =)
  8. ReKoil
    October 25th, 2020 1:50 PM
    oh and a HA rhyhorn, for the special ability rockruff. Friend ball iirc?(i have it in friend ball/ heavy ball/ moon ball.
    And from the ones you asked previous time I can breed an HA poliwag and Bulbasaur. Don't have the HA steelix/onix & druddigon.
  9. ReKoil
    October 25th, 2020 1:46 PM
    Don't have HA Mantine or Snorunt. Can breed you HA croagunk, Foongus & Kabuto. I'd like HA venipede, durant & pumpkaboo then.

    And yes I'm on Shield.
  10. ReKoil
    October 25th, 2020 1:44 PM
    Interested in HA venipede and drifloon, durant, dewpider, morelul, dwebble, togedemaru, cottonee, pumpkaboo, growlithe, machop, krabby, solosis, rhyhorn, snover, chinchou, mandibuzz. I'll pick however many of these based on however many you want from me.
  11. ReKoil
    October 25th, 2020 1:35 PM
    I should probably mention I caught an HA magmar (timer ball) and HA kabuto (net ball) in the crown tundra.
    These and HA rockruff are not on the list. Also obtained HA snorlax earlier today in a trade, but havent had time yet to breed that with the snorlax in a Heavy Ball i have.

    iirc, you were interested in special ability rockruff?
  12. ReKoil
    October 25th, 2020 1:31 PM
    That HA carbink would be nice. Caught 1 in a moon ball earlier ^^
    HA Buneary I actually do have (should be on the list, its not a recent mon)
    Are the *'s ones in apriballs?

    Anyway, the HA Shellos and HA carbink would be great =)
    There are definitely some more I am interested in though, dunno if there was anything else on my list you wanted?
  13. ReKoil
    October 25th, 2020 10:23 AM
    All right, got 2 West Sea Shellos (male & female) with the Storm Drain ability in a Lure Ball now.

    Do you have any HA mons not on my list in exchange? A HA shellos would be fitting, since then I can rebreed them with HA and egg moves =)
    Any HA mon I don't have would suffice though. Or a mon in an apriball I don't yet have.
  14. ReKoil
    October 25th, 2020 5:08 AM
    You are in some pretty good luck though. I apparntly never used the lure ball in my moon game(along with an unused fast & moon ball) so i caught an east sea gastrodon (couldnt find the other one, kept bumping into the blue one) with it. I also have a west sea shellos from Ultra Sun. I should be able to breed the two together in shield, since they are the same species, just different forms.
    I had 3 apriballs leftover in both games though, so I'm currently trying to catch stuff in them. Done with the balls from moon, just trying to get a carbink in a moon ball now and either a beldum or aggron in a heavy ball. carbink and beldum are pretty freaking stubborn though. I've already reloaded so many times cuz they refuse to go in xD
    As for the aggron I'll either have to wait for tomorrow (it's an island scan on monday mon, or just reset my date to tomorrow once i manage to get carbink. I'm expecting aggron will be easier than these stubborn beldum.

    I'd prefer to use up these balls first before transfering to home, which might take a while yet. Idk if theres any rush for the shellos?
  15. ReKoil
    October 25th, 2020 5:02 AM
    Sorry, but that's not possible. Breeding balls onto different species doesn't work.
    When breeding with 2 species, the female determines the ball and offspring. If I were to breed a female lure ball horsea with a male west sea shellos, the offsrping would have lure balls, but also ALWAYS be a horsea, never shellos. The reverse also applies; male lure ball horsea with female west sea shellos (in whatever ball), will always result in a shellos, in whatever ball the shellos was in. There's this image on teh internet that might be clearer:

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