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  • About ouchie ouch
    Quick Self-Introduction
    I like stuff.

    I’m a Filipino, used to live in the Philippines and now I live here in the U.S.

    I love poetry, metaphors, quotes, and a lot of things that can be related to psychology and possibly maybe philosophy too.

    And you could see that I love crossovers (A few hints of it down below), especially Endgame.

    Other than the Pokémon franchise of games, I’m actually pretty interested in the Kingdom Hearts series. Very interesting storyline (and yes I know its confusing) and a amazing gameplay to top it off.

    Also, you can’t forget about EarthBound. One of the best games I’ve ever played. I love absolutely eveything about it.
    I played the English translated Mother 3 already, but I wish they could just release the game officially here in the U.S... *sighs*

    Oh yeah, Super Smash Bros. too! It was all thanks of this game that I became interested in the Mother Series.

    Now, here are some things that I would like to say about both anime and manga...

    Anime is amazing. And here’s some that I watched and have a very good opinion of:

    ~ Akira

    ~ Neon Genesis Evangelion

    ~ FLCL

    ~ RWBY (does this still count as an anime??)

    ~ Osomatsu-san (LMAO its amazing. My type of comedy)

    ~ Cowboy Bebop

    ~ Attack On Titan

    ~ Princess Mononoke (whatever is Studio Ghibli is always the best)

    ~ ...and many others xD

    Manga (and webtoons) too are amazing, and here are some more:

    ~ Tokyo Ghoul (The story is a lot more interesting than in the anime prolly cuz they changed Season 2, and that they missed some important bits on whats in the manga...)

    ~ Golden Kamuy (Very hilarious, very historical, very interesting, actual events and actual people sometimes make a cameo in here too!)

    ~ Naka no Hito Genome [Jikkyouchuu] (or in English: The Ones Within (this is basically Twitch: The Anime, manga is great but its kinda meh on the first episode of the anime...))

    ~ Dungeon Seeker (the first of many Isekai’s that I finally got interested in (I hope it gets an anime adaptation...))

    ~ Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun (comedic, cute, romantic, terrifying, and very full out yokai, I recommend you read this!)

    ~ Futsuu ni Naritai (or in English: I Want To Be Normal) by Canaria (pretty cute webtoon in my opinion)

    ~ Aaand out of all of ‘em Pokémon Adventures is the best (I mean really, its a huge crossover of all of the trainers!! plus they have personalities!! Its AMAZING!!)

    ~ ...and many others xD
    ~ Watching anime (gotta catch up with seasonal anime ive got no time for old ones)

    ~ Watching them good cartoons (mainly Cartoon Network)

    ~ Playing video games (mainly Nintendo & PlayStation)

    ~ Playing mobile games (RWBY: Amity Arena, Kingdom Hearts: Union X, etc.)

    ~ Practicing guitar (but not really...)

    ~ Art (mainly drawing (paper or on tech))

    ~ Memes.

    ~ Talking to myself (idk why i guess im crazy)
    a house.
    Female ♀
    The one who cooks the ultimate, best jasmine rice and the one who's in charge of the dishes.
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    Favorite Pokémon
    ~ Rayquaza (with or without Mega Evolution)

    ~ Blaziken (with or without Mega Evolution)

    ~ Lucario (with or without Mega Evolution)

    ~ Decidueye

    ~ Riolu

    ~ Mudkip

    ~ Eevee
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    ouchie ouch
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    9499 3434 3112
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    Your Average Everything.


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