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  1. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 12:36 PM
    they didn't have much of a lockdown I don't think, just no more than 50+ people gathered I think? alcohol sales were also permitted after originally being told they couldn't be sold either lol. doesn't seem like people are on the same page @[email protected]

    And no idea! Hopefully the single-dose one. I don't want to come back for two doses and potentially deal with two sets of side effects. I'm a bit worried about getting it cause of that, I know it's the smarter thing to do but I still can't help but be anxious since this is all happening so quickly!

    and yeah! I keep a small bottle of sanitizer with me all the time too, along with sanitizing wipes. It definitely is a relief having those. Interesting that your dad makes it!!

    But things definitely are a bit messy atm yeah. :s I won't even feel safe having the vaccine once I do get it, because this virus mutates and there are different strains, so I hardly will trust the vaccine to protect me from all those. Seems like husband and I are moving to Australia in September though most likely, so at least it's mostly contained over there. Looking forward to not wearing a mask, they break me out :(
  2. Outwitter
    1 Week Ago 10:14 PM
    Unfortunately there are no viable alternatives because each mobile service provider has their own plan and prices, so people are screwed every which way, unless of course they completely disconnect and stop using phones (maybe just using them as modern mp3 players or something).
    Here, the pricing and plans are all the same except one company that gives everything for free. I wonder how are they running it or what backing they have but because of this cheat, the competition has become so cut-throat, that small companies have already vanished and a couple of big ones are already on the losses, therefore the prices are high. These monopoly cheats are destroying healthy competition in my country, and sadly we can't do much about it!

    You're the very first and only person I know of who has that opinion about Eevee xD! No worries, I won't typecast you. To me Eevee is fine, if it's presented to me in a game I'll add it to my collection and evolve it at some point. In Adventures I just thought some of those forms were a tad bit ridiculous, but I get it, we have to see a form for every type. As for that tiger Pokemon I know it, it makes me of old school anime haha so maybe Aethestode was just inspired by an old anime for the design. I think I caught it, am no longer sure. No rush for me as far as Unbound goes :) I'll get to it eventually.
    Kindly allow me to justify my statement regarding Evees. Firstly, I prefer badass mons over cuties, the more badass the better, and secondly, I always go for dual type mons, and Evees' monotyping does not help its case either. Also, catching Pokémons is so troublesome and boring, I have hardly caught more than 15 pokes in any games I have played so far, it's such a waste of time. However, Insurgence and Adventures Red are the only games where I made a detour and captured some prospective mons to utilize them in the future. Oh, I remembered that tiger poke, its name was Raitora, I guess. Maybe it really meant something personal to Aethestode as you have mentioned!

    Yet countries like Britain are still going forward with rolling AZ out despite the reports, what's up with that?
    Vaccine politics and A Billion dollar deals, I guess! : )

    I won't keep someone from wearing a mask if they feel that they need one, but what's happening now where even healthy people are being forced into wearing masks and being sprayed wherever they go is what I am against. Carrying my own bottle of home-made sanitiser is just one way that I'm going against the flow :) because it makes zero sense that everywhere you go, you're going to be sprayed by different liquids which might not even be hand sanitiser. Every time. It's funny you mention people in villages and remote areas, because those people here found more natural remedies to counter Covid! So they're questioning the roll out of the Sinopharm vaccine, seeing no point in being vaccinated because they already have a "cure".
    Well, you live in a society and society has its rules, you know, it's complicated. Beware my friend, going against the flow has its own consequences! However, I'm with you on this... : )
  3. Outwitter
    1 Week Ago 8:41 AM
    That issue of data not carrying over is there for mobile data here too, what a rip off huh?
    Yup. Blatant rip off! A daylight robbery. What buggery is this? : )

