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    Quick Self-Introduction
    I am a Bored and Tired 17 year old human, that drinks way to much Coka-Cola, and am told that my health is at risk...
    Love Coka-Cola, Love Sleeping, Love Doing Nothing, Love Playing Video Games.

    Sometimes code exploits for games, or use exploits created by others.

    I also don't like people who don't know the difference between "Hacking" and "Exploiting", I don't "Hack" I Simply "Exploit", there is a huge difference between the two, in fact I don't even know how to hack, as it is much more complicated then simply exploiting.
    If you wanna know the difference search it up, to sum it up, hacking would be to brute force your way into a company's server, while exploiting is usually done with 3rd party software to effect the way a game runs, or to give yourself or other people cheats and other things to make the game easier, though some people call this "Cheating" it is also a little different, but can be considered the same in some concepts, but even though exploiting a game is much easier, other 3rd party software, can just as easily prevent exploiting, hacking on the other hand, would be much more effective, but in games with a server, you'd have to somehow affect a company's server, which could be done in your own home, though can be a little hard, a much harder but more effective method would be to affect the servers physically, or remotely(you'd still need to be pretty close to the servers), which if your doing it physically you'd need access to the servers which would mean you'd need to work in the company its self, or break in, and it may take years to get access to the servers, which is why barely anyone does this method if no one at all, now you may be wondering how are hackers getting into CIA servers and the such, they are probably remotely connecting to the servers, as doing it physically is just plain stupid... Hacking the CIA is stupid in general unless you're a professional, and know what you're doing, still wouldn't recommend it. Anyway that's all I'm gonna say on this matter.

    I know basic coding skills in Lua, Lua C, Https, Java, Choicescript, etc.
    Would like to learn more, but may be to lazy...

    Somewhat okay with graphics design, love pixel art, Terrible with free-hand drawing, or any kind of drawing that requires using my hands in anyway shape or form, can use shapes though, in fact pretty good at it(Digital that is), would work if someone desperately needs my help, that is if you can provide the software(I don't waste money on somethint ng I'm probably not gonna use/play very often).

    Spent a fortune (over a thousand dollars) on a music software, to make some music cause I was bored one day, somewhat good at that... physical instruments is a huge No, though as I said above if you want my help provide the software as the software I bought is 1. outdated an hasn't been updated in years, in fact as of 2020-01-31, I launched the software, it blue screened my laptop and I tested 2 more times and the result was the same, so the other 2 reasons don't even matter anymore, so just gonna get rid of em. 2. [Removed} 3. [Removed]

    Pretty quick to learn things, as in most video game I rarely use the tutorial and would rather learn the game myself, and sometimes can learn the game in under 5 minutes, for more complicated things may take longer, that music software for example, was very difficult, I think it took me almost 26 hours to fully understand the entire thing, Way to difficult, wish I didn't waste that much time or money on a garbage software.

    Don't like being rushed, as I am a lazy person and would rather do things at my own pace(may take huge brakes for no reason(there is a reason(it's my lazyness.)))

    To sum it up, don't hire me, I wouldn't ask for a lot, but in return, I'd give very little care into what I am doing, in fact wouldn't even work hard if you gave me a million dollars to work for you. You can get a much better and more experienced person to work and help you for a much cheaper price, and they would probably do much better job, I'd also probably ignore any requests anyway...

    That's the end of this Biography that I hope no one reads or even finds for that matter, I'd rather remain Unknown, or if the worst case happens and I do become known... well who cares, what can I do... Nothing, I can do absolutely nothing, in fact I wouldn't even try to do anything.
    Doing Nothing, Playing Video Games, Sleeping, Drinking Coka-Cola.
    Favorite Pokémon
    Zygarde 100% form.
    Go Team
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I Woke up today on Christmas, some where on this planet called Earth, that resides in a Solar System, that just happens to reside in the Milky Way Galaxy, which spontaneously appeared in the universe.

There are those that speculate in a "Multi-Verse" which is multiple universes that may be similar or slightly different then ours, the theory is that there are infinite universes, for every possible out come that could or can happen.

Ever wonder what would...

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