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Commander Saturn

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  1. Soaring Sid
    4 Days Ago 2:02 AM
    Soaring Sid
    It means a lot, thanks Commander! We are safe, yes.
    Sending positivity your way too, hope you stay safe and stay happy.
  2. Trainer
    6 Days Ago 11:33 AM
    le gasp
    2 words in username!
  3. SaboLonzo
    2 Weeks Ago 12:14 PM
    I know we wrapped up the conversation earlier. I wanted to send this capture of the Mew being Judged in case it's enlightening in any form.
  4. SaboLonzo
    2 Weeks Ago 11:27 AM
    You as well.
  5. SaboLonzo
    2 Weeks Ago 11:18 AM
    Thank you so much Saturn. You've been a wealth of knowledge in this dense forest of mystery. I really appreciate it. I'll check there next. And I'll make sure this Mew stays on this Switch. :)
  6. SaboLonzo
    2 Weeks Ago 11:14 AM
    It's values have numerical values btw. nothing like "good", "best" or anything. I'm assuming that's what you're referring to with that aspect.
  7. SaboLonzo
    2 Weeks Ago 11:11 AM
    I see. I can say that it has a pink ball and 2 little stars in it's profile when I'm inspecting the Mew. If that's the case I'll re-grind under another profile and clear the game again...unless I have a save I can scum and maybe route it through Pokemon Home back into my primary profile?
  8. SaboLonzo
    2 Weeks Ago 10:59 AM
    Please disregard the question. I figured how to read the previous questions and I see now your concern. I'm totally unaware of all the market tricks and traps. thank you for looking out for the community. How would I know if it is legitimate though? the Mew that is.
  9. LukasM
    2 Weeks Ago 10:57 AM
    Ok sorry
  10. SaboLonzo
    2 Weeks Ago 10:56 AM
    Might I ask why a shiny Mew isn't allowed to be traded on the server? I'm new to the forum as well as the new generation of Pokemon (I came from the days of red and blue lol). I appreciate your insight and will be sure to follow guidelines in the future.
  11. rhinococo
    2 Weeks Ago 2:28 PM
    and can you just delete the thread and sorry bout that cause i didnt know
  12. rhinococo
    2 Weeks Ago 2:26 PM
    i have a question. why cant shiny mew be requested or traded on here
  13. rhinococo
    2 Weeks Ago 2:17 PM
    can you send me the thing in the dms. i cant read all of it. and can you tell me what i did wrong?
  14. Soaring Sid
    4 Weeks Ago 6:08 AM
    Soaring Sid
    I'm grateful, Commander! And wish you a good time :)
  15. Pia Carrot
    March 1st, 2020 2:18 PM
    Pia Carrot
    Thanks, happy to be a part of the team!

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  • About Commander Saturn
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    I have an extremely unpleasant personality.
    Just a selfish villain that wants nothing to do with you.
    Canalave City
    Male ♂
    Team Galactic Commander
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    Izaya Orihara
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    Go Team
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    Commander Saturn
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    Simply put, I love humans.
    Think about it humans are the most interesting creatures you could hope to find.
    And when I said humans I meant all humans, not just you specifically, important detail.


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