    Haha yeah, sadly not all the Adventures "original" Pokemon were exactly marvels of design. The multiple Eeveelutions for example. How far have you gone in Unbound so far, what's the story like? The region? Etc
    Well, design-wise, Eeveelutions in Adventures Red were fine with me, however, I've never been a fan of Evees, so never gave them any serious thought, don't like monotypes anyway. Moreover, I also think that Evees are for girls (my opinion, please don't typecast me for thinking like that! :)). Additionally, there was a tiger like pokemon in Adentures Red as well, design-wise it was so ugly, I wonder why Aethestode included it in the pokedex at all. What was he thinking, seriously? Also, regarding Unbound, as I have said in my previous VM, it's a technical marvel. You will know when you start playing. So many refreshing new upgrades over any other hack made till day; its overall feel and the environment is breathtaking. Just dive in, that all I will say for now. I am currently somewhere near 3rd gym as of today.

    That's insane, even now that has been going on over there? Or now that vaccines are available those drug tests are no longer being done? Over here I haven't heard anything about drug tests, it's mainly been news about the Sinopharm vaccine. All you get is people being told to get vaccinated, but no warnings or information like which ingredients or materials were used to manufacture the product, how many tests (human or animal) have been conducted using the vaccine and also if there are any short or long term health and side effects. Nothing. So I wonder how many people are being smart and are looking into the vaccine online before making their decision.
    Now that vaccines have been introduced, there is no need for that anymore, is it? Reports have come out stating that AstraZeneca's vaccine is causing problems in adults like blood clotting, that's why so many countries are banning it. Also, regarding trials, phase I and phase II trials are already finished for Covaxin, our indigenous vaccine, developed by Bharat Biotech, however, I can't say much about the authenticity of the data presented in those reports.

    One major choice is to not comply with all this, even though there's a chance of getting into real trouble with the authorities. I don't enjoy going into town anymore because I won't be allowed entry into shops or other places if I don't have a mask on. At each place you'll find someone present (usually a security guard) who is ready to spray people with what might not even been proper hand sanitising liquid. But it's not like people are going to stop and question that or demand to know why they can't enter without a mask. They've just complied and gone along with this nonsense. So if I have to step into town I carry my own bottle of hand sanitiser, made by my dad. I'm getting to the point where I'm going confront someone about needing a mask for entry because I am sick and tired of people being so stubborn and stupid.
    Well, there is no harm in wearing a mask in public places. I will happily comply, if it helps in any possible way to break the chain of transmission. I must admit, nonetheless, that it sucks, big time. Good thing that you live away from towns. No one in villages and other remote areas gives a damn about corona. Also, glad to know that your father can come up with home-made sanitizers, as we have to purchase masks and sanitizers from stores. I will advise you to not make a scene because of masks and sanitizers as people nowadays easily typecast others into Covidiots and irresponsible persons if they question the ongoing narrative and think otherwise. How dare you question the authority, eh? You are not supposed to think, just go with the flow, seriously!
  4. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 2:36 AM
    wow @[email protected] I wasn't aware of that! But here in Cape Town/Claremont (our suburb) things have been relatively ok. hopefully easter doesn't change that much... lol

    yeah, I get it. I was super worried too but at this point it's been months since New Yorkers back home have been getting vaccinated, so I'd have had enough time to read up on how the thousands of them have been reacting and if it's safe enough/worth it. Seems to be the case so far. Most of my mom's co-workers are already vaccinated back in the US.

    working from home is great. I'm the same, right now PC is my self-employment and it's been excellent maintaining that from home - commuting to an office a couple of years back was always hell. Can't imagine doing it now. :s

    and yup! can't enter without a mask and someone at the entrance will either spray your hands with sanitizer or there'll be a machine for you to use yourself. New York didn't have the sanitizer section in stores lol, just needed to wear a mask. I think they expected people to sanitize their hands themselves before going in.
  5. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 7:57 AM
    Been okay honestly. Besides a few cases of loadshedding it hasn't been terrible. @[email protected] I was in close proximity to someone who apparently tested positive when bf and I were at a restaurant but he didn't get the text as the one who wrote down his phone when we got in for contact tracing, so we figured it was just someone who passed by on my side of the table beyond the glass outside. that was months ago and no one got sick at all

