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  1. Gyardosamped
    February 22nd, 2013 4:29 PM
    I've always been introverted, and it's not necessarily something I'm ashamed of being. I am definitely the type of person who longs to have solid, pure, and prolonged relationships. I don't know how some people can move on from friend to friend or lover to lover so quickly, seriously. I wouldn't categorize myself as antisocial, or any introvert as antisocial, for that matter, but yeah, we get exhausted. There are times where all I want to do is be social and meet people, but a lot of my life is also consumed by my wanting to just be alone. There has been plenty of times where I have been invited to go out with friends, but I decline and make up an excuse just because I'd rather be alone. I'd categorize myself as the type of person who "has an okay amount of friends/close friends but still feels alone". But, yes, of course that exhaustion occurs with people who you can't really relate to. In all honesty, though, we only really put in so much effort to make friendships because we don't want to be alone. Yeah, I would rather be alone most of the time, but I don't want society to think I'm a loner and judge me because of that. This world is cruel, like you said. I've done a lot of things just so that I am not incorrectly judged or criticized by others.

    Extroverts aren't perfect, either, like you mentioned. Both sides of the spectrum definitely have their pros and cons. Most extroverts I know are just like those people which we hate to be with - those who you have to act fake around.

    We definitely do stick together! You can certainly make a very good, long-time friend out of any introvert. We are trustworthy and will show our true selves given that the other person also does the same. My true friends - the people who I can relate to the most - are just like us, introverts, and I've never once questioned their motives. Society has that misconception that we're all quiet, antisocial, and fearful of everything social, but we are, without doubt, very much open when you get to know us.

    I've heard of F451 before. I think it's actually been recommended to me before, too. I might pick it up and start reading it one of these days. Thanks for the recommendation. :]
  2. Gyardosamped
    February 22nd, 2013 3:26 PM
    ahaha, np. :]

    I tried my best to understand everything, but you certainly jotted down some intense thoughts which made me say, "damn, that's vivid."

    I can completely relate to you. I, myself, am a very introverted person, so being the way I am, it's hard to make true friends, especially those who you can relate to. I've always faced the issue of befriending people I haven't really been compatible with just for the mere wanting of friendship and company. I've put on that facade plenty of times, believe me. People will always try to define others even when they hardly know what goes on beyond just the physical.

    I'm glad you're back! You will certainly bring a sense of honesty and integrity to the forums. If you ever post any of your writings or fan-fics, definitely provide me with the link so I can read! Your writing is endearing, for real. :]
  3. Hikamaru
    February 22nd, 2013 2:47 PM
    Notice anything different with my name color or anything?
  4. Hikamaru
    February 22nd, 2013 2:41 PM
    Hello there dude, welcome back to PC!

    It's Hikari if you're wondering.
  5. Jason Wolf
    April 13th, 2012 3:01 PM
    Jason Wolf
    right now I gave Erika a lvl 15 and a lvl 18. figured that would be a good base. Actually all the gym leaders will have that a 15 and 18 for their base teams. I got the imediate four on the OOC now btw.
  6. Jason Wolf
    April 13th, 2012 2:27 PM
    Jason Wolf
    hehe nice reasoning. also you know that the gyms change based on your stats. Erika would only have two pokemon at similar levels to your pokemon. I'm actually working on that atm. (by 'that' I mean I'm making the base and top teams for the gym leaders.)
  7. Jason Wolf
    April 13th, 2012 12:20 PM
    Jason Wolf
    Pretty much the only big error I can think of is multi-merging, or basic mistakes in logic/discontinuities.
  8. Jason Wolf
    April 13th, 2012 12:10 PM
    Jason Wolf
    you can merge mentally with one pokemon at a time using the pokebracer. You can then merge on the physical level with the pokemon you are mentally connected with. remember when you merge physically its into a half human-half pokemon.

    the reason you can only physically merge with the one you mentally merged with at the time is so people can't merge with multiple pokemon. If you merge physically you are also merged mentally, so 1 pokemon.

    thats all i can think of based on your question. big idea is 1 pokemon at a time.

    you can also send out pokemon normally.
  9. Jason Wolf
    April 13th, 2012 11:55 AM
    Jason Wolf
    Alright then mate. I'm just lounging around here on the forums.
  10. Jason Wolf
    April 13th, 2012 11:45 AM
    Jason Wolf

    instinct start up

    though I think you may have noticed.
  11. Shining Raichu
    April 6th, 2012 4:10 PM
    Shining Raichu
    Nonononono! It's not bad at all! It was just surprising haha
  12. Shining Raichu
    April 6th, 2012 7:30 AM
    Shining Raichu
    Haha well your accent certainly made my day interesting XD
  13. Shining Raichu
    April 6th, 2012 1:51 AM
    Shining Raichu

    How... just... how!
    Rednael is Dutch and his accent sounds Irish.
    You are Dutch and your accent sounds Australian and cockney English.

