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  1. twistedpuppy
    August 26th, 2009 6:49 PM
    What nature is your TRU Regigigas?
  2. El Héroe Oscuro
    June 26th, 2009 2:56 PM
    El Héroe Oscuro
    I can get you a Male Nidoran, Charmander, Shuckle, Tediursa, and Male Horsea if you want.
  3. conesorcups
    June 25th, 2009 5:39 PM
    Gonna spam up my profile here too eh? XD

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  • About XxMurderingQu33nXx
    Hey..Im Micole theres alot about me youd probably wouldnt get so im not going to tell you anything that may conefuse you in any way but...I will tell you deatails about myself and some of my theorys. I am 14 years old and will be 15 in October im going into to the hellish 9th grade at the hellish school Nicollet Junior High that I go to, I hate the school in every way, shape, and form but I wont go on about that. I like to do a variety of things but it all depends on who I am with and if im feeling right or not. Alot know me as one who sucks at sports and sits in my basement all day playing video games well...thats not all me I can play sports to and possibly get good at it, but is that my main goal no to I shall not focus on it, I am sorry to dissapont you if you were thinking oh hes black hes supposed to love and be good at sports well ykno wat?!?! you can go find another damn black guy and cherish him instead and me...well i wont care one bit. Music I like to listen to can range from Rock - Black Metal but i love screamo and regular rock the most. Some rap is good but alot of the time its really way to repetitive for me all they really talk about is drugs,money,how crapy there parents were, how they lost there ****,cars,and how many *****s got shot -_-. I heard a saying once on rap I think it was...
    but hey I wont critisize you rap loving fans out there cause some of it I like to its just cant be trash. I do not watch must tv, mostly beacuse i do not have cable. I dont listen to that KDWB,B96,93X, and stuff as much as most people do just beacuse I listen to my music online and there are plenty more stations."Well you play Video games you can at least tell us wtf you play!!" xD Ill play just about any game system Ive been trying to get ahold of a PS3 for so long everytime I try I fail my last attempt was on ebay and I kept getting outbid constantly so I gave up for now. Right now I went back to playing my Wii and
    DSi on Wii I play ACCF,and SSBB, DSi I play pkmn Platinum and ACWW. I hope one day I get some sort of job with electronics but i have many other carrers id like to get into such as Writing, and being in a band or something.
    My Style is something I always would either twist up or sme sort in my life it may not seem like it but its pretty important to me which is why when someone asks me why dont you just buy clothes from Walmart or Target if you dont have much money I say im sorry but I would like my clothes to last me at least a week. The only place where I mostly buy clothes is hottopic yes the store where all the creepy people dwell, and 3yr olds have nightmares for years from being in there xD. If you wanna know what I wear at home incase your some creepy stalker or something is I wear usually my huge I love NYC shirt and grey or black short shorts....and socks. I wont tell you what I wear to sleep dont need to know that!!!! =P thats alot of me for now Ill post other things below...

    My Life Currently.
    lately I have been really deppressed and I mean majorly dont get the wrong Idea saying uh oh another emo kid except....hes black cause your getting the wrong image. Threw out June...July..of 09 I leanred that you cant trust anyone and dont let anyone get your hopes up no matter how much you love them, or how much they never lie, or how much they never let you down. Cause it can take one situation to lose one heart..and the only one you have. I fell for that situation...again yes I guess i have been walking around as a heartless freak beacuse i seem not to have a heart for anyone anymore. Some people say you can change your life only if you want to and if you do it will change but look at it this way since you prolly want me to be your (typical black guy) ill put it in this form, you in a bball game theres 30seconds left the score is 32-50 final quater and youll win 1mil with that one mil you will help your girlfriend get surgery for her...heartcancer? idk but anyway its not the best example I admit but you surely can try to play your best at the end for once you lose its odne the dissapointment will come right back at you sooner or later. Thats kinda like the situation im in right now....She cant come. Its been bugging me for awhile now no matter how much I try to move on with it but its rediculous its something you cant go into society and just forget you walk outside and you see people happy together and your heart just falls beacuse you cant have that...There are many things holding you back, religion,church,age,parents,friends, and so on. Things are tough. It always seems like they good die early and the bad live forever. The sad are always the ones who are being looked down on and the rich and happy get it all which is why I now discrase most of the happy out there and I will now cherish the sad beacause I can feel there pain, it may be a complete different situation...but we are all going to go down the exact same rode...deat
    Playing Pkmn, Animal Crossing WW, Super Smash Bros Brawl, listening to music, reading manga and vamp books, Writing, and sleeping.
    Male ♂
    Favorite Pokémon
    Raichu and Typhlosion. Ill list more later


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