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  1. lolwut
    May 1st, 2009 12:33 PM
    sadly no, i can give you a lvl 50 something magneton and you could evolve it by training it in mt coronet
  2. lolwut
    May 1st, 2009 12:10 PM
    what do you want for the shiny bidoof and shiny starly UT
  3. *~Fireheart~*
    April 30th, 2009 10:21 AM
    Thank you ^.^ The poochyena was caught in Emerald. I didn't give it any levels, I don't think any EXP but maybe a little.
  4. *~Fireheart~*
    April 30th, 2009 10:20 AM
    I think that was my fault sorry. It went to zero bars no wifi for a second, then we disconnected. Sorry!
  5. *~Fireheart~*
    April 30th, 2009 10:13 AM
    my fc is 1032 7115 4828 i know your fc so ill see you on wifi
  6. *~Fireheart~*
    April 30th, 2009 10:10 AM
    OK, I'm ready.
  7. latioslegends
    April 29th, 2009 8:33 PM
    Well I'm taking off in a minute, so I'll check the natures tomorrow.
  8. latioslegends
    April 29th, 2009 8:30 PM
    Yes I am intereted in shinies ;). Could you post your list with natures please?^^
  9. shadow rayquaza
    April 29th, 2009 7:31 PM
    shadow rayquaza
  10. lolwut
    April 29th, 2009 7:29 PM
    yeah i think i deleted yours because i do so much trading so no one stays in my thing for longer then like 2 days xD so ill add yours again, and ill go get a filler to trade for yours, but you need to clone my pikachu and trade a copy back
  11. lolwut
    April 29th, 2009 7:21 PM
    hell yes i will trade my volt tackle surfing pikachu for your shiny tropius and shiny salamence, but i need you to clone it and give me back a copy
  12. megax50
    April 27th, 2009 4:12 PM
  13. kris385
    April 22nd, 2009 3:55 PM
    u wanna trade pm k
  14. kris385
    April 22nd, 2009 3:46 PM
    ill give u ev trained charizard for ur tru shaymin plz it could help
  15. Willis
    April 22nd, 2009 11:08 AM
    I will be in Wifi for a bit mate...I have the three pokemon on me.

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