    Like, I'm Australian and you sound more Australian than I do at some points in there.
  14. Shining Raichu
    April 5th, 2012 9:49 PM
    Shining Raichu
    Were you born in the Netherlands? Because your accent sounds like it's fluctuating between Australian and some form of cockney English :P

    EDIT: I typed that while I was listening to the beginning of your accent challenge, and I'm near the end now and you seemed to acknowledge the Australian/English thing, but I didn't quite understand what you said XD
  15. droomph
    April 1st, 2012 2:59 PM
    Oh nothing some Lerroux guy hacked his way (or something to that extent) to being Admin along with Rukario (who is def legit) and it's been through for a month or two and either now it's spilling into the rest of the forums or it's a REALLY REALLY REALLY well planned out prank for April Fool's.

    So yeah. Not gonna worry 'bout it till like, maybe the third or something.

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  • About EGKangaroo
    Hi, I am EGKangaroo. I have been a big fan of the pokémon franchise ever since it was released in Europe. I enjoy playing video games. I currently live in the Netherlands, but I have plans for studying and possibly migrating to Australia. I hope to become a game developer in the future. I admit that I am absolutely obsessed with kangaroos, but who can't love the little buggers, even if they attempt to kick you into a coma?

    I am a bit of a weirdo with a wide array of interests ranging from, as previously mentioned, video games, to politics and linguistics. I love being creative, and love being so with things I have an interest in. I'm a big conlanger as well, who's taken an interest in many a foreign language. I speak both English and Dutch fluently, and while Dutch is my first language, my English is much stronger than my Dutch.

    I'm also an experienced roleplayer who frequents plenty of sites where roleplaying is a very big part of the community. I see writing as a hobby of mine, but thusfar, I've never successfully written any fanfic or original fiction.

    In regards to music, I mostly listen to punk rock and some music of the good old times, such as the Beatles, who are my all-time favourite band. I'm a moderate singer, but most definitely not great.

    Politics interest me to some extent that I can at least take enjoyment out of watching parliamentary debates. I think they're way more killing than any comedy I've ever seen. I'm a voluntaryist at heart, the kind that thinks states should be abolished in their current form and be replaced with voluntary societies. That puts me more towards a panarchist or laissez-faire capitalist libertarian philosophy, even though unlike most libertarians who evangelise Atlas Shrugged like it's the bible, hearing of altruism existing does not make me run away with fright. Most voluntaryists would appeal to altruism to do away with co-ercion in the first place.

    My philosophy is based on existentialism. I think that man himself is solely responsible for giving meaning to life. I would support the phrase "L'existence précède l'essence" to my last breath. I think reading up on existentialism really helped me shape myself who I am. It made me think much clearer about what I want from the world and the values I ascribe to myself that form my personality.

    I am gay. I don't think that that obligates me to act in accordance to the stereotype that people ascribe to gay people. I do think the kind of pattern recognition that we humans have to categorise all kinds of different items really is a useful tool, but that is until we start dealing with people. Being gay makes me nothing more in essence than that.

    In an addendum to that, I am a furry. I've been into the furry fandom for close to 3 years by now. My fursona is, not so surprisingly, an eastern grey kangaroo.
    writing, listening to music, role-playing games, nationstates, constructed languages, and kangaroos: mostly eastern greys. Curse those antilopines, western greys, and reds!
    the Netherlands
    Male ♂
    High School Student
    Favorite Pokémon
    Slowbro, Lucario, Breloom, Gengar, Dragonite, Ivysaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Kangaskhan, Riolu, Ampharos, Farfetch'd, too many favourites D:
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    RP's I am in:
    Pokemon: Journeys Through Novia - Glyn Schaffer

    "And they tell me there are people who are normal, but I don't know what they look like because I've never met one. And neither have you, so why not compare yourself to real people instead?"
    "Three lives of a gamer: the first'll be your best, because you can always restart if it isn't; the second pales in comparison, and the game will cheat you out; but the third one's going to be better, because it gets do or die from then."


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