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Korrina and cuteness 4 life!!!! :D

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  1. VisionofMilotic
    6 Hours Ago 12:25 PM
    Hi LadyJirachu,

    Sorry, for the long message. Teehee! I can get a bit excited over new friends,but if these ever get too long just respond to the parts you want no worries :)

    From what I have seen of you to me you seem very kind and cheerful, and I am glad that you have come to be able to see the beauty in yourself.

    Its nice to know that we both have being a vegetarian in common. Any favorite foods?

    Your mom sounds pretty cool. I was wondering if she was a designer when you mentioned the fashion scene. A neat coincidence is that my mom also lived in New York City, I grew up in long island though so I'm not from the same dynamic metropolitan scene, but I love NYC, lucky!

    I think many of us at pokecommunity have had some personal struggles, and it takes courage to talk about your experience with autism. I myself have anxiety, I'm much more shy than people know, and have had bouts of depression even. It has been really interesting hearing about different life situations across the forum, and how Pokemon always remains a shining light for us.

    I feel like our experiences as individuals help bind us as a community here at Pokecommunity, but this is also my general world view too, I'm something of a humanist.

    Its okay if you have outgrown Disney. I'll always be a Disney Princess at heart though I think. The Lion King is a classic and so is Alice and Wonderland. I haven't seen Tangled, but want to eventually. I've heard very good things about it. I like Donna Murphy who sings and acts the role of Mother Gothel, and know her from several Broadway shows.

    Because I love music I was very happy for musicals in Unova. It was really cute. My Servine was perfect for the elegant soiree, since Snivy's line is naturally quite sleek. I wish that dressing Pokemon in clothes had been continued in gen 6, it would have worked well for the contests in Oras. In fact, trainers also should have still been customizable. Dressing up alongside your mons would have been the best. But I really love Poke Amie though, so I enjoy gen 6 a lot. I care most of all about my relationships with my Pokemon and not just battling, the story too.

    Of course you can have one of my shiny Milotic! If you don't mind it not being perfect then we can trade whenever you want.
    I have gen 6 games and gen 7 so which game do you want me to trade it to?

    If you just want a really strong pokemon then definitely get a milotic from September Serpents. They are not shiny, but they are competitively viable all with 5-6 IVs, pokerus, all good natures like bold, modest, calm, both abilities are available I.e marvel scale or competitive. There is still time to enter if you want one of those, the deadline is on the 26th. I bet you would make something cute and imaginative. You might even take home one of the grand prizes :)
  2. Fairy
    6 Hours Ago 12:23 PM
    omg i am soooooo hyped for you to see the profile/flair i made for you i actually can't wait i think you're going to love it eeeeeeeee
  3. Fairy
    8 Hours Ago 9:55 AM

    WHAT DO YOU THINK???????

    I think I haaaavvveeee.... eight? nine? Sylveon plushies hehehe ^^;;;
  4. FlameChrome
    9 Hours Ago 9:07 AM
    Maybe thats how each convo gets to.
  5. Hyzenthlay
    9 Hours Ago 8:59 AM
    What sort of drama? It seems quite placid at the moment. :o I hope no one is targeting you?

    But knowing when to take a break is important! Indulge in the things you love and come back feeling happy. :D
  6. FlameChrome
    10 Hours Ago 7:57 AM
    Thats one way to be open
  7. Fairy
    15 Hours Ago 3:18 AM
    Yeah! I know a few people who LOVE the Kirby anime and would like to join in. I'll have to show you pics of all my Kirby plushies!

    Also, I have another super special surprise for you. n_n It won't be done until late but when it is I have a feeling you're going to LOVE it!!!!
  8. FlameChrome
    15 Hours Ago 2:51 AM
    I havent watched much stuff with her in it, maybe like 1 or 2 episodes
  9. FlameChrome
    16 Hours Ago 1:59 AM
  10. Hyzenthlay
    1 Day Ago 11:03 AM
    Also, congratulations on the pretty blue name! :D Are you enjoying the supportship perks? :)
  11. Hyzenthlay
    1 Day Ago 11:03 AM
    I guess only time will tell if I can have all those children and still be relaxed, haha. xD As well we wanting kids, I'd also like to take care of many animals! :D And aww, thanks Jirachu, same to you!

