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  1. Crunch Punch
    March 11th, 2013 1:19 PM
    Crunch Punch
    Ok, I'll add you now. Mine's gurung.sid with a pic of an asian kid (that being me, of course)
  2. Crunch Punch
    March 11th, 2013 12:33 PM
    Crunch Punch
    Sounds great. You want to bounce some PMs? Or can you get on skype?
  3. gimmepie
    March 9th, 2013 4:16 AM
    awesome :D

    and it was a very good post don't worry. I'll be more than happy to keep up the benefits for people who keep a high quality of writing.
  4. gimmepie
    March 9th, 2013 4:10 AM
    I don't even know why I gave it to you haha. I was feeling generous.
  5. gimmepie
    March 9th, 2013 4:00 AM
    All capture results for chapter 1 so far have been posted in the OOC. I think you'll be pleased.
  6. Fenne-kun
    March 6th, 2013 8:58 AM
    Caerulus isn't filling up completely. Some are turning to Ruber, giving you a chance to join in.
  7. gimmepie
    March 2nd, 2013 6:34 AM
    Just remember whether or not your catch is successful is up to me :)
  8. gimmepie
    March 2nd, 2013 6:33 AM
    I think maybe that is something you should leave to me, unless for some reason it comes into play in your battle with it. So unless there is a reason for it to come into play in battle I'll do it.
  9. gimmepie
    March 2nd, 2013 5:36 AM
    The issue has been fixed.
  10. gimmepie
    March 2nd, 2013 5:30 AM
    Again, I completely miss something in this RP o.O. I have no idea why I'm so off on this one. I'll be putting a post in the IC or OOC soon detailing what to do about this.
  11. Gyardosamped
    February 24th, 2013 1:06 PM
    My mom always makes remarks every few weeks saying things like, “When you and your girlfriend, or you and your wife…, or when you have children..”, and those comments put me in the most awkward positions you could ever think of. Unfortunately for me, I don’t even think my parents know what asexuality is, but I’m not asexual, anyways. I wish my parents would think likes yours! I mean, I believe parents have the right to question their children whenever they want. After all, they are our parents, and for the most part, they want what’s best for us. I understand their possible confusions or frustrations, but it definitely doesn’t make it easy on us. I just need to find the courage one of these days to come out to them and tell them who I really am and who I really like.

    Well, I have to say that your reasoning is very similar to mine. That’d be a dream of mine (seeing as I will be 19 in a week) to find a guy who I can relate to, have fun with, and enjoy my life with. Those wishes sound like they can only be found in a fairy tale these days, but hey, can’t a person dream? I know I will have to come out to my parents eventually. That is very much inevitable at this point. And I know a person doesn’t necessarily have to reveal their sexuality if they don’t want to ever in their lives, but I know if I do not confront my parents soon, they’ll just come to me and force it out of me eventually, which is something I don’t want to happen. Plus, I can’t live being closeted for the rest of my life.

    Oh my gosh, if my mother did that to me in public, PUBLIC, I’d die. I’m soooo sorry that that happened to you. I probably would have just gotten super blushed up and would have simply said, “no”. See, if my parents ever asked me (which they have) why I don’t have a girlfriend and I respond with, “I’m just not interested in relationships right now”, they’ll just simply jump to the conclusion that I’m using that as an excuse to cover up my homosexuality. I hate it. Ugh.

    As for who I feel an attraction to, I know I am only drawn to men. Sure, I admire women as friends and such, but even if a woman is really compassionate towards me, I just take it as though she’s being nice in a friendly way. But, yes, I want the person I’m with to be a friend and a lover. A relationship is nothing if it consists of just sex and that’s it (and I know I’m being explicit here on a Pokémon forum). There needs to also be a love/passion component to a relationship for it to work. I agree very much with your thinking. Everyone should look at any type of relationship like that.
  12. Gyardosamped
    February 23rd, 2013 7:41 PM
    I sometimes look forward to the days where I have already gotten rid of this secret I’ve been hiding all my life, but I can never find the courage to just come out, especially to my parents. And it’s not even because I think they’ll react in a hostile manner, but it’s just because I can’t see myself telling them. Luckily, my parents aren’t religious, and as a result, I’m not either, but I’m kind of in the same situation as you. I think my parents already highly suspect I’m homosexual, but they’re just waiting for me to assure them of that. I don’t think my father would actually mind if I was gay. He’s never asked me about relationships or anything of that manner, but my mom has. She’s quite a curious being, and she’s asked me twice before if I was gay, but I obviously said no because it’s hard to just spill your guts when you’re so abruptly confronted about something so private. Both situations have been super awkward for me. My mom is like yours. One minute she’ll say she loves me no matter what I am or who I love, but the next she’ll see two guys kissing on TV and say that that's “gross”. I do think that if I did come out to her, she wouldn’t think of me any differently and would support me to the utmost extreme, but I also don’t want to have to deal with the probably ton of questions and comments she may have. I know what you’re feeling, believe me.

