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    Hello, my name is Stoney!
    Yes, that's my actual first name & no, I'm not
    telling you the rest of my name!
    Not that I'm ashamed, it's just for secruity reasons.

    Anyways, I aim to one day be an official delvoper of video
    games, let it be programming, art conpects (which I would
    suck at...) or just brainstorming, whatever I can do to
    help in the delvopment of video games.

    Some of my favorite game series are:
    Pokemon (of course!)
    Mega Man
    Super Smash Bros.

    & I plan to find my soul-mate...
    Although, I'm not going to try any dating site...
    what I plan to do is this:
    "Just do the things you love & true love will find YOU."
    This is a saying I heard somewhere.
    Makes sense to me, because if you're doing the things you
    like best & find someone (preferably of the opposite gender)
    Who also likes doing the same things, a life-long romance may
    very well bloom, for they understand you & you understand
    her/him as well.

    I'm a bit of a philosipher, often thinking on life in general.

    Hey, if any of you want a PM buddy, I'm availble & will
    answer any PM I get ASAP!
    Video games, Pokemon Trading Cards

    Favorite color:

    Favorite foods:
    Pizza, hamburgers, fried fish with tater sauce,
    Hot dogs.

    Favorite drinks:
    Crush grapefruit soda, Mountian Dew of any flavor
    other than Code Red, Sunny D, (orange, strawberry orange,
    peach orange) Simply lemonades (original, raspberry & blue berry.)
    Male ♂
    Also Known As
    Favorite Pokémon
    Normal: Meloetta
    Fire: Ninetales/Delphox
    Water: Milotic
    Grass: Chesnaught
    Electric: Raikou
    Ice: Glaceon
    Fighting: Blaziken, Pangoro
    Poison: Dragalge
    Ground: Groudon
    Flying: Togekiss
    Psychic: Mewtwo, Gardevoir
    Bug: Galvantula, Volcarona
    Rock: Tyrantrum
    Ghost: Mismagius
    Dragon: Goodra
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    Will anypony volunteer to make me
    a Super Smash Bros. themed pony character
    to use for my avatar & sigature?
    For more info, PM me please!


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