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  1. Eleanor
    4 Days Ago 2:38 AM
    No Visitor Messages yet? Oh this won't do!

    Hello Angie and congrats for making it to Staff! Here's a slightly more official welcome since I was busy when you were online on Discord yesterday...
    have a double Piplup hehe~


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  • About _confused_piplup_
    Quick Self-Introduction
    I don't know if I am an interesting person or not lol, but it doesn't matter at all! I am here mainly to chat and get to know more things ab
    I am quite an undefined person tbh. I am a transgender girl, who is not in transition yet. It's a complicated matter, because it concerns family, health, ecc. I am just not up to talk about that and honestly, I don't want haters around me, so if this disturbs you, please just block me. I am currently in an asexual and aromantic phase, but like none of your business!
    I am not physically appealing, in case you were wandering lol and I am really tall. Let's not talk about that too lmao.
    I mean, so far this biography sounds quite like a dating app one, but let's just move on.
    I can't say it's my "name", but you can call me Angie. I was born in the 2000 and I played my first pokèmon game in 2007 and it was pokèmon diamond. That's where I met my piplup which was my first pokèmon and it's my favorite, with empoleon who helped me through the whole adventure. Since my first pokèmon game I couldn't stop playing and exploring new regions, enjoying new stories and catching more pokèmon, even tho I actually did for a while lol. It was mainly in 2013/2014 after having played with pokèmon x. Indeed I have never played oras and sun/moon. I bought later pokemon ultramoon which wasn't bad but it couldn't give me the amazing feels I had as a child. In the meanwhile I got way more interested in the competitive part of pokèmon and I'd like to get better at it!
    Other things to know about me? huh, well, I am an only child and a psychology student. My other hobbies are swimming, watching tv series and listening to music, but i have terrible taste lol.
    I also love languages, indeed I am trying to learn Japanese and one day I'd like to improve my French as well and maybe learning even other languages!
    So, you may wander (even tho nobody will read the whole description till this point and yes, I am aware I am just wasting time) why I used the adjective "confused" in my username. I mean, my description sounds pretty plain. I am actually quite funny and ironic, and yes I am precise and serious but I am also hella creative and quite moody. I am pretty much in my own world and fantasies, so that's why I am often seem confused or why people keep telling me to stay more on earth hehe...
    So, I think it's pretty much everything I have to say, if you read till this point, I am giving you some love -> <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    Ya, I should have noticed this space before writing my never-ending description. Sorry people!
    Female ♀
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    I am patient, but not enough to ever find a shiny lol
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    gimmie urs, mine's too long


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