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  1. out written
    March 21st, 2017 3:54 PM
    out written
    Thanks mate, happy to hear that! :)
  2. Shadowblade95
    March 21st, 2017 9:33 AM
    Cool. Im doing the same. We have to compare ideas sometime
  3. Shadowblade95
    March 19th, 2017 9:25 AM
    It will take time to get some ideas that will work. Ofcourse its all down to preference.
  4. Shadowblade95
    March 18th, 2017 7:27 AM
    All it takes is practice and get advice from artists.
    I find it is better to do fakemon of existing or extinct creatures.
  5. Shadowblade95
    March 15th, 2017 4:27 AM
    Got any ideas of any fakemons or got any designs done yet?
  6. Shadowblade95
    March 13th, 2017 1:33 PM
    Im also planning a hack rom. Im going to do a fakemon hack,will be the same story as fire red,but if it other people like it then I will change it up.
  7. Shadowblade95
    March 12th, 2017 2:50 AM
    Got any idea on what that will be?
  8. Shadowblade95
    March 11th, 2017 9:52 AM
    No problem,welcome to the community.
  9. longlostsoldier
    March 10th, 2017 10:12 PM
    I know people have done that before. The question is (A) how much effort will it take and (b) how great a chance is there that it will break my 3ds? I know some (all?) methods require hacking the 3ds itself.
  10. longlostsoldier
    March 10th, 2017 10:01 PM
    The one thing I really need to learn how to do is figure out how to get gen 1 hacks to play on the 3ds. That would be perfect. I imagine there's some sort of code the hack would need to get recognized by the pseudo game boy they have.
  11. longlostsoldier
    March 10th, 2017 9:53 PM
    I do intend to get that sometime this year, it looked like a lot of fun. I admit after Gen 3 I went a number of years without getting any pokemon games - I was still attached to my gameboy advanced, heh. Of course, now you can play those on the 3ds which is nifty.
  12. longlostsoldier
    March 10th, 2017 9:39 PM
    I don't know if they'll make a Pokemon Stars to go with Sun and Moon but it seems a logical progression. They always do at least 3 in a gen it seems like.
  13. longlostsoldier
    March 10th, 2017 8:19 PM
    I claim this page in the name of the Moon and Stars.

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