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  1. Mimik-you_ [R]
    14 Hours Ago 11:33 AM
    Mimik-you_ [R]
    (ig we talk abt it on the private message?)
  2. Mimik-you_ [R]
    16 Hours Ago 9:59 AM
    Mimik-you_ [R]
    (Would you care to do a role play in a private message?)
  3. Ivysaur
    1 Day Ago 12:18 PM
    I would be up for it, certainly. I'm often the one asking questions, it'd be nice to swap roles for once!
  4. Ivysaur
    1 Day Ago 11:32 AM
    Lmao I'm having massive flashbacks from my first fanfics... which were interviews with Mario-adjacent characters! Very good effort, love it.

About Me

  • About Fact Checking Gardevoir
    Quick Self-Introduction
    Hello! I am Fact Checking Gardevoir, pleased to meet you.
    I hatched at Lilycove City.
    My parents were battlers in their trainer's team but I followed a different path.
    Wanting to socialize with pokémon and humans alike, I worked hard to master telepathy from my young years.

    After evolving into a Kirlia when I was ten years old, I saw on TV a reporter investigating to find the truth about two organizations of wrongdoers, Team Aqua and Team Magma.
    I realized this was where I wanted to be : I had found my calling!
    They happily welcomed me as they appreciated my telepathic skills and my drive to work hard.

    At that time, these reporters had a few pokemon working with them but none had a role with a microphone.
    With a wise Alakazam, we developped a new kind of microphone able to receive psychic pokémon's telepathy and convert it to human speech, for all audiences to understand it!

    I have since participated in many investigations to find out the truth, and more and more pokémon have joined us, behind and in front of the camera!
    I evolved into a Gardevoir last year, for my 29th birthday. As I grew used to lead investigations, my colleagues decided to nickname me "Fact Checking Gardevoir", a nickname I gladly accepted!

    Currently, I have set upon the task of fact checking the pokédex's entries, which has shown to be somewhat risky. But fortune favours the brave! ... I think.
    Hobby : Exploring the world and chasing rumors and sayings, to find out the truth, with YOU!
    Favourite things : Learning what pokemon truly can (or cannot) do! And Oran Berry Juice!
    On the road!
    Female ♀
    Fact checking pokédex entries! (in the Fan Fiction and Writing section)
    Favorite Pokémon
    Go Team
    Do not display
    Discord Nickname
    Fact Checking Gardevoir


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