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  1. TheSnivyMaster
    June 24th, 2014 5:53 PM
    Fleshed out my character a bit more. Also, I can't pick anything better than Umbreon. Sorry, but that's my decision. .-.
  2. TheSnivyMaster
    June 24th, 2014 3:38 PM
    Hey! I decided to take your suggestion and polish up my character. I'm sure that I need to do a little bit more work, but I fixed what I think was the problem.
  3. TheSnivyMaster
    June 24th, 2014 2:35 PM
    Take a look at Genome! I'm quite excited to begin.
  4. Mana
    June 7th, 2014 10:21 AM
    This post is an OOC post, in the IC thread. I would recommend deleting it and informing your players in the OOC.
  5. eeveemorph
    June 6th, 2014 1:50 PM
    you can at least answer me
  6. eeveemorph
    June 6th, 2014 1:44 PM
    do you want me to improve my sign up or are you kicking me out all together
  7. Mana
    June 5th, 2014 10:03 PM
    Here is a copy of your IC. Please check it, edit, improve etc. Resubmit it when it's ready :).

    Gently with a scapel, the doctor cuts a chunk of tissue out of the poor ditto's carapace. Dr. Arnold Greyson was a top grade veterenarian. While in the past he would have dreamed of being on the brighter side of his occupation (taking care of pokemon and seing the smiles on their trainer's faces) he got the short straw; most of the time, he performed necropsies. It wasn't that he didn't have the aptitude to heal pokemon and not have such a grim and morbid job, the case was that he was stationed in...the less prosperous part of Veilstone city. Try as he could though, he couldn't hate himself for having such a depressing job. All that mattered to him was whether or not he could carry out his veterinary duties. He took a few more samples from the poor ditto and put them into their respective testing machines
    The ditto had been shot by a careless man at about 5 PM of that day. Greyson could tell that this was the case, even before being explicitly by his jerk of a supervisor. He pitied the ditto, but little did he now that the little blob would change his life. An hour of watching Seinfeld passed, and Arnold decided to get off his couch and examine the samples. The blood samples weren't anything special, and neither was the forensic diagnosis: Some idiot from the inner city had a ditto, he didn't feed it or take decent care of it. It got outside one evening (probably in an attempt to escape its awful life), it was mistaken for a mightyena, and some redneck put a slug in the poor pokemon. Nothing special. Greyson was hoping that this specimen wouldn't be a complete and utter waste of time. In all honesty, he was hoping that there would have been complications or the like. He disappointingly glanced at the result sheets and trudged off to watch more seinfeld.
    ...just after the familiar ding of the enzyme analyzer came up. Greyson turned his head and practically dashed towards the big machine (that cost him 100,000 poke.) There was a line of text on the analyzer's monitor:

    “New Protein analyzed: 450XT-isotope 5. Beginning replication...”

    A wide smile began to curl on Greyson's face. Not saying a word, he grabbed a chair and watched the red percentage sign increase slowly. Another ding came around, and a vial filled with a lightly translucent, white fluid popped out of the machine. He slammed a sample under the microscope and began fiddling with the new enzyme...

    The 450XT type enzymes were nothing new to Greyson. Practically every geneticist and pokemon veternarian knew that these series of enzymes were exclusive to dittos. They modified the ditto's flexible DNA to modify its genome and accelerated protein synthesis. In layman's terms, without this enzyme, Dittos wouldn't be able to morph, and would just be big wads of gum with eyes and a mouth. Currently, isotopes 1-4 had been identified successfully, however, those enzymes could only accelerate the ditto's transformation into another pokemon species, not modify the genome so that they could transform. Isotope 5 would have been discovered long, long ago had it not been so hard to get. It was masked by a particularly annoying lipid in ditto's endoplasm. However...this ditto was different. It couldn't produce that lipid. Maybe it was because it was malnourished, or its parents were malnourished and didn't produce a genetically precise offspring. It didn't matter to Greyson though. He had struck gold.
    After running some more tests, he indeed had confirmation that this was the enzyme that morphed ditto's DNA. Ratatta embryos injected with the enzyme had their DNA scrambled nearly instantly. He was overjoyed to know that this would get him notoriety beyond that of Professor Oak or Sycamore or Birch or any of those other bastards at the top of the food chain. He reclined in his desk chair and stared at the ceiling, grinning smugly at his success. Soon, the fame that this discovery would bring him concerned him he was thinking about the application...
    Six years have passed since that day. Greyson immediately quit his job and got some shady funding for his little venture, along with some old time college buddies. Day and night he toiled to get his Frankenstein to live and breathe, and as he got closer every day, investors got more and more interested. Funds were being thrown at him left and right. His tiny office in veilstone got larger, staff and scientists came flooding in to help him in his quest to access the magics of 450XT-isotope 5. Today, he holds a lovely office in Castelia, and his penthouse is just above it. It is estimated that the tiny Greyson company (founded in 2008 with a value of 20,000 poke) is now worth 2 billion poke. Nearly no-one knows about the shady dealings that go down in this crackhouse of a science lab; only Greyson, his employees, and some very close investors do. All set aside though, on January 15th, 2014, Greyson's dream had finally been realized.
    One of his most trusted scientists (Colress, an ex-team plasma member.) had developed a working prototype of a very special little serum. It was a virus suspended in green goop, really, but that virus can go into a person's cells and instantly start fiddling with their DNA. With a bit of time and a bit of metabolic acceleration, that person can be permanently, mentally, and physically turned into a pokemon. However, this couldn't be any designatable pokemon. As Colress and Greyson would learn in testing, the virus would oddly enough, turn the host into the pokemon that it's personality(and physical appearance, to a lesser extent)most resembled. To this day, Colress is trying to figure out the whys and whats, but the pokemon that the host turns into can be predetermined with a bit of science.
    It was unanimous, the new 'Transubstance Blood' needed to be tested. Greyson's subsidiaries would capture everyday people (mostly adolescents and young adults), take them into one of the many testing facilities set around all 6 regions, inject them with the serum, and then watch the magic happen. Usually, the full transformation takes 5 long, and somewhat painful hours to complete. The tests documented how certain transformations occurred, and how the patient's personality and appearance changed with the passing of time, but there was also a secondary purpose; the tests soon became a social experiment. Focus was put less and less on how the transformation took place, and it soon became about how the transformation affected the person. How would they react if the tester was in the room, or outside of the room? What happens when the test subjects are placed in their pokemon's respective habitat? How would they interact with other pokemon, or other humans, or other transformees? These questions and more became the focus as the experiments went on.
    You are among one of these test (un)lucky individuals who got to be turned into pokemon. You may have been outside in the park when you were captured, or strolling outside of one of the Greyson companies many buildings when you we're caught, you may have been home when they came for you, or it could have been night or day. Most importantly, though, your abduction was never observed by anyone but the cold staff of the Greyson Company, and your life would be changed (for better or for worse) forever by what followed...

