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  1. noa
    June 15th, 2016 6:49 PM
    I love your foxes!

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    Before pokemon there was power rangers. Yeah who could forget Tommy Oliver, the green slash white power ranger of the good old 19th century. But it did not really go farther than my childhood. Granted, I am a huge Jason David Frank fan, as well as a regular BatInTheSun watcher. But Power Rangers was eventually replaced, and by what? Pokemon

    First generation of pokemon was my first and favorite. Before I was ten, I had 151 pokemon memorized, and it was thanks to this show that laid a confusing foundation for a fandom that would carry through my life.... Or it should have. Just before Johto was released to the happy united states, I lost cable. And effectively lost interest. New pokemon? This was kind of absurd to me.

    So for a while I was watching other things, such as Robin Hood, made by Disney, and The Fox and The Hound. These two shows seemed to have been my favorite for a while. I looked at Robin Hood as a character of high morals, and Todd as a character of being misunderstood.

    Later, I got a gameboy color. Yeah! Just before the Gameboy Advance got obsolete, I was playing the already uncool. And with it, pokemon Crystal. The series was back in my life, and what is better? I fell in love with second Generation. But it as not to last. Once I started to wanting to watch the show, it changed from Second to third. More pokemon? Seriously? I had already relearned everything, now I have to again?

    Needless to say I was apprehensive about it all. But eventually I got a gameboy Advance SP and got Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue, which was one of the last pokemon games for the gameboy advance. I was {EDIT} Really, really mad {End of edit}. But I bought the game {Or my dad did} and I played it. Third generation became more of a natural connection. I loved the fact that many of my favorite pokemon could be played as, not with.

    Playing as a pokemon was {EDIT} freaking {End of edit} awesome. The concept poured into the pokemon community and soon I was one of those who was playing around. Whats more, I got the game as it came out. No loner was I behind.

    This lead to me visiting on the pokemon forums on the Nsider; Nintendo's forums. There I met Cheezy and Fifi, learned about fanfics, and partook in awesome rescues. The friend codes made it so easy for me to rescue and be rescued.

    But it was not to last. I went to watch pokemon and low and behold! Fourth Generation. The horror, the unspeakable horror. I sighed, cursed that the Nsider closed, and hated the general concept of new pokemon. So what's a kid to do? How about the internet?

    Yeah I went from Nintendo to Tribal wars, where I learned about online friendship. Soon I was finding myself on XAT, a chat room site dedicated for people to build their own chat rooms. There I learned about roleplay. Simple roleplay with one liners was how I began.

    Over the years, my experience grew. More detailed fanfics was being written, roleplays took on new meanings, and I found myself. Yeah I embraced a lifestyle unique to American culture, as well as worldwide. This was known as Anthropomorhicism! Or to put it simply, I became a furry.

    So my roleplaying shifted from anime style to western furry roleplay. I was a fox, and I became increasingly interested in the creature of the fox.

    How interested have I become? I'm talking borderline idolatry, a obsession beyond obsession. I was watching Danish cartoons such as Hugo, for the simple fact it had a fox character. I became a sonic fan, reading the comics, playing the games and watching the sow, just so i could see and observe Mile 'tails' Prowler. Oh and my favorite anime character, Shippo the fox demon.

    It was only natural for me to get back into pokemon since there was fox pokemon to be seen. And it was because of this that Ninetails became my favorite fox pokemon, next to Flareon, Vulpix and Eevee. Yeah cute little devils.

    So that's why I am here. I am a pokemon fan who desires pokemon art, fanfics, and roleplay. Not to mention I'm getting the new Ruby and sun game. And with the Nsider gone, I wont get a chance to hang out with other pokemon players.

    Any questions?
    Male ♂
    Favorite Pokémon
    Over-all Ninetails is my favorite. Ninetails is a vengeful pokemon who curses those who mistreat it. It can live for 1000 years due to the energy in its tails, each of which contains a different power, which raises the question, if she lost one of her ninetails, would she lose one of her powers?
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