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  1. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 4:35 AM
    Omg all the best to her! The vaccine should make the side effects from the virus less severe, I hope she feels better soon ;o;

    Thanks for the recommendation! I seriously had -no- idea there were so many DQ games. It never hit me until now. So 11 is that one that was remade in 3D and is on the Switch? Unless you meant a different one? Definitely wanted to try that one so going to put it on my list for sure now that you recommended it :O

    Making a playable game is absolutely insane and cool. I definitely can't do that, it's incredible you can. Motivating me to get more into my hobbies! I've really fallen behind with art, got so incredibly art blocked and distracted by games like BDSP and Minecraft..

    thank you for the donation by the way ^_^ Very nice of you! <3
  2. Roni
    1 Week Ago 7:56 PM
    Don't worry, everyone has their off periods. You'll get back on track eventually, especially now when you'll be facing the weaker opponents. What time format do you choose for your regular one session games? I personally cannot go below 10 minutes or else I flag down from thinking too slow.

    Obsessing over arbitrary numbers is my specialty. Similarly, I've obsessed over my Twitter post count, YouTube subscriber count, and Pokecommunity post count in the past. It's a me-thing and I'm working on fixing it.
  3. Roni
    2 Weeks Ago 3:41 AM
    My old way of going about with blunder paranoia is literally just not advancing any of the important pieces. That's how I lost so many games back then.

    Also, I struggle with finding mating patterns that it either takes me so long to win, or I end up accidentally stale-mating them lol.

    I don't think I've ever thought about what the engine would deem a valid move. Maybe because I rarely ever have a plan and just wing it all the time.

    On online chess matches I'm too nervous to take my eyes away from the board. I know I'll probably forget about the game at some point then lose by time. Wouldn't wanna lose elo for such a reason.
  4. Roni
    2 Weeks Ago 3:01 AM
    You can do that if it works for you honestly. The analysis tools after the fact are a great help to see where blunders happened, and where to improve. The smaller the skill gap between you and the opponent of course, the better you can follow along.

    I favor bishops because their attacks are more straightforward. Knights can be very unexpected, being able to jump over pieces and all. It gets confusing at times personally; a weakness in my game that I must improve.
  5. Starlight
    2 Weeks Ago 4:20 PM
    No, not at all! Happy new year too my friend! 😊

    The Miz and Daniel Bryan literally put on a 5* match last time I seen them, it was incredible!

    I bet he looked absolutely huge Zeo, I'm always amazed at how big those guys are!

    That was really nice of them! It sounds like you really enjoyed it too!
  6. Sheep
    2 Weeks Ago 7:36 PM
    Hopefully it's nothing, good luck to your fam!! And yeah I heard they do (haven't been back in a while), though I wonder how well that goes down since people buy and sell fake ones online.. oof. Would be better to just have a vaccine database where they can pull info from, that way people can't just get a fake card and pretend they're vaccinated.

    And yay! hope you like them :D I heard DQ is super fun, never really played much though. But people say it's pretty darn awesome... maybe I should play some of the older games when I have time, fufu.

    Hope you get your gift soon ~ still some time to go, I'm looking forward to see what you end up getting too :D

    Happy late new year yes!! It was being streamed online I think, but I didn't watch it, it never appealed to me much since I've seen it often enough already aha. My mom said they limited the amount of people that could be there by a lot this year, maximum 1/4 capacity or something like that? Still, apparently it's still 15,000 people, which is soo many to be allowing during COVID... oh well

    aww ;_; glad you two had fun playing! That's a pretty big age gap. I'm 14 years older than my brother too.
  7. Roni
    2 Weeks Ago 8:14 PM
    Playing against people better than you greatly improves your own skill. Glad you had fun!

    I remember having a couple matches versus some of my SO's family members once. I smoked her brother easily and felt good about myself, until their uncle asked for a game and proceeded to dominate. It was humbling, but I learned more in the second game than the first!
  8. Roni
    2 Weeks Ago 11:27 PM
    Welcome back! I forgot to reply to this message sorry lol.