    yeah, I should be able to travel back to the US fine as a citizen, I'd just need to self-isolate after. and hope you can vaccinated soon, I think it's worth it!!
  6. Sheep
    2 Weeks Ago 2:26 AM
    aaaa sorry I forgot to reply

    we've had a few lockdown phases since then, but right now it's level 1 so nothing massively limiting. there will be some restrictions for easter but nothing heavy I feel (alcohol selling restrictions for the weekend, no gatherings of more than 50 people too iirc) so I'm not sure how well it'll keep cases low enough. I've been eligible to get the vaccine back in the US for months now, so I'll do that as soon as my visa expires and I go back again. fortunately visas were extended a bit thanks to lockdown too, so instead of having to leave May 31 I have until June 31. :D how have things been there?
  7. Outwitter
    2 Weeks Ago 10:06 PM
    How much do you pay for that plan? Prepay? Pay per month? For mobile I just get the bundle which is for Whatsapp, because the "general" data bundles don't last very long :/ but it's all dubiously priced so you're screwed every which way.
    Well, I'm using a prepaid plan, and it costs me around 600INR. A bit costly, but overall balanced, nonetheless. My sole concern with the prepaid plan is that one day's data does not carry over to the other. So, on any particular day, I can only use a limited amount of data and if it's not used, it's lost forever. I'm thinking of switching to postpaid plans. Speaking of which, how's the pricing and plans there?

    Haha, well I guess it's a good thing to have a big game like Adventures Red to keep you busy in the meantime but I think as far as major updates go Unbound might be done for a while. So you might want to push that "special occasion" forward and prepare to dive in, haha.
    I have already started playing Unbound, and I must admit that it is indeed living up to its hype! It's a spectacular hack from whatever I have seen till now and is undoubtedly going to be the one of the ATG hack. The only stuff that I'm missing is the fakemons, perhaps this is the reason I love Adventures Red the most. The prospect of capturing unusual pokemons like, SwampertX, Icy Snorlax etc. maximized my happiness for sure. However, I'll also admit that the Betamons in Adventures Red were an absolute eyesore!

    The recovery rate here has been super high as well, but still the roll out marches on. Covid deaths are something to take with a bag of salt because even those numbers can be cooked up, it's not to say there haven't been people who've actually died because of Covid but how many of them are there? You don't get specifics from the news reports, certainly not mainstream.
    Agreed! To elaborate the matter further, may I bring to light the heinous practice of testing different types of drugs on Covid patients. They were treated with Malaria, AIDS and several other drugs and this is the foremost reason of so many deaths in my opinion.

    Have any side effect reports come out over there in response to the AstraZeneca? Or so far there hasn't been any trouble? The way a lot of governments and organisations have handled this whole situation has been a disaster and I highly doubt they will turn around and change for the better because a lot of damage has been done in terms of social life, education, the economy, travel, health and so on. It really is up to ordinary people to decide whether or not to carry on with all this.
    The issue of side effect is highly concealed here. Nobody knows for sure what is actually happening. What would ordinary people do? What choices do they have, seriously?
  8. Outwitter
    3 Weeks Ago 10:19 PM
    I was offline because we had applied to get ADSL set up at home, so we couldn't use this data bundle type internet that we usually get. But the cost of the modem and installation are the reason for the delay so we switched back to the data bundle net as something to use in the meantime until we have enough money for the modem and installation. But what I wasn't expecting was for speeds to have gotten so lousy since the last time we connected. Can't upload, can't perform major or even minor downloads without having to disconnect and reconnect because the download process freezes or stops completely. Even browsing can take ages. No idea what's going on.
    Oh, that's awful, really! I'm using mobile internet, and they allow 1.5 GB data / day at a reasonable speed for premium plans. This is more than enough for my daily requirements, furthermore, I'm also able to download 3 - 4 movies / week, so, I'm pretty satisfied with my mobile service provider, at least for now.

