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  1. (Feebas)
    October 20th, 2021 4:00 PM
    That's okay! I'm feeling that entirely. I hope it has gotten better for you ^^
  2. (Feebas)
    September 1st, 2021 12:49 AM
    I agree! How has life been treating you?
  3. Bug
    August 27th, 2021 9:04 PM
    Hello!! Well how could you guess LOL

    I really like Scolipede! I have a lot of good memories of gen 5 and it's such a cool one. What about you? Whats your favorite bug type/type in general?
  4. (Feebas)
    August 25th, 2021 5:57 PM
    I agree with you there! I'm excited to see what else the games bring... and it makes me wonder if they're going to make an appearance in the D/P reboots as well 0-0.. maybe new fossil pokes?
  5. (Feebas)
    August 22nd, 2021 11:56 PM
    Glad you're understanding of that ^^

    and I saw that. Any of the new forms your favorite?
  6. (Feebas)
    August 20th, 2021 5:10 PM
    Ah, yes! I would LOVE to see all of those, especially Dusknoir, Mismagius, and Luxray. I'm a sucker for those three evo lines. (Sorry for the delayed response - work has been quite chaotic lately).
  7. (Feebas)
    August 16th, 2021 3:27 PM
    Right? Any specific Pokemon you're hoping for?
  8. Corveone
    August 15th, 2021 5:17 AM
    :) You're welcome.
  9. Nah
    August 14th, 2021 1:09 PM
    doing alright, how are you?
  10. professor plum
    August 13th, 2021 1:18 PM
    professor plum
    Whatever you want!! As long as it’s compliant with our rules (which are p lax) you’re good!
  11. Nah
    August 13th, 2021 11:56 AM
    hi there
  12. professor plum
    August 13th, 2021 10:44 AM
    professor plum
    hi there! welcome to the community!!
  13. Megan
    August 12th, 2021 9:02 PM
    Thank you! I hope you'll have a great time on PC! ^-^
  14. FeraligatrMaster
    August 12th, 2021 12:22 PM
    I think Chesnaught has the best design out of its line. I disliked Chespin at first because I didn't like its design, but when I got a super cute plush of it, I warmed up to it. As for Quilladin, I think it looks a bit awkward, but I don't dislike it.

    Regarding Grass starters, Venusaur is my favourite, followed closely by Sceptile and Serperior. Decidueye would probably be my fourth favourite Grass starter. After that, it gets more difficult for me.
  15. (Feebas)
    August 12th, 2021 10:43 AM
    Mega Evolutions like the ones we already have? Or are you hoping for more megas to be introduced?

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