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  1. Lazy Catalyst
    June 2nd, 2018 2:32 AM
    Lazy Catalyst
    Kalarie bro is it possible to create an entire new tileset in fire red?
    I want it for the desert environment in my hack
    Please reply
  2. Lazy Catalyst
    May 18th, 2018 7:07 PM
    Lazy Catalyst
    kalarie bro,
    can you please help me with mega evolution
    How do i mega evolve a pokemon in firered?
  3. Lazy Catalyst
    May 14th, 2018 3:40 AM
    Lazy Catalyst
    kalarie bro,
    Thank you very much for your help my sprites are appearing perfectly in fire red 1.0
    but I am not able to add my sprite at the end, I had to insert it between some sprite
    Anyway its working now!
    Thanks again!
  4. Lazy Catalyst
    May 12th, 2018 8:56 PM
    Lazy Catalyst
    I downloaded you orange league ROM yesterday
    It is so cool bro
    How did you inserted new trees and player's house in map?
    Plz tell
    And I also noticed that your sprite palette is also messed up in Advance map but it is looking perfect in game
    I also inserted my Tracey's sprite near players house to check if it will work, it looked perfect in game
  5. Lazy Catalyst
    May 11th, 2018 10:26 PM
    Lazy Catalyst
    Kalarie bro,
    As you said I opened fire red v1.1 in OWM but no tables are apoearing
  6. Lazy Catalyst
    May 11th, 2018 3:44 AM
    Lazy Catalyst
    Sorry to bother you
    Can you write me a simple elevator script?
  7. Lazy Catalyst
    May 11th, 2018 3:29 AM
    Lazy Catalyst
    Thanks kalarie,
    As you said, it is not correcty displaying the palette in game also

    Anyway thanks
  8. Lazy Catalyst
    May 10th, 2018 10:26 PM
    Lazy Catalyst
    Hi kalarie,
    I am a new hacker, I am 15 years old. I just started a few weeks ago
    When I was adding my own sprite-
    I added in Emerald Rom with Overworld Manager, It is a type 1 with 9 sheets.
    I successfully saved it to the ROM.
    Then when I opened it in Advance Map its whole pallete just changed but I decreased colour depth to 16 colours with the Infranview, So I don't know what happened! And when I opened my ROM the player's sprite is standing at the place of my new sprite
    So plz HELP
    Here is the images
  9. Inner Rhymes
    January 6th, 2018 11:54 PM
    Inner Rhymes
    Yoo! Is pokemon orange still in development?
  10. Christos
    December 5th, 2017 12:46 PM
    we don't delete threads on request, but I've closed the thread!
  11. Daman
    November 9th, 2017 2:27 PM
    Oh, I can't view that zip file on your onedrive now, actually.

    Sure, I'll do that, thank you! ^^
  12. Daman
    November 9th, 2017 8:54 AM
    Hey Kalarie, do you have OWs for Jessie and James?
  13. hiscio
    October 27th, 2017 8:03 AM
    and why not create a discord account for your rom hack
  14. hiscio
    October 27th, 2017 7:55 AM
    are pokemon sprites for pink and orange pokemon
  15. hiscio

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