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  1. The Fairy Pokémon
    3 Weeks Ago 12:20 PM
    The Fairy Pokémon
    Thank you! It's been so long that I can't even remember where I found it anymore.

    Oh wow, that all sounds so exciting! That's really awesome, I hope you guys enjoy the trip ^_^ Which movie are you gonna see?

    Lemonade is pretty good too, but I think it suits spring\summer better hihi.

    Well, I think compared to some I've had a decent year. Things in the world are pretty tense right now, but I keep counting my blessings and hoping for a better future. What about you?
  2. Roni
    3 Weeks Ago 9:32 PM
    Worst case scenario is 3 months, best is about a week. Since it's literally already been a week since the typhoon (which btw works exactly like a hurricane yes, I believe they're synonymous), I'd say maybe next week we'll have everything back. Or at the very least before Christmas Eve hits.

    Burgers are always a good choice imo. Sounds like a great time!

    Videos? You mean the tutorial videos I mentioned? If so, I prefer ones without narration, and gets straight to the point with visuals. I don't wanna sit through boring intros and channel announcements, give me the content I asked for straight away!
  3. The Fairy Pokémon
    3 Weeks Ago 3:25 PM
    The Fairy Pokémon
    I love your Cyndaquil avatar ^_^

    Nothing too big or fancy planned for me; just a nice dinner with some close relatives on Christmas, which is probably my favorite part of the holiday haha. How about you?

    I also love the entire holiday season. The atmosphere is just so cozy! (Well, if you can ignore all of the constant Christmas advertisements) Also there's hot chocolate. Lots of hot chocolate :D

    Good luck finishing up your shopping! I know the budget struggle, but in the end it's truly the thought that counts.
  4. Sheep
    3 Weeks Ago 2:07 AM
    Just want you to know I've been on vacation so I haven't been able to check my messages too quickly!! so sorry for slowness ahh
    It's been going well so far, about to head out to nearby grocery to buy food for breakfast tomorrow and then a Korean food restaurant for dinner ~

    she's so cute!! I love her too. The owner of the bed & breakfast hotel we just got out of had a really pretty golden retriever too, he was so fluffy and sweet. :'D

    Alola is lovely!! One of my favorite regions too, I always support getting the games. Maybe I'm forgetting (sorry if we mentioned this, my memory is bad) but did you never play Alola before, or just want to buy a different version to one you had?

    And yes I am \o/ I understand not being too interested in postgame stuff for the games, they're not for everyone, but I like trying to do them anyway just to get more of my money's worth. Plus it's Pokémon so I am addicted. fufu
  5. Roni
    3 Weeks Ago 10:41 PM
    It's basically free internet for me until we have to close up and head home, so 10AM to 5PM usually. Right now it's 2:36, meaning I only have about two and a half hours left before I need to head back to the WiFi dead zone I call my home right now. I'm making sure I'm prepared now though; I downloaded a butt load of YouTube videos that I've missed from the six days of no internet, and plan to enjoy a good chunk of them tonight. Gonna make this a regular thing until utilities come back up and running at my place.

    I always favor quiet restaurants over bustling ones. I just don't feel secure/safe in places where everyone's wild. This is also why I didn't go to many parties in college. I'm glad you guys found a great one :) How was the Mexican food?

    I hate wrapping gifts as well. I turn to Youtube for tutorials if I'm not lazy, but if I am, I just buy bags and shove them in there. That is of course, if they fit in the first place.
  6. Roni
    3 Weeks Ago 7:35 PM
    When the electricity and water come back and everything normalizes in my country again, my family and I will have a little Christmas party where we exchange gifts :D Also I haven't told my partner yet, but I'm planning a vacation for us where we head to the beach~ how about you Zeo?
  7. The Fairy Pokémon
    3 Weeks Ago 4:30 PM
    The Fairy Pokémon
    Hello ZeoStar! Reading your message really put a smile on my face, thank you for that! I noticed that some people have left while I was gone, but I was happy to see a lot of familiar "faces" still around, including you.

    Wishing you Happy Holidays\Merry Christmas as well!
  8. Roni
    3 Weeks Ago 6:52 PM
    It'll take me a while to be able to open this, but thanks so much Zeo! I very much appreciate it :D

    I wish you a very Merry Christmas yourself~
  9. Ninetales
    3 Weeks Ago 2:43 PM
    Taken care of! I archived it so that only mods can see it! :) please don’t beat yourself up though!! I’d say you did an excellent job running the club!
  10. Roni
    4 Weeks Ago 7:43 PM
    I didn't know you could so that, so I believe that was automatic yes.

    I apologize though that I might not be able to make a move for a while (I might actually reach the 5 day limit) because my city got devastated with a typhoon, and getting a stable signal right now is incredibly hard.
  11. Starlight
    4 Weeks Ago 10:23 AM
    You will love it! I haven't been to AEW shows, but I've done a few WWE ones. I loved the live Monday Night Raw I went to, but house shows are even better imo.

    Is the AEW show a house show or a taping?
  12. Sheep
    4 Weeks Ago 7:51 PM
    I haven't beaten the E4 yet either, been too distracted with FFXIV ;w; But we're going on a trip tomorrow around cities/towns down south here, so I'll probably have more time to play then since the internet won't be good enough for MMOs like FFXIV lol

    I hope she likes her gift!! it's nice you got something for her ~ I'm sure she'll like it :3

    and omg. Such a cute kitty. I miss mine so much, but she's with my parents back home, she got so used to our house that I felt bad dragging her on a plane with me. But maybe when we find a place to live permanently (this is just a 3-year job contract) I would take her along. :D

    congrats on beating Cynthia!! Do you think you'll do the post game stuff like catching legendaries?
  13. Sheep
    4 Weeks Ago 6:56 PM
    Yeah... I still wouldn't. I've still also read horror stories of a woman who apparently had like 8 contacts slip behind her eye, she came in complaining about eye throbbing/pain and when they took xrays they found that. Like, what?! I don't care if it doesn't happen often, it's still terrifying. ;-;

    Glad you two are having fun with that ^^ It's always so much more enjoyable to play with people you know! Months for a time limit is pretty crazy though, but I guess not everyone can go online to play daily. For a game that could last that long, I'd be super excited to finally see who the winner is at the end lol.

    And we won't be shopping much this year. I already got a present from partner and he said he only wants a plushie and some books, so we'll probably get that after the holiday shopping busyness dies down lol. Our families live too far away for us to buy things, and shipping them out at this point will take forever. So holiday wishes will do! My family also never know what they want, we're not really the gifting types ahah. Good luck with your shopping, hope it went well!!

    And omg, a random Palkia?! That's pretty epic. I hardly ever get legendaries from random trades :O Did you manage to beat the E4 yet?
  14. Roni
    4 Weeks Ago 2:58 PM
    Oh, I see. I'm glad to be one of the ones you kept :)
  15. Roni
    4 Weeks Ago 2:18 PM
    Wait, have we not been forum friends this entire time? I never noticed...

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