    Everyone else is likely to be playing Unbound haha, no surprise. I hope my walkthrough for it will do the game justice because it looks to be on the same level (if not higher) as Red Chapter, Clover and others. That's why I decided to hold off until there were enough helpful documents for Unbound available, and I saw that an update came out while I was offline too so I'm glad I didn't jump in when the December update was the only one there.
    You bet! I am saving Unbound for some special occasion as well and hope that it gets some more updates till the time I get my hands dirty with it. Also, I have not yet fully completed Adventures Red, I love it so much I do not want it to ever finish, silly me! (Currently at Siren Side Chapter) :)

    Great Reset, "the new normal", vaccine passports, "green certificates" and so on, yeah, that's what I've been hearing too and I don't see anything normal about any of this, so it baffles me that people call this the new normal.
    Righto!! Just couldn't agree more with you on this. What the heck is this new normal mate, seriously! The recovery rate in my country is around 98%, and I doubt the number of deaths that they are showing as anyone dying these days is dubbed as died of COVID-19, seriously. May the Lord God help us all against this new normal.

    As far as I know the vaccination programme isn't mandatory here as well, the one which is being rolled out is the Sinopharm vaccine from China. None of the other brands I believe, certainly not that Astrazeneca vaccine which is stirring things up from place to place. But things could change, if it looks like not enough people are going for the vaccine it shouldn't be a surprise if government pushes to force people into it somehow. We were under another lockdown between January and a few weeks ago when restrictions were relaxed, but as usual, you never know when the next lockdown will be imposed. I've only heard that some EU countries want to implement that vaccine passport and the UK has something like that available now, I didn't know about them cancelling international holidays. Are your independent news sources also saying the same thing about that UK variant or they've got more accurate information about that?
    We have two vaccines, one is indigenous and the other is obviously the AstraZeneca's. The same here as the majority of people are not going for vaccination, and it is being wasted in some States or so I have heard. No idea about the authenticity of U.K. variant as of now. But one thing is sure, this is being done to force people to opt for vaccination if they have not yet done so.

    My opinion is that no one knows what is going on for sure and everyone is speculating to some degree, however, these forced lockdowns, ultra aggressive vaccination drives with a heavy annual budget, digital certificates, great reset and so on and so forth seems pretty dubious and even sinister to me. Let's see how the future unfolds itself!
  9. Outwitter
    3 Weeks Ago 9:13 PM
    Here's hoping you've been doing okay, how's it going?
    Long time no hear. I am doing good, thanks to the Almighty. I thought about contacting you as well, however, you didn't come online for so long it occurred to me that maybe you have moved on. Likewise, I saw your post on Gaia and Kanlara, congratulations on completing them mate!

    I'm currently working on Pokemon (Old) White and then after that I'll dive into the much hyped Unbound. A lot of helpful guides and documents are now available for it so that will definitely make my work easier.
    I don't know much about Pokemon White, so it's better to not comment on it, however, I'm sure plenty of users will find the Unbound walkthrough immensely useful in their playthroughs. Your Adventures Red walkthroughs have helped me a lot, particularly in the backtracking phase. Good to hear that internet has been restored in your country.

    How are things over there so far? Is the vaccination programme going on?
    They are currently vaccinating 45 and above here. It's not mandatory yet as they are asking for consent, however, the situation is looking grim every passing month. We are told that U.K. variant has spread all over the country and in one state its spread around 81% and all that. One other state has again imposed lockdowns till March 31. The worst is probably happening in Canada and Sweden, I guess. Did you hear about Sweden's digital vaccine passports? U.K. has cancelled international holidays and probably locked all its citizens. Great Reset is what I am hearing about these days! How's the condition in Zim by the way?
  10. Skeli
    January 5th, 2021 8:52 PM
    There are plenty of guides pinned in the Discord server now! You should head on over and check it out!
  11. Outwitter
    December 23rd, 2020 12:51 AM
    Ahh yes, Milly's incredible team. I hadn't figured out the Godzilla references until you mentioned it! I liked Rodan and Zilla, sweet designs, but I won't mind all 4. I don't think they are Orangean but perhaps simply new ancient Pokemon, maybe half Mythical half Legendary.
    Hey, who's Milly by the way? Zilla Bonus chapter was supposed to introduce 4 monsters from Godzilla Monsterverse as pokes. Variants of Tyranitar, Volcarona and Aerodactyl were chosen as Godzilla, Mothra and Rodan respectively. I forgot which one is supposed to act as Ghidorah. Lunos shared a repository for all the additional pokemons that are supposed to be added but with designs and stats, but now I have forgotten where its link is.