    Battles are undoubtedly the best part about Pokémon, hahaha, as well as the Pokémon themselves! When it comes to the characters, I think I only ever crushed on Volkner when I was like... nine or something. xD (I just loved moody blondes LOL!)

    Yeah, if Pokémon were real I'd definitely become a trainer! Just think of how much fun it'd be. :D Who knows, maybe they'll make a virtual reality game someday? ^_^
  12. Dragon
    1 Day Ago 5:41 AM
    sorry to hear that dear~ you can chat with me if there's anything on your mind and I can assist with anything o:

    Thanks; I do like Dragons too c:
  13. Fairy
    2 Days Ago 4:52 AM
    then don't worry a bit! I'm currently working on a few profiles / sigs for some other people but I'll make you a true and sexy Korrina profile for you! n_n

    Oh oh! maybe if you feel up to it we can stream the Kirby anime and watch it together? :D
  14. Fairy
    3 Days Ago 4:35 PM
    I don't remember if I mentioned this, but my username before Fairy was actually Kirby! n_n I love that little pink poyo puff. Have you seen the anime?

    an old blog header:
    a kirby profile i made:
    a gif i made:
    a text edit:
    4 color palette pixel art:
    4 color palette pixel art:
    kirby idol animation:
    kirby vector:

    And a whoooooole lot more lol. You're free to use any of them if you feel like it! I don't know if you know this but I actually run a shop in the Art Studio specifically for making profiles/avatars/signatures/post flairs/ etc for everyone! You're welcome to stop be and request a sexy Korrina profile, hehe! :)

    Yeah, the site's been down for me to. I'm sure it has to do with PC's transition to a new owner and some of the updates the dev team is working on. No worries though! I trust it'll be handled soon!
  15. Fairy
    3 Days Ago 8:02 AM
    I have drawn many many many Kirby’s in my time! When I get home I’ll show them to you! My favorite saying ever is: “Kirby is shaped like a friend”. Isn’t that just so precious!!! :D

    Aww, in what way is PC being weird? Maybe I can help?

About Me

  • About LadyJirachu
    Quick Self-Introduction
    I'm in love with Korrina and I don't care who knows! :P

    I also like pearl shipping :3 Ash and Dawn look so cute together to me
    I have a lot to say. I hope people will willingly read it, or at least the parts about my low tollerence to drama. It would mean a lot to me. :)

    Kissing Korrina and lovin' it.

    I also have Autism.

    I also am trying to accept more and more that i love girly things everyday :) My crush on Korrina is comforting when its still hard for me to believe in myself. Though sometimes I just like thinking about her anyways cuz she's just beautiful to me overall ^///^

    I really dislike drama and have very low tollerence of it. I may even avoid making friends with a lot of serena fans (and probably amour shippers as a whole) because I have heard of the drama they can start with people more and more as time goes on. I admit what I probably mostly liked about her overall was her pokemon too (sylveon, who actually is a pokemon i personally like a lot, braixen, and pancham are all pretty neat pokemon IMO). Oh and if anyone here tries to start drama with me, I WILL report them. You've been warned. I want to enjoy this forum and talking about all my favorite pokemon characters in peace without bullies and jerks breathing down my back.....argumentalness has always made me feel rather ill (even when i've been prone to getting dramatic myself due to my sensitiveness).

    I may write a fanfict explaining my own fan theories involving the fighting type sometime. May make for an interesting read :P Things I think i'll add is fighting types like to fight fair, they actually really dislike arguments, they love to compete in pokemon battles in general, and they can have 'fatherly' type personalities.

    In real life, i'm known to draw lots of fan art of korrina. About 90% of all drawings i do in general are pokemon related, even outside all my many drawings of korrina (i tend to draw cuter pokemon too although lucario, blaziken, and classic raichu are also pokemon i find i draw pretty often). Sadly, I still have no way of getting real life artwork online to show my friends and others who wish to see it right now. I hope one day we'll get a scanner; Cuz I do really enjoy drawing fanart. Especially of my crush <3333

    I tend to not draw pictures of pokemon that existed past gen 4 though. (i only have a pokemon drawing guide that goes up to the sinnoh pokemon and i can find a lot of pokemon in general hard to draw; unless they've been ones i've typically draw a lot in general and learned to memorize the designs of :P Pikachu, Pichu, Skitty, and Lucario are some of those pokemon. oh and i've memorized korrina's design to a T.)

