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  1. VisionofMilotic
    October 5th, 2020 1:04 AM
    I'm going to be replying to your Discord message soon. Our replies are getting lengthier!

    I just wanted to inform you of the good news I am no longer eatting eggs, as soon as I understood that the practice of culling was so ubiquitous in chicken farming, I fired off an order for some vegan egg substitutions. You'll be proud of me! I guess I am graduating from vegetarianism and onto the next phase of enlightenment.

    Speaking of eggs, you might not see this message, so I'll make sure in my Discord reply I ask there too, but is there a particular nature you would like me to breed on Gogoat/Skiddo?

  2. VisionofMilotic
    September 9th, 2020 8:41 AM
    Dear CiCi,

    I'm sorry to hear that so much stress came into your life that you lost even motivation for things that you used to love doing. Ocd is not something I have personally struggled with, but I do have a loved one who has it, and know how it affects her. So I think of her and start imagining what you could be going through right now, and the challenges that day to day life may pose. Also even though our experiences are different, I do know what it's like to have attacks of anxiety, and right now I have also been struggling just to get organized and stay on top of things. More than anything I get lethargic.

    I don't want to drag you down though, I just want to show some solidarity so that you know you aren't ever alone <3
    You don't have to worry about sounding like a Debby Downer, what you're saying is something I can identify with, and sometimes we all need to vent. One of the things I love about you is that you're frank, and I'm glad that you're you! That and your artistic flair and passion for animals are some of my favorite parts about you.

    I'm hoping things start to look up for you, or maybe your days are already even beginning to turn around with a little luck, eh? 'Been a long time since I have written so it's possible that circumstances could be totally different now, ya never know. Sorry that I have been so slow responding, I have had a lot going on that I have been scuffling to claw my way to the top of the heap on. Gomen na sai! My oof moment.

    I'm going to start writing to you on Discord more since you say that is the better platform to reach you right now. It's something I am beginning to use more or more now, kinda comes with the mod role. The the walls of my profile have become untidy with so many unanswered messages, so I'm probably more alert on social media these days. Maybe there we can catch up over a cup of hot tea?

    You have some good news for me though even in difficult times I have to say :) Hearing about your garden definitely brightened my spirits! It's amazing how once basil gets going it can grow as high as Jack's beanstalk and be a sight straight out of fairy tale. We've got our fair share of it too. I'm proud of your endeavors with your fiancé, and your bourgeoning green thumb!

    On the subject of the food industry I knew that there was a lot cruelty in chicken farming. I thought I was supporting a more humane form of it by just buying organic free range eggs, and patronizing the small businesses of local farmers, but even that has some problems. I have cut dairy out of my diet for good after learning more about the milk industry and how the male calves are treated, and eggs may follow next. I tend to change my diet in stages, first I gave up meat and became a pescetarian, then I got rid of the fish and became a lacto-ovo vegetarian, now the milk is gone, just one more step and I'll be a vegan like you, and more and more I'm reflecting and becoming convinced that this may be the right path for me too.

    I really love the taste of silk almond milk yogurt and almond shreds to melt on my beyond burgers, spaghetti in tomato sauce or on black bean quesadillas. It's delicious if I do say so! But I have also heard some mixed things about how almond farming may impact the environment, and if it's sustainable due to the amount of water necessary to produce almond milk. So with that in mind I would love to try oatmilk. Oatmeal bread is something I really find tasty too.

    So Delicious Ice Cream is where it's at sis. That caramel cluster cashew milk one is to die for! I was happy to find how many vegan ice creams my boys Ben & Jerry sell, and recently bought the dairy free version of Cherry Garcia!

  3. Soaring Sid
    July 23rd, 2020 1:23 AM
    Soaring Sid
    H there, CiCi! It's been a long time! I was stuck in exam sand stuff. Anyway, wooh! How's it been? And I can totally understand your mom's excitement. Keep it going.

    And yeah, I'll think about it. I haven't written anything in a while. I am in the Daily and will be brainstorming, but apart from
    Dunno what else to say..
    Stay happy and healthy!
  4. VisionofMilotic
    July 12th, 2020 11:04 AM
    Hi CiCi, I hope that you're having a nice summer, though it can be a bit of a challenge at times with so much going on in the world, I still search for the light.

    It's been quite awhile since I have written, so sending you some love and hoping to catch up. Thanks for your kind words too about my creative endeavors.

    How is planting season going by the way? I am undertaking a milestone. I am phasing milk out of my diet. The more I learn about the dairy industry the more I would like to try substitutions. This brings me a step closer from vegetarianism to veganism, the path you chose. Coconut milk has been useful to me in this transition, not to mention it's good for the skin. I ordered some Earth balance spread in place of butter, and am pleased to find that Ben & Jerry's has a lot of dairy-free ice cream products, so I am hopeful about it. I always bought some So Delicious, knowing they use cashew milk, almond milk etc instead of cow's milk. I thought you'd be happy to hear that, and if you have any recommendations for me let me know <3

    You are right by the way. September the 4th does make me a Virgo, mostly everyone else gets animals, but I just get some lady holding flowers. I think the sign fits though. They say we are gentle, controlled, wise, loyal and love animals and nature.