    Well if mainstream is all that they've been exposed to all along, with no other alternatives, then it shouldn't be a surprise that they are more likely to just go with what they get. That's why people helping each other get informed is so important now because plenty of information, different opinions, views, sources and so on gets shared around.
    Couldn't agree more! Instead of relying solely on the MSM for the know-how, people should get in touch with each other more, talk more with each other more and trust each other more rather than going at each other's throat. There will always be differences but there might be some reasons for unity and harmony as well if we strive to find them.

    I wonder if you are going to get any help from random players. There is a guy with the username "Golche" who might be of some help I assume. There might be others, but I'm not that regular on PC, so I don't know them all.

    Hey, I'm taking a 10 days break as well. Wish you happy holidays and a prosperous new year in advance!
  12. Outwitter
    December 21st, 2020 4:31 AM
    But now we'll probably never know.
    Exactly! I was itching to get my hands on the orangean variant of Tyranitar that was about to be introduced through Zilla Bonus Chapter. I mean, seriously, how wonderful that would have been; 4 more awesome pokes from the Godzilla Monsterverse being a part of the already exploding roster of orangean pokes. Now it's all over. Maybe he'll introduce these mons in vol. II.

    And you can bet that plenty of people will gladly comply, doesn't matter what health risks are associated with the rushed vaccines.
    Seriously, nowadays people fall for any kind of propaganda! No fact checks, enquiry, personal research etc. Critical thinking is hard, and it takes time and effort, so people usually go for whatever emotional muk they are being fed to through news channels and electronic media. Most of them just comply with the narrative they are being fed and never question it, forget about challenging it.

    Hey, you were talking about writing a walkthrough for Unbound. Have you started working on it?
  13. Outwitter
    December 16th, 2020 11:13 PM
    Unfortunately no exotic mons, they use Kanto Pokemon
    I think I'll pass master trainers! Searching for them one by one is tad troublesome and there are no incentives to do so anyway.