    That’s pretty cool to hear that the Netherlands is considered to be one of the most tolerant countries when it comes to supporting LGBTs. People will always be judgmental, irrational, and will always jump to conclusions when it comes to the topic of homosexuality. That will happen no matter what country you live in, like you said. We just can’t fix that, and I don’t think we will ever be able to, either. It’s also probably the main reason why many in the LGBT community are so scared to reveal their true selves. People are just scared to experience things outside of what they know. They don’t like change – or things/people that are different from them, for that matter. Everyone is very quick to judge and scrutinize anything and everything that is out of the norm. Once they realize that they’re just being illogical and senseless (and also realize that they’re the ones with the unscrupulous mentality), they start to adjust and that’s when the accepting comes in. It’s a long process, though, and it seems like your friend is going through it right now, fortunately. But it's also unfortunate that he even went through it in the first place.

    I love your use of philosophical sayings. ;] Your eloquence is so endearing, really. I feel like my writing and logic is so dumb compared to yours, haha. xD & that’s awesome that you’re already in the club! That was kind of premature of me for not checking if you were in it beforehand, but it didn’t really cross my mind. I’m glad to hear you’re willing to post in it, though. We’d love to hear your input on the discussions that arise. :)
  13. Gyardosamped
    February 23rd, 2013 12:49 PM
    Antescriptum (LOL): Don't feel obligated to reply to all of the nonsense I wrote down there. :p I know it's a lot to read, and we're kind of going back and forth on the same topic, anyways. <3

    I’d assume you’re right. PreScript sounds the most logical. I did find, however, that Antescriptum (before something has been written) can also be used, though it wouldn’t necessarily be used correctly if it was placed in the beginning of a letter/piece of writing. Oh well, it’s not a big deal. :p

    Everyone always longs to have nice things. My philosophy is that if someone can afford to buy expensive and luxurious things, then by all means they should buy the items. People, however, tend to become greedy and self-absorbed when they’re given the privilege to do such things, and that’s of course where the problems start setting in. They believe that money can buy them anything, and in consequence, their sense of reality becomes totally obscured by everything and anything material. And, of course, you have those people who can’t even afford nice things and become unbearable to be around because their entire lives revolve around constantly complaining about their “misfortune” and jealousy of those who actually have the high-priced luxuries they want. It will always come down to this: no one will ever be satisfied with what they have. No one. And that’s sad to think about. You’re right, though. The sentimental value that is assigned to something is always what will count the most.

    I’d do the same as you any day! I was reading this picture (it was like a meme) on Instagram yesterday, and it said, “I’d rather have four quarters than one-hundred pennies”, and the saying is so true! I’d rather have one true friend than ten friends, ten "acquaintances" who I probably wouldn’t even be able to relate to. For the sake of the analogy, though, it doesn’t make a person anti-social to choose a million dollars over a million friends. I mean, not one person could probably even be able to handle or even remember one million people. x) Haha.

    Thanks for being so caring. <3 People definitely judge others simply on the fact of what they consider themselves to be.

    “Oh, you’re gay?”

    “You must like dressing like a woman, painting your nails, love every guy you see or meet, and love Lady Gaga.”

    Ugh, no. I don’t fit the gay stereotype at all. It’s rather annoying when people jump to conclusions so quickly, but whatever, that’s how society is and I don’t think it’ll ever change, at least not for the better, anyways. You’re right, though, people love to categorize others, yet we’re all so structurally built in such different ways.

