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  1. Sami
    2 Hours Ago 5:22 AM
    Idk what you are talking about I see just some friendly news reporters and their intern cameraWobbuffet.

    I'd say in terms of how nice everything looked, France for sure. In terms of fun had, Poland without a shadow of a doubt. It's also the only country I've been to for longer than a day without any relatives :D
  2. Sami
    3 Hours Ago 4:00 AM
    I would be the worst spy in existence given stealth is "optional" in everything I do hahahaha.

    Yes I have, I've gone to Germany (two times), Belgium, France (3 times) and Poland (2 times, 3rd is coming up next year). :)
  3. Sami
    5 Hours Ago 1:54 AM
    What makes you think that, why are you accusing me of such a thing :(((

    Ah yes the classic NANI?! hahaha.

    Nope, as I am from the Netherlands I also speak Dutch fluently :P
  4. Sami
    5 Hours Ago 1:41 AM
    You can give them to Jerry instead to fund the pyramid scheme. everyone happy in the end! :D

    Thank you I take pride in my powers. Thanks to my yugioh addiction Japanese is soon to follow as I own quite a bit of Japanese cards too :'D
  5. Sami
    7 Hours Ago 11:39 PM
    I uhhhh… oh look at the time I will give you a 100% discount for now how does that sound?

    I have friends in many places. Granted it’s usually the bad words to curse :D

    It really is isn’t it
  6. Sami
    15 Hours Ago 3:41 PM
    Today you learned.. That will be $14.99 then for the lesson :’)

    I speak very little Spanish, that is one of the things that sticks out the most so i add it to my daily vocabulary. Theres also a bit of Finnish, Polish, German, Italian and French in me haha.

    So I picked the username as Sami is a character from Advance Wars and one of my favorites. Her playstyle is heavily focussed on swarming with infantry and then going for cheesy wins and I adore it. Lots of my PC usernames have been of characters I resonate with one way or another.
  7. Sami
    19 Hours Ago 11:30 AM
    ah an MLM scheme, I personally am more of a Pyramid scheme man myself... due to being pyramid schemed before in Stellaris xD
    A perfect masterplan indeed, Jerry is doomed.

    Ah yeah that used to happen, which sucked arse since the same stuff was always asked to me that I got uncomfortable as hell with. It really is no bueno.

    Oh I have my fair share of tests aswell. Especially in the "oi Kuro when do you get a partner" part. To which I just hold up a copy of my favorite Yugioh card up with the middle finger shown to them. I have full faith in it.
  8. Sami
    20 Hours Ago 10:40 AM
    for the factory must grow...

    frame Jerry after getting smacked by the train instead easy.

    Yeah we do celebrate Christmas over here, generally ends up in me playing video games haha. Sometimes it aint fair indeed, but miracles do happen at times so there is hope after all.. just the downside is that patience isn't my strong suit :P
  9. Sami
    21 Hours Ago 9:58 AM
    Efficiency is my middle name, the mere thought of a .1 disruption makes me want to commit warcrimes >:(
    It is treason of the highest possible order!

    Imagine what those 5 dollars would have gotten you! Criminal behaviour smh Jerry.

    Ah yea, understandable to the fullest. I myself have been kinda livin the weekend, not much to do atm. Been lonely ye but it do be like that for now. Can't have everything going my way now can it? :P
  10. Sami
    21 Hours Ago 9:27 AM
    Iron production is very important this is plain sabotage to ruin the factory.

    damn 5 bucks that is crazy, i can't believe Jerry would be such a person :O

    How have you been doin? :D
  11. Sami
    23 Hours Ago 8:13 AM
    I stumbled upon this dillema:

  12. Sami
    1 Day Ago 3:08 PM
    Yaaaa xD

    Yeah we know the little memes from it :P

    oh no mario dies of cringe, poor mario!
  13. Sami
    1 Day Ago 2:17 PM
    I deleted facebook ages ago, after some unfortunate events, never made an instagram or any of the other social media jazz. That stuff aint for me haha.

    i hate it when college forces you to make accounts on sites...

    plausible, very much plausible, given the right situation.

    I only needed to click the link and see the thumbnail... I know more than enough Jacinto... a well known video among my group.
  14. Sami
    1 Day Ago 1:52 PM
    You doubt me in my mukpostery?

    Unacceptable. yeah its been dying for a while and I get like 0 reactions but I keep on going anyways like nothing changed xdd... then again i also now have my own discord hellhole to mukpost in

    I haven't really been able to watch a series or a film... aside from the yugioh anime at times. I usually am jsut too busy... being me :'D

    Well yes the sun is a deadly lazer they're right about that, always has been.
  15. Sami
    1 Day Ago 10:11 AM
    I did not by chance.

    I used that image countless times on Discord, Twitter and what not for like "u wot" reactions xD

    I had a moment like that just now when someone didn't read my card and im going like KJOFHAIOUSFNIOASNFOIS YES GIFT ME THE WIN

    ah yes the rock, ye where the HELL ARE WE

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