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  1. Soul_Silver_pkmnbreeder
    December 17th, 2010 6:20 PM
    Sure, I'll bite. The team as a whole has changed a lot though, look at the thread for the details. I can use any constructive criticism I can get. Keep in mind I only compete in double battles.
  2. Skip Shot
    December 5th, 2010 1:35 PM
    Skip Shot
    Hey, I just took a look at the RMT you posted on PC, and I'd like to discuss quite a few changes with you and some things that can help make the team a lot better. PM me if you're up for it.

About Me

  • About Soul_Silver_pkmnbreeder
    Average person really. Poet, gamer, philosopher, role model to the masses. Philosophy deters most people around here. It's much easier to be a sheep. Not that I'm obsessive, I just think. A rare commodity in nowhere.

    "Human kind cannot gain anything without first giving up something of equal value. This is alchemy's first law, the law of equivilant exchange." -Fullmetal Alchemist

    "I have often wondered why if man loves himself more than other men, why he places more value on other mens' opinions of himself rather than his own."

    Name: Don Twen, Reyson Elliot, prophecyfulfilled, pkmnbreeder, Christian, Cyrano, Montague...Names are like clothes, sometimes you change them to suit the occasion.
    Age: 18
    Sexual preference: My fiance
    Race/Heritage: White, timelord, earthling...(kind of)
    Most missed memory: ...for me to know.
    First thought waking up: Eff you, Mr. Sun.


    Band: Coldplay, John Meyer, Phil Collins
    Composer: mozart
    Genre: pop
    Color(s): deep green
    TV Show: Doctor Who, Avatar: Last Airbender
    Number: 7
    Drink: Sprite
    Animal: Owls..or hawks.
    Season: Spring...right after everything blooms
    Month: April. (see French april fools traditions)
    Holiday: ...don't really have one...maybe April fools?
    Flower: Rose.

    This or That...

    Sunny or Rainy: Thunder and lightning.
    Chocolate or Vanilla: ...this should be next to "sexual orientation".
    Fruit or Veggie: Veggie, unless it's an apple.
    Day or Night: Night, duh.
    Sweet or Sour: Sweet.
    Love or Money: love, wouldn't anyone pick this? Or am I the only Cyrano among the masses?
    Phone or In Person: Person.
    Poor & Happy or Rich & Miserable: Poor and happy. I'd much rather be with the love of my life and eat a meager meal and do without heat for a night than to be rich and alone. (speaks from experience)
    Looks or Personality: Personality.
    Coffee or Tea: Kool-aid.
    Hot or Cold: climate control.


    Marriage?: I hope, I better.
    Kids?: One, as long as he/she's healthy.
    Do you want to go to college?: Yup.
    What do you want to be?: High School Computer Science Teacher

    Do you...?

    Dance in the rain?: only when it pours.
    Smoke?: Nope, don't plan to.
    Drink?: again, kool-aid.
    Like storms?: More thunder and wind the better.
    Curse?: sometimes.
    Sing?: yes.
    Sing well: no.
    Play an instrument?: nope.


    Right or Left Handed?: Right.
    Bedtime?: when I get tired.
    Biggest fear?:the demon that visits me at night. (no joke) .....
    What do you fear the least? the apocolypse. God will have his hand, and I will watch. That's when all of the people who doubted Jesus will look up and say, "WTF?!?! The lucky -symbolic language- was right!"
    3 things you can't live without: love, Square Enix, body, Doctor Who
    Siblings: three....ugh.
    Pets: two dogs.
    For or against gay marriage?: as an american, for. as a christian, against.
    Thoughts on abortion: depends. for the hell of it, against. because it will be very sick, I.E. massive brain dammage or loss of two or more limbs or something like that, for.
    If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?: With my girlfriend. She's my world.
    Wear contacts/glasses?: Nope.
    Afraid of the dark?: nope. btw D2K, I was probably that chainsaw guy. You ever seen the movie "wrong turn"?

    *thanks D2K for the chart thingy.*
    Male ♂
    Favorite Pokémon
    Togekiss, Drapion, Hitmontop, Magnezone, Empoleon, Dragonite
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    Currently trying to figure out how to use the Pokemon sprites I have in my signature. I can upload one, then it deletes the prior with the new one. Help via PM is much appreciated.
    A tad confused.


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