    & that makes it ten times better to hear that you’re gay, too (although, even if you were heterosexual I wouldn’t think of you differently anyways). I haven’t “come out” to anyone yet, but I plan to in the near future, and the only reason I haven’t yet is because I don’t think I’m ready to deal with the criticisms and judgments that unfortunately come with revealing your “not-societally-normal” sexuality. Gosh, I make it sound so harsh, but society does, too! I’m so sorry that happened to you. <3 Seriously, coming out is definitely not something easy to do, and people totally jump the gun when they find out someone is gay because they’ve been mislead into thinking that being anything but heterosexual isn’t “appropriate”. Although I haven’t revealed my sexuality to anyone in real life, I’m completely comfortable and accepting of who I am. I wouldn’t change myself for the world, and it’s not like I could, anyways.

    Btw, if you’re ever inclined to do so (and I do hope you do, please, please, please), PC’s LGBT club would loveeeeeee to have you. :] We’d value your input a lot, and we’ve sort of build a community within ourselves to help each other out. I hope you decide to join, and if not, that’s completely fine, too. xD

    I can’t change my personality or who I am, for that matter, but I do put on a façade which obviously makes me seem a lot more different than I normally am. People who I have to act fake around don’t really ask me questions about myself because if they see they can relate to the fake me, they kind of already came up the conclusion that I am very much like them, and therefore they don’t feel the need to “uncover” me for my true self. I hope that made sense, haha. xD But you’re right. If someone is being a complete ***hole to me, I’m not going to deal with it just for the sake of friendship. Luckily, though, I don't really have to put up a façade for people anymore.

    I’m glad you’re staying. <3 You’re seriously so awesome, and I’m glad you rejoined! I don’t think I’ll stay here forever, either, but I don’t see myself leaving anytime soon. I have actually just recently returned, too, in January, and I have met sooooooooooo many wonderful people within a month’s time. I’m really so glad I came back. STOP BEING SO RELATABLE, GOSH, THIS IS NEW TO ME. XD Thanks for your kind and caring replies. :)
  14. Gyardosamped
    February 23rd, 2013 11:38 AM
    sorry, I literally just got online (Saturday's are quite eventful for me in the mornings). I'll reply to you asap. :p

    Hope you're having an awesome day! <3
  15. Gyardosamped
    February 22nd, 2013 5:57 PM
    (Before Script message (if that even exists): I'm sorry for making this reply so long, haha. I really couldn't help myself.)


    You're right that people are becoming more and more superficial and materialistic. Money doesn't make a person happy, love and the support of others does. Money can definitely provide us with great lives, but it can only buy fictitious friends - those who you cannot trust and are only your friends, well, for your money. Honest friendships have really been dying out as of late. There seems to be a lack of earnest people in the world today, and that's unfortunate. I believe we're all materialistic in our own ways. Sure, I like nice things, and if I work hard enough, I think I deserve nice things, but once it gets out of hand and a person's sense of reality is blurred by their superficiality, then that's when it becomes a problem, and it's a grave issue affecting many people. Nothing certainly beats a great friendship. That's one of those things in life that prevails over everything else. I wouldn't trade a candid friendship for anything, any day.

    I don't like being alone, either, and a lot of times I question where I will be in the future (in terms of relationships and friendships). Sure, on the outside I may look like the happiest person in the world, but in reality, I am constantly questioning my future and what life has destined for me, and it doesn't help that I'm homosexual (I hope that won't make you think differently of me). I'm actually the type who would rather see others happy before seeing myself happy. I try my hardest to cheer others, but inside I am the one who needs a good boost, both emotionally and mentally.

    I want to be able to participate in a mutual care for each other's heart.
    Yes! This is exactly my thinking. I don't picture myself in the future being with ten different people and moving from friendship to friendship. I see myself having a solid group of friends and a hopefully stable relationship with someone.