    Oh your uncle sounds like he has a pretty aggressive playstyle. I also sometimes just castle for the sake of it. I usually never have a plan in mind when doing so, it's just neat to keep my king away from the vulnerable center.
  9. Sheep
    2 Weeks Ago 7:54 PM
    Zach sent you a PM a few days ago about this! Can you check it when you have time? :D
  10. Sheep
    2 Weeks Ago 7:31 PM
    Welcome back!! \o/ And yeah my mom told me it's very busy there now again, last time I was there it was very quiet. Must be so surreal to think of it being extra crowded all over again like COVID never happened. what a cute pupper too, hehe

    And omg awesome! The Nintendo Store is small but it's really fun to be in there, I love looking around. Enjoy UM when you start it... I want to replay it again a lot all of a sudden myself. Alola is a lovely region. ;w;

    Let me pass this onto Zach. If the deadline is January 5th then it's still too early to say for sure, the person could still be working on it (when I signed up a few years ago I was a few weeks late since I was busy, but I made sure to let the person I'm gifting know that), but since the deadline isn't here yet, try not to worry too much! <3 I'll double check the thing with a person getting signed up for 2 gifts, maybe it was due to an uneven amount of participants.

    Do love train rides yes. :D One of the most relaxing things ever, unlike flying which just sucks...
  11. The Fairy Pokémon
    3 Weeks Ago 3:48 PM
    The Fairy Pokémon
    Firstly, thank you for the lovely e-card!

    I enjoy fantasy movies, but more like Harry Potter type than Super Man. Disney movies are always nice, but I don't really watch many tv series or movies anymore. I have been watching season 1 of Pokémon on pokémontv though :D

    Well, that's not a bad reason to try or watch something new and it turned out you like them so it's a win-win.

    Oh, that looks awesome! I imagine it's quite peaceful living in a place like that.

    It's good to be excited about new things and growth! In case I don't log on for a few days I'll go ahead and wish you a happy new year now.
    Happy New Year!
    I really hope 2022 turns out great. ^__^
  12. Starlight
    3 Weeks Ago 12:05 PM
    Sort of like a Main Event or Heat I guess?

    Also... Merry Christmas and happy holidays Zeo! 😊
  13. Roni
    3 Weeks Ago 8:07 PM
    The books are actually already written, they just assign it to me so that I can convert it into audio format i.e. I record the chapters via reading them while speaking into a microphone. It's the perfect gig since (1) I already have a studio grade condenser (supposedly for my gaming YT channel that never got off the ground), and (2) I have a decent voice + Western accent. To be honest, I hadn't heard about it as a career beforehand either; maybe Audible via Youtuber sponsor segments, but those guys tend to get actual professionals to do the recordings.

    It's still considered freelancing too, just a contractual one at that. I work on my own hours, all they do is give me the entire manuscript and a set deadline to finish it. It's taken a while since I have to do plenty of editing to said manuscript. There's so many grammatical errors and incomprehensive sentences here and there, that I had to recruit my SO, a writer, to do the editing for me. We agreed to split the pay I get. I was halfway done with the whole book when the typhoon hit and killed the electricity and internet at our place, now I find it impossible to continue until we get it back, because the only place I can get internet is, as I said, my aunt's restaurant, which is absolutely not a conducive environment for audio recording. I just emailed them to ask for an extension.

    Anyway, sorry for the mini wall of text. Enjoy your travels! Allows me more time to calculate what to do next in our chess match mehehe. Merry Christmas!
  14. Sheep
    3 Weeks Ago 7:43 PM
    Have a lovely time in NY! that is so cute oh my goodd, thank you so much Zeo!! Merry xmas! :DD
  15. The Fairy Pokémon
    3 Weeks Ago 1:17 PM
    The Fairy Pokémon
    Thank you for sending it! :-)

    Oh, I hope it's a good movie. I've personally never had any interest in super hero movies, but if I took the time to actually sit down and watch one I might end up liking it.

    I've always lived in the city but somehow I still think I'd be overwhelmed in New York haha. Sounds like it'll be quite the adventure ^_^

    Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss. I know exactly what you mean, it can be especially difficult during the holidays. I wish you strength in dealing with it.

    That's so nice of you to offer ^__^ Yes please!

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