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  1. Roni
    4 Weeks Ago 11:58 PM
    oh is there? sounds good! i might be able to send you a link faster than i initially thought~

    for real though it's reaally basic. just a list with addition features put in at the end to tally everything. isn't even updated right now lol.
  2. Roni
    4 Weeks Ago 11:38 PM
    heyoo sure thing! i'll find time to upload my excel sheet and send you the link~ (please remind me i am horrifically forgetful). i realized though that i'm a dumb-dumb and should've just done it with Google Sheets so i don't have to do any uploading lol. i just might transfer everything over.
  3. Sheep
    4 Weeks Ago 1:59 PM
    ohhh wow yeah I didn't even think of that, thank you!!

    quick question again, is there a good way to play the parade event? my main team loses their PP from doing lives super fast and I don't have enough good cards to replace them to go far enough. and PP recovery items are scarce D: I can only do like... 3 or maybe 4 songs before I feel like my replacement URs aren't strong enough to S rank the next ones.
  4. Squirtlenator
    4 Weeks Ago 10:29 AM
    Yeah, it will at least give you a source of income and get you out and about until you figure out what you really want out of life and what you want to do.

    I don't know what you're like in person but, on here you're out going, friendly, engaging and a conversationalist. If you can apply all of those traits to your job than things will work out great for you. I'm wishing you the best. I hope your first week goes well. Let me how it goes.
  5. Squirtlenator
    4 Weeks Ago 9:23 AM
    Yeah, it's at least a job and it will be good to get some normalcy back into your life. You never know what it could springboard you to. Other than writing, retail seems like a perfect fit for you. You seem like an out going individual and you're articulate and great with conversion so it should work out well. You'll also have the familiarity with the store and people that work there now which is a plus. Is it 40 hrs/week? What are the hours like? Weekdays? Weekends?
  6. Squirtlenator
    4 Weeks Ago 6:12 AM
    That's great news! Congratulations! I'm happy for you :) What is the job?
  7. Sheep
    4 Weeks Ago 2:34 AM
    Never saw rinsenpai's videos but definitely interested too!! I know they have a twitter but that's about it, oof

    grats on the dream cards :D but yeah... making free currency is so hard. right now even as I do story and whatnot I feel like there aren't enough free gems being given out, and with the nice URs coming out you'll either need to be extremely selective with who you choose to roll for or just pay. alas, gacha is a cruel mistress... I have never sparked. probably never will, lol!
  8. PokeGuy1238
    4 Weeks Ago 9:23 PM
  9. Squirtlenator
    4 Weeks Ago 2:44 PM
    Hey Setsuna! I just wanted to check in and see what happened with the job that you applied for. Did you get the position?
  10. Morika
    4 Weeks Ago 7:56 AM
    Hey Setsuna~
    I hope you're doing well today, just thought I send you this picture, I hope it makes your day even brighter~! Please take care and see you around PC~

  11. Sheep
    4 Weeks Ago 3:57 AM
    Never heard of that YTer! will watch ~ My favorite for school idol and magical girl stuff was Eryn Cerise (I think that's the spelling) but she stopped playing and making videos ;__; ahh I miss her vids

    ooo only missing two is impressive. I feel like I can never get that far in a game, always end up falling behind D: and honestly a lot of the fun is spending on the gachas to me, so I'm not sure if I could control myself and save for that long lol. Have you ever done it? Kudos if you have, it's patience I don't have
  12. Sheep
    4 Weeks Ago 7:38 AM
    omg I didn't see this msg lmaoo

    I ended up getting the pass in the end, it's too hard to let go of double drops in Training and free daily scouts! My first scout from the trial was a UR lol, but I don't think I got any after that? Still, with a 7% UR rate, it seems fairly likely you'll get at least one each month. But this is gacha and gacha is all RNG so... could be a huge let down for months on end too. ;o;

    Magical Fever Kasumi since she's considered to be the best UR in the SBL shop.
    ty!! <3

    Setsuna is so adorable and I love her! I hope you get everything you want!! For me I'm mostly interested in all Riko cards, she's been my favorite for years and I've probably spent close to $1000 on merch. But alas it feels near impossible to get them all without spending. But alas, she wouldn't want me to go broke getting her, so I'll settle for the ones I have. Having Angel Riko is already a blessing <3 your Ayumu cards are so cool too!
  13. Saiprajapati30
    4 Weeks Ago 10:27 PM
    Me too! I am Alex here. By the way who are you??
  14. ZeoStar
    4 Weeks Ago 12:08 PM
    It's okay, evidently I'm not the best at explaining things. I just mean that sometimes I'll see I've been writing the message for a while and I'll press CTRL C to copy, then hit X and cut the entire message. There's no 'undo' button, so I can''t paste back the message. If I hit the wrong button, then that means I never copied it either.