    I have felt that same way before. I feel alone although there are plenty of people around me who I know are always there for me, who are always willing to talk if I ever need someone. And then, of course, there's those people who you're with just so it doesn't feel like you're alone. I sometimes feel like a puppet because I mold my personality to fit those of the people I'm trying to relate to. It's seriously annoying, and yes, I'm always like, "God, please, I just want this to be over as soon as possible." It definitely does take a lot of time to make a worthy friendship, but that's something I've had to live with given my personality, and it's something I'm willing to continue working at for future relationships, if that makes sense.

    There has been many friendships where, at the beginning, I have felt were going to turn out great, and then, yeah, in the end, I regret everything. There are just so many people in this world that cannot be trusted these days. It's sad but true. It's very difficult to find trustworthy friends, and even if you think you've found a person that's somewhat honorable, they end up stabbing you in the back when you're in the most vulnerable state. I've "been there, done that" way too many times now, and I guess that's why I'm always so cautious now.

    It's really nice to be able to relate to someone. :] It just brings up your spirits right away. I'm glad you've returned to PC! I always post on "re-intros" mentioning, "yeah, I hope you stay active and stuff, blah, blah, blah", thinking that if the person left once, they'll leave again, but seriously, you better stay active! You are like my twin, lol. :p & thanks for the kind words, too. People need to start taking notes! x)

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  • About EGKangaroo
    Hi, I am EGKangaroo. I have been a big fan of the pokémon franchise ever since it was released in Europe. I enjoy playing video games. I currently live in the Netherlands, but I have plans for studying and possibly migrating to Australia. I hope to become a game developer in the future. I admit that I am absolutely obsessed with kangaroos, but who can't love the little buggers, even if they attempt to kick you into a coma?

    I am a bit of a weirdo with a wide array of interests ranging from, as previously mentioned, video games, to politics and linguistics. I love being creative, and love being so with things I have an interest in. I'm a big conlanger as well, who's taken an interest in many a foreign language. I speak both English and Dutch fluently, and while Dutch is my first language, my English is much stronger than my Dutch.

    I'm also an experienced roleplayer who frequents plenty of sites where roleplaying is a very big part of the community. I see writing as a hobby of mine, but thusfar, I've never successfully written any fanfic or original fiction.

    In regards to music, I mostly listen to punk rock and some music of the good old times, such as the Beatles, who are my all-time favourite band. I'm a moderate singer, but most definitely not great.

    Politics interest me to some extent that I can at least take enjoyment out of watching parliamentary debates. I think they're way more killing than any comedy I've ever seen. I'm a voluntaryist at heart, the kind that thinks states should be abolished in their current form and be replaced with voluntary societies. That puts me more towards a panarchist or laissez-faire capitalist libertarian philosophy, even though unlike most libertarians who evangelise Atlas Shrugged like it's the bible, hearing of altruism existing does not make me run away with fright. Most voluntaryists would appeal to altruism to do away with co-ercion in the first place.

    My philosophy is based on existentialism. I think that man himself is solely responsible for giving meaning to life. I would support the phrase "L'existence précède l'essence" to my last breath. I think reading up on existentialism really helped me shape myself who I am. It made me think much clearer about what I want from the world and the values I ascribe to myself that form my personality.

    I am gay. I don't think that that obligates me to act in accordance to the stereotype that people ascribe to gay people. I do think the kind of pattern recognition that we humans have to categorise all kinds of different items really is a useful tool, but that is until we start dealing with people. Being gay makes me nothing more in essence than that.

    In an addendum to that, I am a furry. I've been into the furry fandom for close to 3 years by now. My fursona is, not so surprisingly, an eastern grey kangaroo.
    writing, listening to music, role-playing games, nationstates, constructed languages, and kangaroos: mostly eastern greys. Curse those antilopines, western greys, and reds!
    the Netherlands
    Male ♂
    High School Student
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    Slowbro, Lucario, Breloom, Gengar, Dragonite, Ivysaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Kangaskhan, Riolu, Ampharos, Farfetch'd, too many favourites D:
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    Pokemon: Journeys Through Novia - Glyn Schaffer

    "And they tell me there are people who are normal, but I don't know what they look like because I've never met one. And neither have you, so why not compare yourself to real people instead?"
    "Three lives of a gamer: the first'll be your best, because you can always restart if it isn't; the second pales in comparison, and the game will cheat you out; but the third one's going to be better, because it gets do or die from then."


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