    Peace out. Things are going very well here, and I just wanted to reach out and make sure that your days have been peaceful and happy. <3

  5. ZeoStar
    June 5th, 2020 7:01 PM
    It's much better on here.

    So it might not be a surprise, but my best character aside from Jigglypuff is King Dedede. Another floaty character who can fly around off the stage. And yeah people are always improving. I'm out of practice from not playing as much so I usually get stomped now.

    I'm sort of new to JRPG's so I spent the last couple years trying them out. I wasn't born yet during the PS1 era so I finally played Final Fantasy 7 for the first time with the Switch release. It was okay...then I finished Chrono Trigger and liked that game way better.

    And it's okay. I'm usually in my own bubble (social anxiety). but the community here is nice.
  6. Soaring Sid
    May 22nd, 2020 5:40 AM
    Soaring Sid
    Aww, how'd it go? It must have been a pleasant surprise! What was their response?
    Hmm...I didn't give it much of a thought, but I did tell my mother that I'd adopt kids though.

    Also! The artworks you posted in your art thread are soo good and have a unique look. The anger fish-like creature you drew reminds me of a ben 10 character, and the Homestuck one is brilliant.
  7. Roni
    May 6th, 2020 2:25 AM
    Haha I don't know myself man. I mean I used to get 8 hours of sleep regularly back in my highschool and college days, but I feel like I f*cked up my circadian rhythm way too much over the course of college wherein it started adapting to only need 6 hours of sleep lol. Dunno how healthy that is but I'm feeling fine at the moment.

    My girlfriend's absolutely the opposite end of the spectrum though. As in, she cannot function well at all unless she gets a minimum 12 hours sleep lmao.
  8. Roni
    May 5th, 2020 9:58 PM
    Surprisingly no. My body clock seems to normalize itself at around just 6 hours of sleep. I went to bed yesterday at 2 something in the morning and I woke up earlier 8-ish, refreshed as can be. Dunno how it works lol.
  9. Roni
    May 5th, 2020 9:32 PM
    You bet I am. But I feel we live in different time zones lol. It's 1 in the afternoon over here in the Southeast Asian world.
  10. Roni
    May 5th, 2020 9:09 PM
    All good my dude how bout you
  11. Soaring Sid
    May 5th, 2020 1:41 AM
    Soaring Sid
    Good to know you're doing well, CiCi!
    Awwww, I wish you the best for a new life as a parent, afterall there will be more responsibilities. Looks like a happy future anyway :D Take care and stay healthy!

    I will check out Homestuck shortly.
  12. VisionofMilotic
    May 4th, 2020 10:43 AM
    You're awesome CiCi! Just a superb hostess! We're lucky to have your creativity and dynamic energy. You make me smile.

    I had fun sketching out my Wargul (fairy cat Pokemon for the dream assignment) and imagining what moves or ability it might have. I edited my last post to include it in the spoiler tags.

    Thanks for also reaching out if I need an ear to listen to. Things have been a little better this week. Spring is really here, and it's gorgeous.

    Yes, Dragon/Shawn is a shy reptile who stays at a distance camouflaged a lot, but when casually mentioning what I was up to with this event he was interested and says he would like to participate too. So he should be popping up soon.

    No worries, take your time when you need to reply. I'm the queen of disorganization and sometimes it takes me awhile to gather my thoughts and write, but I always turn up sooner or later teehee.

    August 15th sounds like as good of a day to be born as any. I like astrology and that means you are a Leo, the sign of royalty, a lion. So not lame at all!

    Cheers, I'll gossip more soon!

  13. Soaring Sid
    May 1st, 2020 6:13 AM
    Soaring Sid
    Indeed, the VA's passing is tragic too.
    I am looking forward to work in the field of biological sciences, and at the moment, I am interested in genetics.
    Ohh, how are you doing now, CiCi?
    No, to be honest, I didn't hear about Homestuck till you mentioned it in the message :P
  14. Soaring Sid
    April 30th, 2020 8:24 AM
    Soaring Sid
    I finished the 2003 one, and am now watching Brotherhood. I'm having so much fun watching it, but also what happened to Hughes and Nina is very sad :(
    I am a science student and finished academics in high school ( studied Physics, biology, chemistry and math) just before the lockdown began. How about you?

    And handsome fishy boi looks really cool!
  15. Soaring Sid
    April 30th, 2020 6:29 AM
    Soaring Sid
    Woah, looks like you're enjoying your time! I'm suddenly obsessed with Fullmetal Alchemist and am rewatching it.
    Got these online classes aiming to prepare students for entrance tests, so that's all I've been up to, at least so far.

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Briggs is our rescue Black Mouth Cur. We don't know much about his past other than his previous owner had him since he was a puppy and veterinarians thought he may have been a Saint Bernard and Great Dane mix, until he grew into his patterns and body style. DNA tests confirm his breed.
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(Nicknames: Cocoa Puffs, Puffs, Puff-Puff, Pretty Girl, The Puff)

Cocoa is our rescue GSD mix. Her mother was a German Shepherd who had gotten out and bred with an unknown other dog, so no one is sure what else she is. With my own knowledge of dogs, I've surmised that her mother must've bred with a Husky, or at least a Husky mix.
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