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  1. LadyJirachu
    5 Hours Ago 9:43 AM
    Totally joining <3 thanks
  2. VisionofMilotic
    1 Day Ago 8:54 AM
    That is really nice of you. I thought it would be a fun event for Valentine's Day, one of my favorite times of the year. l will check out what you have to say in the club soon. You always contribute so much to many different sections of the forum.

    Peace out,

  3. Hyzenthlay
    1 Day Ago 10:41 PM
    I long outgrew my fictional/celebrity crushes, and I don't have any anime ones. xD I guess I only ever saw Pokémon characters as kids so there isn't really any attraction haha. But there are certainly characters that appeal to me so this could be fun!

    Also those technically are spoilers, because I didn't know anything about champions or facing Ganon! :p
  4. Hyzenthlay
    3 Days Ago 1:24 AM
    Oh, I'd better not watch that video actually, since I'm trying to avoid as many story-related spoilers as possible! Sidon does seem to be a really likeable character though. I'm looking forward to the Rito as well, they look sooo good in this game (plus I'm crazy about birds!).

    I'd have no complaints with an A:tLA style anime! That'd be really cool and I can imagine fans going crazy over it. Especially if it delved more into OoT's story! (That game is pretty dark compared to others though; imagine ReDeads and other creepy enemies... *shivers*) Oh well, I guess Princess Mononoke is the closest thing I'm going to get to a Ghibli Zelda, haha. But since finding this fan-made cover, I can't get over it!


    Horse taming sounds fun! I love riding mounts in games. In Twilight Princess, my favourite thing to do was fight moblins while riding Epona. :p

    I love the new Zora designs, especially those of Mipha and Sidon. Well, minus the short legs, haha. I hear there are lots of references to past games in BotW. I'm still trying to avoid as many spoilers as possible though, especially after hearing that Mipha dies (which I hope isn't true!). D:
  5. Miss K
    3 Days Ago 11:27 PM
    Miss K
    Ha! Thank you again!
    I saw they had the Pokemon on Netflix but I wasnt sure which was the one I knew (I figured we would start with that). It was always just Pokemon when I knew it, so I had no idea it was the Indigo League one (shows how much I paid attention to anything but how cool the battles were and cute the Pokemon were. I couldn't say without watching again which gyms there were or even characters other than Brock, Oak, Misty, Ash, Nurse Joy, and Officer Jenny...

    BUT... I hope to change that watching with my little girl!

    I'm looking forward to being able to pick up on those kinds of things now (like you mentioned with Ash being dense) since I obviously missed so much as a kid (I love watching old cartoons and seeing what I missed or didn't catch/understand.
  6. MysticalNinetales
    4 Days Ago 12:25 PM
    Alright, sure thing! ^-^
  7. Epilogue
    4 Days Ago 10:20 PM
    I just saw your post! :D Glad to see another Ocarina of Time fan around here! *high five*
  8. Hyzenthlay
    6 Days Ago 10:18 AM
    Yeah but it's kind of painful. xD Everyone knows the "Well Excuse Me, Princess!" meme haha. And the notorious Mario Bros. series, we have some of that on DVD and it's fun to watch just to mock it! But what I really want is a Studio Ghibli-esque Zelda anime. :P

    Me neither, although I still hype over games, especially Zelda! I thoroughly enjoyed Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, so I'm sure I'll love Windwaker. As for BoTW, I hear it has its flaws, some which I have my reservations about, but the game looks so amazing and expansive. Really wish Spyro Reignited will come to Switch, looks like my dream game. :(
  9. Hyzenthlay
    6 Days Ago 9:39 AM
    I've played most of the 3D titles, with the only exceptions being Wind Waker and BoTW. Which I definitely intend to play at some point! Skyward Sword is my favourite though—with less blurry textures and no motion control needed, it'd be perfect. <3 I think Legend of Hilda would be awesome. I love Ravio so much and would love to play as him!

    What are your thoughts on the new Link's Awakening Remake? :D The Mario references threw me off completely lmao. It has a very ALBW feel to it though and I can't wait! The trailer's intro made me deeply yearn for a LoZ anime. </3
  10. Hyzenthlay
    6 Days Ago 9:14 AM
    Lol I actually don't follow the Olympics at all, but that Pokémon medley is so intense, I think it'd be really cool if they did play something like that!

    I absolutely adore Skyward Sword so that second video is a real treat! <3 Brings back the best memories! I have to agree, Nintendo's music is one of its most winning factors, but I also love the franchise for its stories and graphics (I really don't like realistic graphics because they usually look ugly and grainy to me haha, I prefer the cartoonish look with warm lighting!).
  11. Lycanthropy
    1 Week Ago 2:28 AM
    Short answer: nope.
  12. Epilogue
    2 Weeks Ago 9:28 PM
    Hahaha, you know I'm biased for any option involving the Fishing Rod. xD

    I think Plan C sounds like the most fun to try out, and it also sounds the most rewarding if we could manage to pull it off as intended! Let's see if everyone else is on board with it. :D
  13. Fairy
    3 Weeks Ago 12:29 PM
    Yeah I’ve been down the OoT road so many times that getting 100% is pretty easy. I’ve never tried to speed run it because OoT is so nuanced with tactics that I’d practically have to relearn to play, but as far as just having seen and done it all goes, there’s no challenge. Majora’s Mask on the other hand seems like it would be a great glitchless speedrun. That sounds fun af.
  14. Fairy
    3 Weeks Ago 6:56 AM
    I periodically watch OoT play throughs too, even though I have like three versions of the game lmao. :p

    I’d even argue that The Great Deku Tree and Malon played a larger role than Zelda, tbh. But I think you’re on point with Zelda being Sylveon, if only because the way Dark is presented in Japan is in opposition to Psychic, or Spirit.
  15. Hyzenthlay
    3 Weeks Ago 7:06 AM
    Poor Felix is out of commission. D: Not sure if I'll be able to help much even with the Oran Berry, but we'll see!

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