    Unmentioned rules:
    1.Follow all rules mentioned on the rules post
    2.immediately after being captured, a physical will be done on you, along with a personality test. Usually, it should take no longer than 3 hours.
    3. TRANFORMATIONS WILL BE NO SHORTER THAN 4 HOURS AND NO LONGER THAN 6 HOURS. I cannot express how important this factor is.
    4. All players will be held acountable for their own transformation. What that means is that they will narrate their own changes, and they will be very careful to make sure that the transformations are:
    *Paced out evenly (what this means is that, you wouldn't just sprout a tail. The tail would grow out over a period of time. There can be exceptions to this, but use them with discrecion
    *Not too gruesome or painful (use blood as little as possible. Gore will not be tolerated)
    *Not completely stupid
    *Both mental and physical (if I were to turn into a poochyena, for instance, my appearance would not only become more dog like and canine overtime, I would also start to think like a puppy and have a craving for bones and such.)
    5. Be sure that your character will be turning into a pokemon that matches his or her personality and attributes (E.G. a goodhearted individual wouldn't turn into a gengar or a scrafty; a 4 year old wouldn't turn into an embroar.)
    6. NO LEGENDARIES (no exceptions)
    7. After testing, your character will be stripped of all clothing (except for underwear of course. If theirs are exceptionally gross then they'll be given replacements) and be thrown into a testing chamber. This chamber is plain white, and contains the following:
    *A hidden door for personnel to enter
    *plain white walls, a white linoleum flooring, and a plaster ceiling. All of the mentioned are reinforced so that nothing can get in or out.
    *a one way mirror for observation. Several, well hidden security cameras.
    *two feed bowls; one for <insert type> (Fire, dark, grass, electric...) food formula, and another for water.
    * a bin of pet toys to keep the subject busy if it ever gets bored.
    *a water tub (if the pokemon is a water type).
    *test room is the size of a small, 2 person hotel room. It can be larger or smaller depending on the amount of people or how large the pokemon is.
    8. As mentioned earlier, test subjects do not have to be in a test facility. They could be dropped in the natural habitat that their pokemon would live in (a sandile would be dropped in a desert)
    9. Two test subjects can be housed in the same cell. If one roleplayer would like to be dropped into another roleplayer's test cell, then that would be fine. The maximum amount of people allowed in a room at once is 5. Feel free to advocate a GM if you want more peeps in a cell.
    10. The tester will be played by the game master.His or her job is to make sure that the test subjects aren't getting into trouble, to take observe the experiment, and to provide emotional support. If he or she is being abusive,godmodding, or just pissing you off, you have every right to tell him or her that He or she is doing a bad job, to leave, or to do both.
    11. The sky is the limit. Feel free to do anything that isn't restricted by your rules list, just use common sense and good judgement. If it isn't cool, then a GM will tell you that you're doing it wrong, and you won't get thrown it. If you're experimenting to annoy us, then get out of the rp right away or the GM will make you do so.

    Have fun....
  8. Nidoking76
    June 4th, 2014 7:51 PM
    You may want to look at Genome.
  9. Mana
    May 5th, 2014 4:20 AM
    Hi Zeus! :)

    I'm afraid we only allow roleplays with four+ people, generally. With only you and one other we can't open your IC :(.
  10. Nidoking76
    May 3rd, 2014 10:07 AM
    Cool! Well I'm glad I backed up my SU. I'll sign up now (maybe someone on my friends list might help.)
  11. Nidoking76
    April 27th, 2014 8:01 AM
    Well, this may just be a me thing, but after a certain point of rereading the rules for the RP, I realized that you weren't the GM xD
  12. Nidoking76
    April 26th, 2014 7:48 PM
    Sorry, just doesn't let me delete visitor messages. I signed up for that RP, but I changed my mind because it seemed complicated.
  13. Nidoking76
    April 25th, 2014 5:20 AM
  14. Greiger
    February 22nd, 2014 4:16 PM
    Ah, forgot about that. Well, send it via private message to me and I'll check it over then.
  15. Greiger
    February 22nd, 2014 2:19 PM
    Alright, go to the OOC thread set up and click on post reply. Copy and paste your SU into the box provided and then click the post option. You'll be told you posted and the post will appear in the thread. I'll be able to check it there and see if you'll be accepted or not.

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