    One of the local banks shifted from cash to cashless in October as a means to limit the spread of COVID, it's so ridiculous. But I imagine that some other major banks might follow and then people will be screwed because electronic money is not reliable and as convenient as people think it is, certainly not here where systems are prone to break downs or being congested. What makes things worse is people are willing going along with this, have been doing so as the year has gone by. You say a decade, which is interesting because 2030 seems to be the big year that we keep hearing about. Why 2030? What about now, today?? Like you I also check multiple sources for news, outside Zim sadly since there's not much to rely on locally. There are independent papers, but they are owned by the same media group so much independence is that exactly, haha? South Africa, just next door to Zim, is experiencing a second wave, and I am a little worried that it could spill over into Zim. They started lockdowns and stuff in March and April, then just like clockwork Zim I'm really hoping SA sorts things out. One wave was enough, the damage has been done on the social and economic sides (on top the inflation issue which we've had since 2018). The news hasn't covered anything about natural remedies yet and I doubt they'd have a proper figure for the recovery rate so at least for your country you've got some facts. I guess what's left is for plenty of people to get informed and help each other get through this because govts aren't going to help.
    We are seeing bank mergers here in India, no case of cashless banks as of now, but they always advise people to go cashless as much as possible. Maybe they are preparing us for the dreadful event. What I personally think is that the more things go cashless or electronic the more we lose autonomy and control as public. It will be very easy to control us that way! If anyone goes against the Government or has views other than that of what the MSM portrays, just freeze his bank account and its over for him. He's screwed. We have just recovered from the third wave, and it's time for vaccines to do the rounds in the MSM, when the recovery rate is more than 95%. It is lethal for those who have their immune compromised or so I have heard. Also, I'm not sure, but I am hearing that they have made vaccination mandatory in the U.K., it is not good right? They should ask us about our consent in this matter, shouldn't they?
  14. Mashirosakura
    December 7th, 2020 2:34 PM
    Hi, sorry for the super late reply, I don't check Pokecommunity very often!
    Marts should be selling Paralyz Heals after Darlene so I'm not sure why you've been unable to find them.
    The Vampire Birthsign burn issue, whilst not a bug or anything of the sort, has proven to be rather annoying and taking damage from it will be removed in future updates so rest assured.
    The level caps were added so that you can't just walk up to a 25 gym with level 40s and just wipe it. I think it's just a lot less fun that way.
    Fly will be available in the next patch.
  15. Outwitter
    December 5th, 2020 9:50 AM
    Maybe they each learn a unique move later on that the other one doesn't. Then again I guess they only differ in looks and design, everything else is the same. Regular Metagross is better for being part Steel so I don't know if you're going to hang onto O. Metagross for much longer.
    They just differ in their looks. I prefer the Fake Gyarados over O. Gyarados because design-wise, the former is neat and to be honest, I find O. Gyarados pretty ugly. I have already dumped O. Metang for good, Rock/Psychic is a junk typing even for a pseudo legendary.

    They are special Trainers who battle using one specific Pokemon which will be Lv255 and you can only battle them if you just have that same Pokemon in your party.
    That's a bit troublesome for me. I hate lickylic and I am certainly not going to capture it, no Sir. So, I guess, this event doesn't suits me. However, if the trainers are having exotic mons then its a totally different story; I'll see if I can cherry-pick.

    Some of the Delta Pokemon evolve by trading e.g D. Golem, D. Scizor, D. Magmortar, D. Electivire etc, how do you get them instead? And by trading did you do it in-game at that trade centre or you have friends who also had the game and you traded by linking online?
    First things first, D. Golem is a trash mon, don't waste your time on it (My opinion, no offences please!). There are much better mons available in-game and of them can be obtained early, e.g. D. Ralts, even though it's a glass cannon, it rocks. D. Scyther is good and it's much better than D. Scizor if you use it with Eviolite. However, there is a way to evolve D. Scyther. Later in the game when you cross the sewers and reach the black market, there is an NPC which is called Witchdoctor. This NPC can evolve you D. Scyther if it is holding a Metal Coat. Regarding D. Magmortar and D.Electivire, you can put your request on the p-insurgence forum. Someone might trade it with you. I got Delta Dratini, Delta Serperior with HA and many more mons this way. But first, you have to make an account on the forum.

    Are there credible independent news outlets over there that can give you proper news? The vaccine is also a dubious subject because how can one be rushed out so soon and yet there hasn't been one for the other major diseases which have killed far more people than COVID has? Plus, aren't there people who have recovered from COVID using other means so far? Would they also need a vaccine? Questions like that should be asked.
    In my country, there are some alternative news channels but they are considered anti-national and dubious by the so-called nationalists! When it comes to news, I prefer to do my own analysis from multiple sources just to get some real information. Left, Right or Centre; it's all politics and self-interest. Noone care for ordinary and common people. You are absolutely right about vaccines. There is no cure for AIDS or Cancer yet they are in so much hurry to bring out this abomination. In my country, the recovery rate is over 90%. So what's the need for a vaccine anyway. Natural remedies are working in most cases, then there is plasma therapy as well. What is really worrying is that in the guise of COVID, the monetary system is changing from paper money to electronic pretty fast. Lots of small business houses are going down yet the big fishes are getting richer day by day in the pandemic times. I really wonder what is going to happen after a decade, how much the world will change and at what pace!!

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