    If Korrina was a real person i'd date her in a heart beat, she's just so special to me. If homophobes give us a hard time, ehhh, i think i could blow them off sensitive as i am just cuz i know i really want to be with korrina :3 hopefully if i was with another girl irl and loved her a lot like i love korrina now i'd know how to blow off hateful jerks in that relationship too. Everyday i'm trying to improve my emotional strength. But I still don't want to get in emotional battles with anyone on the internet! So please leave me alone if you like drama or picking on other people >_>; I MEAN IT.

    If you want to join my korrina forum sometime (i don't know when i'll post there again myself though although my friend jackster is trying really hard to make it as drama free as possible now), just pm me. But please be nice if I invite you there (you need a join code e-mailed to you to get in) because i can get easily frightened if bad things happen on there, due to just how much korrina means to me....(and also i get scared by people being generally unhappy around me in general)
    Well, my number 1 interest is probably my crush on Korrina :3

    But i'm also A MAJOR fan of Pokemon in general; And also Sanrio. Both are fandoms i've been following for years, too, and have lots of cute, up beat characters^^

    When it comes to sanrio, i really like hello kitty a lot :3 I find her super innocent, mouthless design calming to look at^^

    Other things I like include My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Lisa Frank, anime, fashion, flowers, being out in nature, cute things i general, drawing (especially doing drawings of korrina <3), dreams and going for long walks with my dog :)

    And getting over my autism and trying to be calm and happy also appeals to me a lot :D And treating others with kindness ^_^

    Also, girl power means a lot to me, too, and i forgot; i'm also a huge fan of the powerpuff girls xD

    But yeah my number one thing is probably still korrina^^ She helps me with my autism and moods so much :) Sometimes just looking at her can make my whole day happy now. Its awesome ^_^

    I'M ALSO A GIRLY GIRL. I had to point that out. I tend to love all things cute, pretty, and pink, and often like characters i consider girly (unless they are characters that attract too much drama overall. i'm not much of a serena fan! used to be, but learning about how awful her fans are, especially amour shippers, REALLY turns me off her character....not saying i wouldn't still watch her eps about tri pokelon if they came on tv, but yeah).

    I'm not a girly girl who enjoys being around drama though. Complete opposite, and also arguments make me want to hide in my bedroom and avoid people. I have done that over arguments before too. So never start them with me :( If you want to 'battle' with me, leave it to fun and relaxing pokemon stuff. I do love those types of battles. And, honestly, mostly those types of battles.

    I also tend to like anime, my favorites are more 'girly' and 'cutesy' ones on average (i especially love sanrio stuff and pretty cure), although I also think stuff like beyblade burst can be fun to watch too. I've actually been keeping up with every episode of that anime on disney XD, so please feel free to pm me if you'd like to talk about it!^^ My favorite character is probably the main character, Vault Aoi, since I enjoy he's cheerful spiritedness. Actually he's a bit korrina like, although i don't find myself attracted to him at all xD he's like all kiddy haha.

    The idea of ever hurting people due to my girlyness has been something that bothered me for years, but thankfully i've been calming down about my fear of that over time and learning I really am not the type of person to lash out and be cruel to others. Whether or not other girly girls are, I don't know, but I sure aren't. I love having friends! Not enemies.

    I like gaming, walking my dog, and going online in my general free time.
    Female ♀
    Super huge Pokemon fanatic (and korrina fangirl too <3)
    Also Known As
    KorrinasPrincess (pokemon showdown)
    Favorite Pokémon
    Pikachu, Clefairy & Lucario :3
    In-Game Name
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    Whats that?
    Go Team
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    You know what this is.
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  • Signature
    ~Number One Korrina Fan Girl~

    I didn't make this but its wonderful and beautiful :3 x3

    Hiyo, i'm Jirachu~<3 Kawaii Pikachu and Jirachi cross, though now my favorite Pokemon character is Korrina; and I crush HARD on her lemme tell ya lol :3
    Jackster is a good friend of mine on this forum so be nice to him please.
    I wanna make other good friends here too ^_^
    Being girly is wonderful!!!!! :D

    And Pokemon is forever special to me :)


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