    I noticed waiting for the geysers to go off, but instinctively I always back up from the chain. There seems to be little room to get past both of them. I guess it can be done with practicing the timing, and it's nice it's at the start of the stage. Also I can't seem to grab that healing orb. (orb? I don't know what its called) I keep falling into the pipes. The jetbike is super fun, and I found out it's easier to just hop over the enemies. But yeah the miniboss is really painful. I just can't seem to pass it without losing most of my health. The room is cramped and you can't access your robot weapons on the bike. Is it your first time trying Mega Man X? Is it as fun as the original games? I guess as a big fan of the series you would probably enjoy it.

    I would have never figured out going to Santa's house to place the Jellyfish juice in the fireplace. Not sure if there was a hint for that? Oh well, thanks for telling me. Now at-least I can progress again. Not sure what 'waterway' is but I'm going to infer you mean the very beginning section of the game. I currently have 19 heart capsules, so hopefully that's a good point for where I am. I don't have much trouble with enemies, it's just the instant death stuff.

    I tried a Rampardos and it just did not work out for me. I was like "Okay this thing is going to be great with Rock Climb" then I found out Rock Climb was a normal move, not a rock move. It was frail and slow, everything kept knocking it out. Especially because I was playing on set and could never get it switched in. For some reason it always left the enemy with red health and would get KO'ed in return. I used Corsola all the way up to the fight with Red, and found it more usable than Rampardos. But yeah I don't think they want to go too crazy with making canonical protagonists, because it's supposed to be a "your story, your imagination" thing. Some people would see a canonical protagonist as invalidating personal stories and teams. By the way, you mentioned trying to get the award on stream. Did you pull it off?

    There was some pretty awful bullying taking place in my school. I doubt you would want to hear details, but some of it was like stuff you would see in a TV show. Anyways nobody ever bothered me. Even one of my teachers told me Mike was a 'sociopath', people wouldn't even go near me with him around. I do have a story, forgive my language because I'll quote some stuff. Mike was quite a loner, and we usually had the lunch table to ourselves. Mike went off to loiter the school grounds, a kid saw me alone and figured it was a good time to 'mess with me'. (Just name calling, tossing stuff at me). Out of nowhere, Mike is standing over the kid. Mike yells "Do you want me to beat his ass"? The kid was visibly scared (stuttering, not making eye contact). I told Mike to let him go. Because yeah the kid was being a jerk, that doesn't mean I wanted to see him get torn apart. (Mike was expelled later for threatening to kill a teacher). Yeah, you said a whole mess and I couldn't word it better. It really was.

    So if I could give you one game recommendation, it would probably be Earthbound. I just finished it again over the last couple weeks, and it really is one of a kind. It was made in 1994, and was the first JRPG to "depart" from fantasy. Most of the game is a Japanese interpretation of America, and eventually you travel to other parts the world. It also doesn't take much of anything seriously. (The battle system isn't anything fancy, but the NPC's are all fun to speak with and have something amusing to say).

    Soo I just finished the first gym in Platinum. I started with Turtwig, and picked up a Shinx. Starly seems a bit 'overused' so I want to try something a bit more unique, so I'm thinking...swablu. I'm thinking i'll pick up Gengar (no real reason, I just feel like using it). Yanmega sounds neat...but I'm thinking weavile does too, and I don't want to get 'too' frail with my team. Keep in mind I haven't played Platinum that much. I played through the whole thing once or twice, and I played a rom hack. (One time I gave up at Cyrus in the distortion world, my team felt weak, and my levels were low).

    Okay so also I thought it would be cool to share this. You know how I mentioned talking about chess made me feel like playing it again? This is my rating scale since then (2 months ago). I climbed from nearly the bottom of 300 up to the 700's.
  15. Morika
    4 Weeks Ago 12:21 PM
    Been crying for a while now , feeling my emotions then holding them in and my cat is by me as well. I'll try to take it easy the rest of the day, thank you. Just sucks to be alone is all.

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